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  11-Feb-19, 13:38   #21

Joined: May '09
Location: Croatia
Age: 34 (M)
Posts: 8549
you had again bad day and you didnt come in prize pool!for me it is strange that you only this number of players play at this tournaments,not a 1000 players on single tournament!why is that?on some of them I see that its 500 players and for poker stars this isnt big number!

  11-Feb-19, 21:52   #22
Joined: Oct '11
Location: Sweden
Age: 28 (M)
Posts: 1358
GAME #17

Buy-in: $2.20 + $2.20 Re-entry
Finished: 223 of 1084
Prize: $0
Bounties: $1.10
Loss: $3.30

AA vs Q9 all-in preflop, he hit a full house and I lost. K9 with a K93 flop, he bet quite a bit, I was short on chips so I re-raised all-in, he called and showed 37, turn was another 3 and out I went.
Can't believe the sickening bad luck I've had throughout this entire promo so far!

I'm playing another 3 tonight but if they don't work out, I'm dropping out of this promo. It just isn't worth my mental health to keep grinding it out... I mean, eventually the bad luck is going to turn around, at least that's what the math says. But I can't keep pissing away my money when I'm really only taking a shot when it comes to this promo as my bankroll really only allowed me to play $1.10 games. The reason I can take these chances is that I'm gonna get a decent boost in my bankroll within the next month. I was hoping that would get me to the $2.20 stake but I'm just gonna be happy to play the $1.10 stake with a decent sized bankroll.

ARE YOU F'CKING KIDDING ME!?!?!? I just missed out on trippling my stack and getting two bounties because my internet crapped out in the middle of the freaking hand!! How do I know I would have won? The other guys kept on betting and ended up all-in and my hand would have won!!

When I'm finally about to catch a break and put myself in a good position for the tournament, my freaking internet connection screws it all up! And that connection hasn't been any trouble with for the past 3 years!

GAME #18

Buy-in: $3.30
Finished: 626 of 1192
Prize: $0
Bounties: $0
Loss: $3.30

A8 vs A2, A87 on the flop, he pushed me all-in, I called, turn 2, river 2...

GAME #19

Buy-in: $3.30
Finished: 235 of 817
Prize: $0
Bounties: $1.64
Loss: $1.66

I was in a really good position, I was like top 40 something. I had only one person at my table with more chips then me. I got dealt TT and flop was TQ3 rainbow. He bet like 70% of my stack, I of course re-raised all-in, he called me with 73 of hearts. Turn was another heart and river another heart giving him the flush and knocking me out. I mean, my bad luck just keep piling on...

Currently playing my very last hope for this promo, it's the final game no matter how it ends. Let hope for at least a good finish!

GAME #20

Buy-in: $3.30 + $3.30 Re-entry
Finished: 114 of 507
Prize: $0
Bounties: $0
Loss: $6.60

It went bad from start to finish, card dead for like 45 minutes didn't help...


Buy-in: $89.10
Prizes+Bounties: $43,27
Loss: $45,83

So that ends my promo. These results are a real bummer! And the bad luck I've faced is just incredible. Never had such a huge downswing before, ever! I can only hope that this doesn't follow me back to my regular DoNs. I really need to grind my bankroll up again!

Edited by erru9107 (12 February 2019 @ 01:34 GMT)

  12-Feb-19, 16:23   #23
Joined: Mar '09
Location: Greece
Age: 42 (F)
Posts: 14029
It didnt finish well for you after all. You got unlucky so many times Smile
Just take a deep breath and start winning back your loss with the dons.
Your luck is meant to change again, so probably it wont take long before getting even again Smile

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BankrollMob Forum » Poker Forum » My PartyPoker KO Series Stats

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