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Yeah I'm trying to think about it that way as well. I have actually found another house, to be honest I found it like a month ago, that I really like. But the big issue is that it would mean a 30 minute commute to work. And it's a rather small town with not much to do and not too many stores. Would still be pretty good in my opinion but the misses isn't as convinced. It's a huge difference is price tho so it would easily give us more money in our pockets. We'll see I guess.

Thanks for good luck Smile

Played a session tonight and my streak of bad luck just continues... It has somewhat flattened out a little bit so I do win a few flips but I still get sucked out, a lot. Can't make a profit to save my life...

Played 9 games and only cashed in 4 of them. Had I not been sucked out on so much I should have cashed at the very least 5 and most likely 6.

Just gotta hope that my downswing is almost over now. This just can't keep going on, it's so sick. I know downswings are a part of the game, but I've never suffered such a long lasting one before... Kinda frustratin to be honest.

Games: 14 ($14)
Cashed: 5 ($9.30)
Profit: -$4.70

Break-even: 53,76%
Cashed: 35.71%

ROI: -33.57%
Hourly rate: -$1.79

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Hi, at first i wish you good luck for your open challenge. I think it was a good idea to play the 1$, There you have a big pool for "hobby" players. At the 5$ DON´s you can find a lot of regulars at PP. Its not easy for the motivation in a downswing to play the a-game. But we all have the same situation in the past x-times. I´m sure you find the flow in your game in the next time. GL

Yeah the field in the $1's is extremely soft so in the past I've been crushing that level. But that doesn't prevent this downswing from claiming a huge chunk of my bankroll. Especially now after withdrawing most of it I am a little bit more vulnerable for downswings.

Had I not withdrawn that much money I would probably still be playing the $5's. I've reviewed my gameplay and I haven't made any more bad decisions during the downswing then what I usually make. So at least I'm not tilting, but it can be a little bit frustrating to just keep losing all the time.

Eventually I'll get out of it, it's just a matter of puttning the time and volume in. But volume can be a little bit difficult for me since I only have at the very most a couple of hours each night. And only playing 4 tables at a time (don't wanna do more in case I need to take care of the baby) means it'll take a long time to put enough volume in...

I felt like I needed to get away from the DoNs for a while, the downswing is just killing me mentally. Not that I'm tilting or anything, I just find it too frustrating. So I decided to play some MTTs now that I actually had some time this evening.

All in all, I did fairly good. Solid gameplay and I really had an edge on the competition. But then again, as soon as there was a flip or if I had a good hand made and the chips went in, the other guy had to river a win. I lost pretty much 80% of the flips and I was ahead 75% of the times. So it seems like the downswing is following me.

Even tho that happened quite a lot, I did play good in between so I managed to have a somewhat healthy stack throughout most of the games, until one of those suckouts happened so the stack just disappeared completely. I bubbled out in one MTT with QQ vs 23, another one I busted after like 3 hands with KK vs KJ, a third one I busted with only 10 to go to get ITM with 66 vs 55 and the last one I did cash in but my QQ on a Q35 board lost when AJ shoved and turn was a 10 and river a K.

All i all, I lost like $0.69 which really sucked. I was really hoping to have a winning day again, it's been over 2 weeks since I've had one! Just hang in here I guess, eventually this has to turn around! I mean, if I get my chips in while I'm ahead, I can't really do much more. Just seems like Lady Luck really likes screwing me from quite a few angles...

Not sure what to say really... Played some more MTTs today and for the first day in over 2 weeks I made a profit! It was a whopping $0.15 so yeah, that for sure makes up for all the money I've lost... Not!

Anyway, it's a sign that the downswing might be coming to an end. Altho not sure about that really since I was ITM in 2 MTTs at the same time but busted out of both in a matter of 30 seconds.

In one I was in a prime position to reach the final table sittning in 5th with only 23 left. I got into a pot with the guy in 3rd and I did have the best hand on the turn and I showed against him. He called me off, risking about 90% of his stack on a flushdraw and of course he just had to hit it.

The other one wasn't as good but it was a 6 times higher buy-in so the money was way better. I was sittning in 27th of 91 and got dealt QQ on the Button. Guy in middle position bets 3BB, I re-raise to 8BB and he calls. Flop is a dry board, high card 8. He checks and I bet 3/4 pot, he min-raise and I shove. He calls with A high for 87% of his stack. And of course he hits his A on the river.

So I mean, suckouts are real and they happen quite a lot more then usual. So downswing is probably not over yet but it looks like I might actually catch that break pretty soon.

Yeah, downswing might actually be over. Finished 3rd in a $1.10 bounty for a total of $18.62 and finished ITM in a $3.30 bounty for a total of $9.19 and all in all I made a $16.26 profit for the day.

I might keep going with these MTTs, now that I finally have some more time as well. They used to be my go-to game of choice and that's where I've made the absolute majority of my winnings. Only gonna play the micros (buy-ins lower then $5) since I know from experience just how swingy it can get in these games. But the micros are just crawling with fish so I do have a huge edge on the average player which will probably help reduce the variance at least a little bit.

Might still play some DoN when I feel like it tho.

Yesterday I made a small profit, only $0.44 but I'm still happy about that. After the huge downswing I've had it's great to have a few days in the green!

I have noticed that for some reason I've only managed to cash in bounties. Not sure what that's about but it could be that my push/fold range is far better then the average player at my stake. And it's more likely to be some crazy bad plays in a bounty due to people really wanting to cash in on my head. Could also be just a coincidence for sure, time will tell.

Tonight I've got my eye on 7 games but I don't really wanna play any more then 4 at any given time so I can focus a little bit better.

On a side note, I played 5 spins and I managed to make a $0.50 profit. Might do a few more just for the fun of it!

Didn't play on sunday but yesterday I played a few games and got another final table, ended up in 5th and combined with a couple min cashes I ended the day with almost $30 in profit.

So MTTs continues to be as profitable for me as I remember! Just too bad that I don't have that much time and need to carefully select when and what to play.

I've made a good stats summary of my MTT games so far. A very small sample size to be honest, but it's looking good.


Sessions: 3
Games: 31
ITM: 8 (25.81%) Not counting only bounties when I've busted before the money
Final Tables: 2 (6.45%)

Buy-ins: $55.55
Cashes: $97.47
Profit: $41.92

ROI: 75.46%

AVG Buy-in: $1.79
AVG profit / game: $1.35
AVG profit / session: $13.97

You have a lot of patience when calculating buy-ins and winnings from these games where registered. It's not hard, but writing threads about it is interesting for anyone who wants to do the same thing. In final it's important profit of course, not loses.

it's small sample but good result from tourneys. I would suggest you to stick with them and try to move limits. Just dont see any value in those don's. If you want to train pushing ranges you can still do in like 1$ hypers or work with software.

The problem for me with sticking to MTTs is the time. I generally finish around 3-5am and then I have to get up at 8am to take care of the kids so I can't play them consistently... But the thing is tho that I am first and foremost a MTT player. That's where my passion lies as well as the results.

I do make money from DoNs, and they are fairly fast. But I think I'm gonna go for some spins instead. I'm generally a break-even player at those so all I need is one big lucky spin to make some good profit there.

I might play some cashgames as well, mainly fast forward to maximize hands. Yesterday I somehow ended up with a $3.50 profit at the 0.01/0.02 limits. And that's after having KK run into AA, QQ into KK, AA cracked by JJ, another AA cracked by KJ and finally QQ on a Q37 board busted against 66 who hit runner runner quads. No idea how I could still be in profit after that rollercoaster... Aww crap!

Maybe cashgame is not bad idea, becouse you can quit when you want. On party there is a even more value now with leadearboards. Nlhe has more grinders, but plo it's easy to get in the cash. You can see on leadeeboards for getting like 10$ for about 7-8 rake paid. And there is their weekly rakeback, plus if you have some affilate you got some more extra there. Its actualy rake free or in some cases even more then 100% rb, so you can faster grind the limits. Anyway gl whatever you will chose to play Thumbs Up

Well, I'm not gonna get any of that. I live in Sweden and here it's not allowed to get any bonus, reward or promotion what so ever. So no rakeback, no deposit bonus, no leaderboard, nothing... So if I'm gonna make a profit, it has to be only at the tables.

I am a profitable player at the cash tables, but I'm also way more prone to tilt when playing cash and increase the stakes. So for me, a fixed buy-in is way better!

I'm apparently not gonna be able to play any more MTTs... My girlfriend gets crazy mad at me for going to bed late, even tho I get up in time to take care of the kids. I just don't want a huge fight every single time I've been playing, even if I'm winning it just takes all the fun out of it... So if I'm gonna be playing anything at all, it'll have to be SnG / DoN...

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Managed to get a somewhat okey deal with her! I can play MTTs on sundays (when there's more good tournaments available) so I played yesterday. Managed to finally take one down completely! It was a $1.10 bounty and I won a little bit over $40. So, my MTT stats currently looks like this:


Sessions: 5
Games: 43
ITM: 11 (25.58%) Not counting only bounties when I've busted before the money
Final Tables: 3 (6.98%) - 1 win (2.33%)

Buy-ins: $76.45
Cashes: $143.70
Profit: $67.25

ROI: 87.97%

AVG Buy-in: $1.78
AVG profit / game: $1.56
AVG profit / session: $13.45

Nice results, just keep grinding and try to bink somethin big in future. This in my opinion is realy the best option for you, couse you dont get any rakeback and bonuses. Btw you do any off table work and if what? Keep us updating with results and good luck. Thumbs Up Dollar

Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm going for. Don't really have much of a choice so I'll just keep plugging away at my "Sunday MTTs". Of course I can only play those when I'm off work the following monday so we'll see how much I can actually play.

I might actually go for some Fast Forward and try to really work on my mental issues during these games. My biggest -ev part of these games is my risk for tilting and increasing the stakes. I need to be patient and trust that my volume will do it's thing.

What I do off the tables are generally just reading some articles when I feel like it. I've always been a very intuitive player so I haven't felt the need for fancy stuff. Most of the things I've read I had already t figured out, I just hadn't put any words on it. But I already understood the concepts.

I've played some cashgames and some spins last few days. Spins have been about $1 profit and considdering I'm going for break-even and take down the bigger multipliers, it's an alright result with only one 5x multiplier as the biggest one over 50+ games.

Cashgames has been a lot more lucrative. It's not really my thing as I tend to tilt hard when playing cash. I have however been very careful about that and it has paid off. Over the course of 3 sessions at the $0.01/$0.02 fast forward tables, about 5 hours of play, I've made about $25 profit. That is an average of 250BB per hour profit but I have no idea how many hands I've played. I don't know if that rate would be sustainable but I very much doubt it.

I'm still happy with the results tho and I'm hoping to keep it moving in that same direction. Need to build my bankroll back up after that hige withdrawal I made a few weeks back. Micros are very easy money, but it's only small amounts. I wanna get back to at least the $5 - $11 MTTs. For that, I need to increase my bankroll with another $300-ish.

Yeah that,s kinda high bb per hour even in micros. If you want see how many hands you play, you can download hands and put them in poker tracker or holdem manager. How much your bankroll is now, i think with 100 buy ins you will be ok play all tourneys up to 5 dollar buy in.

Yeah, not sustainable at all. But honestly, I don't care at all about the bb/hour rate. As long as I'm making a profit, it's all good.

I "restarted" my bankroll at $50 a couple of weeks ago after making another withdrawal. I've grinded it up to just over $180 at the moment. I'm using a bankroll management where I need roughly 200 BI's for each stake.

So, either I'm running hot or my numbers actually are sustainable. I'm playing the Fast Forward 0.01 / 0.02 games, 4 tables at a time. In 1,5 hours I made $8.68 profit, that's 434 bb. I guess that since I'm doing 4 tables at a time, I go through a lot of hands so maybe that hourly rate isn't that unreasonable considering these stakes are pretty much just shoting fish in a barrel.

Bankroll is slowly increasing and is sitting at just under $190 at the moment. Like I've said, I really want to get back into at least the $5 games so my goal at the moment is to reach $500 so I can use a kinda agressive brm and stick to 100 BI's. That might be a bad decision tho so maybe I should go for the safe strategy, 200 BI's, and just keep grinding away. Maybe take a few shots at the $5's when I get closer to a $1k bankroll.

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