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Hey guys!

As you may have read, I'm back to playing poker, although I'm not playing a much, I get a few games in here and there. This evening, I'm playing a few SnG's, as many as I can fit in until I go to bed.

I'm playing 1-2 tables at a time, the buy-in is the lowest possible, $0.10. It's 6max tables so 2 places are payed. 2nd is $0.21 and 1st is $0.33.

I will update in this thread from time to time during the evening. Wish me luck!

Current stats:

Games played: 4
1st places: 1
2nd places: 1

Won/Lost: +$0.14

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good luck!

I'll be taking a break now. Here's my current stats:

Games played: 7
1st places: 1
2nd places: 3

Won/Lost: +$0.26

A decent start I would say but I just can't figure out the heads-up part of the game, I really need to work on that! Still, 2,5 BI's profit isn't to bad considering I haven't been playing that much lately.

I might play some more tonight. If I do, I'll update the thread again.

Seems like I'm getting back into playing poker more often again. If I don't get called into work, I'll be playing a few games tonight! Hope they work out as good as yesterday.

Cheers mate playing SNG is the best way to build a bankroll if you have the right basics and you can build it up very quickly, also SNGs at the lower level can get you more ROI then at the higher stakes so worth it at the lower stakes! Anyway good luck at the tables and hope the poker god is with you and help you make some good money and so on. Also have fun this is the most important part and play lot of them so it is worth it at the lower leve!

I'm beginning todays session now. I'll be playing the same games as the last time: $0.10 6max SnG's, 8 minute blinds and I'll be playing 1-2 tables at a time.

Starting bankroll: $5.26

Played a few games before I went on a break. I have to say that I'm not really putting in any big volume but I do feel that I'm getting more and more comfy at the tables.

Games played: 5
1st places: 2
2nd places: 1

Won/Lost: +$0.37

I'm gonna play a few more games now before going to bed. I will update and give a grand total when I'm done.

Well, it's been quite a good day today. Here's todays stats followed by the week total.


Games played: 9
1st places: 3
2nd places: 2

Won/Lost: +$0.51

Week total:

Games played: 16
1st places: 4
2nd places: 5

Won/Lost: +$0.77

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Oh hey dude...! How are ya now...? Long time no see...!

I figured they changed the law back over there in Sweden, and you got arrested for masturbating in public...! Big Smile

...anyhow,...I see a 1st place in those stats,...always a nice accomplishment no matter how big or small...! Thumbs Up Dollar

Hi there! I'm just fine except a big financial set-back due to having my car broken into so I had to buy a new one but hey, that's life I guess Tongue

Haha, no there's no worries about that, I always make sure there's no cops around when I do it! Blink

Yeah, it does feel kinda good to start off on a good note, only hope that it'll stay that way Tongue

And how are you yourself? I've read a little bit here on the forums from time to time but nothing much.

I'll be getting a few games in tonight before going to work, let's hope they are in the green as well Tongue

Well, I didn't have time to play any more then 2 games but I managed to win both of them so a solid $0.46 profit today!

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To play only two tables was perhaps the better way to to the right moves at the table. But i can´t find the motivation to play the lowest Levels without the speed/fast tgame tables. But to build a bankroll step by step it was the right way in my opinion. Gool luck!

Congratulations to you on winning
Anyway good luck at the tables and hope the poker god is with you and help you make some good money and so on. Also have fun this is the most important part and play lot of them so it is worth it at the lower leve!
I am very happy to be a part of such a great community, wish you the best of luck at the tables, off the tables, behind the tables, under the tables and in your life in general.
Yours truly SKPMorita, somewhere near the Mediterranean Sea.

Congratulations, when you make a bit more profit then go on bigger sng tables Big Smile I played a lot of 0.25$ 90 player sng tournament, and 1$ 180 player sng tournaments and did preaty well

Thanks everyone!

I played a little bit of cash and made a small profit of $0.55. I wasn't gonna play any cash but I had 10 minutes to kill so I thought what the heck Tongue

Anyways, my current bankroll is at $6.78 and I hope to build it up to $10 before moving on to the $0.20 level. It probably won't take to long seeing as my average win per game for the moment is at $0.06, that's really good I think!

Current stats are:

Games played: 18
1st places: 6
2nd places: 5

Won/Lost: +$1.23

Cashpercentage: 61.1%
ROI: 68.33%

So, I'll be playing a few games tonight. Let's hope they work in my favor!

Decent played so far. 3 games, won one, second in one. Accidently registered for one DoN, cashed in that one. $0.32 profit so far, will take a break now, probably play more later on.

Well, I didn't play any more games today but a profit of $0.32 is a decent one I think. My total bankroll has gone from $5.00 to $7.10 within 4 very short sessions. That's a decent winrate I think.

I know that I should be a profitable player on this level for sure since I'm a profitable player on higher stakes ($1-2) but since I had to withdraw my money, I have to start somewhere and work my way back up!

I'm thinking of starting all over for 2015 starting with a $5 bankroll and see where that takes me by the end of the year. Who knows, maybe I could even get to a higher level then what I'm used to? Well, this is just a thought since I'm thinking of using whatever winnings I get, no matter how small, for christmas presents. Seeing as my economy is on an all time low at the moment, every cent is worth a lot!

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going for a few games today, let's hope they prove profitable as well!

What site are you playing on?
GL on your quest Smile

Playing at PartyPoker Smile

5$ bankroll isnt much to begin with. make it 20 to have more flexibility in your game Smile
Not that you cant be successful with 5 but you will need more luck with it.
You just answered bemy's question with a smile Smile
You are using add blocker?

$5 is enough if I start off at the $0.10 level. That gives me 50 BI's to work with, should be enough if I stick to bankroll management.

Todays total is a disapointing +$0.19 Sad was 0.46 at one point but 5 bad beats in a row got me into the reds, managed to save it tho so shouldn't complain Smile

Playing another session now. So far so good, 2/3 cashes at the moment.

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good strategy to follow if you don't mind being punished by the rng for being a nit! sounds good in theory, but too often you'll play this patient game only to get busted with a hand that should have won a huge pot for you, but instead some player who has been active throughout the whole game sucks out on you and all that patience goes right out the proverbial window and you're left with your jaw hitting the floor! you're better off being active, at least you'll have a fighting chance.

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