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Second PokerStars Millionaire is “meks2410”

A player that goes by the username "meks2410" has amazingly hit a full house in the $1 million Spin & Go tournament, making him the second winner in the PokerStars Makes Millionaires series. And guess what, he only spent $10 for it! This is the second win from the series. The first millionaire was "Check^On123" who sat down at a $100 Spin and Go tournament at PokerStars last week. PokerSt[...]   Read more » Second PokerStars Millionaire is “meks2410”

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Many congratulations to meks2410 on winning a million dollars and, unbelievable, only for a $10 stake. I do not know much about these Spin & Go tournaments but they do sound very exciting

What a great winning for a buyin of 10$! I like the the Spin & Go´s, because you can play this games verry fast and between a break. And it was a great chance to win a prize with x-time of your buyin like these guy Thumbs Up

that is so nice, that could happen to any of us here even finishing runner up and take $100k with only $10 spent would be a dream come true...

that is so nice congrats this guy works for pokerstars pokerstars just got richer CONGRATS

what do say,then congratulation!to hit 1 million $ from just 10 $,you have to be lucky and I hope that he wont spend this amount in short period!he just could stop playing and enjoying in life with this money!and then to decide will he play or just enjoy in spending money!

There you go, with only 10$. If luck is on your side, you dont need to spent a fortune,
to get another one. Easy as that.
The rest, are just paying the money to be gathered for the next luckbox Smile

Incredible ... money calls money .. is a law .. we poor people do not have that luck. Hehehehe

guess what, he won it with only $10 spin and go, can you imagine this, now everyone who wants to exchange their 10 dollar bill into a whooping 1 million dollars prize go and and visit pokerstars spin and go section, you are just destined to become a new millionaire, each and everyone of you who have at least $10 in their accounts.

Massive well done to ‘meks2410’ who won $1 million! Congratulations also to ‘gambarinasai’ and ‘yreg’ for pocketing $100k! I just can't imagine how it feels winning such an enormous amount of money.

It could of even been a 'free' ticket he won this with - they have a deposit bonus for this exact spin n go....i think i need to move to europe for any chance to win

well if he had free 10 $ ticket from deposit and then to get 1 million,then I dont have a word to describe that!what a luck then will be,to get such amount from nothing!it would be interesting to hear something about this player and didnt he play lot of this 10 $ spin & go or he really had free ticket!

Wow this is such a great thing to have in your life, anyone wants to win a million of dollars and with only $10 investment. I think this amount of money can change life very much, you can buy a new house, car, go to holidays, stop work for some time and eork only if you like your job

How many of us have invested that amount or even more going after
big jackpots like lotto.
But no luck so far, just the minimum wins, which at the end is better than nothing.
Who knows... some day..... Smile

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