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Poker Legend Gus Hansen Sues Former Friend

At the beginning of this week, poker legend Gus Hansen has posted clips of himself via Instagram that showed he was just outside the premises of a Copenhagen courthouse, to which he meant to sue his former pal and business partner, musician Rasmus Nøhr, for a total of 896,000 Kroner (approx. $150,000). The dispute started in 2015, when Hansen accepted an offer made to him to invest in the [...]   Read more » Poker Legend Gus Hansen Sues Former Friend

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The last news that were out about gus hansen was about his problems with poker,
and the losses he had suffered in poker tables, which were huge.
Now this. he seems to be doing really bad handling money.
At least this time the amount can you say it was relatively "small"

It is always a shame whenever you see two former friends fall out over money. I have been asked many times over the years to invest in things with friends but i have always declined because of these sort of eventualities

a quarrel between two former friends started because of a business where they both invested money.
Nothing interesting. This often happens between associates at all levels of the business. Gus Hansen
is very bad when compares Rasmus Nøhr with Donald Trump.

A sad, sad story. i don't know who is right and who is wrong in this situation, but I am sure that the Court will take a right decision. I will constantly monitor this story. I liked to watch Gus Hansen's play in the past.

well I guess it quite an interesting new experience for gus, taking someone to court and especially when that someone happens to be your good friend is quite a situation to brighten up the daily million lost million won on poker tables routine.

when I started to play poker it brings in the old and stint fulltilt this gan was one of the most aggressive players and with opoker made a lot of money now I do not know why to go out and participate in things so different than he does so could give in this

For someone smart as this guy is sure a pretty dumb move financially to be involved with music festivals - any festival for sure. Most of the time they could only break even via local goverment tax credits and sponsorships so it is far from being the surest economic thing your money could buy.

it seems to me that if people want to remain friends they never need to do a joint business ... at some time there will necessarily be disagreements in the financial issue and the friendship ends .... this is probably known to a lot of people and follow this principle

Yea pajalnick. They are saying the same thing for family also.
And there are plenty of examples around us, why you shouldnt do this.
But people go on, believing that this will be better for them, due to their relation, trust etc.
And then, things go wrong.....

well here is true. Friends do not have to associate in a business because quarrels start from money and spoil all friendship. many friendsship for years it has broken fast. This money is really the devil's eye... Friends who put money before friendship should be avoided. those friends who try to fool you in any business the same way.

a dispute between friends this is why? Because of the money the money that always draws these disagreements and ends up like many friends for the most part, I hope that they solve these pending and we come back to friends again because it is difficult to have a true friendship and a tremendous luck to lose it on behalf of some centers of dollars

Its on poker player,..that knows how to tilt,..
Ore atleast when loosing hand he reacts fast to other pro players,..
It was for sure a lot off fun to wtch him play,..against other pro's.
Sometimes he left the table come back and start complaining Big Smile

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