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Which was half my point, you should mix your play up and raise more with your entire range occasionally, thus not giving away your hand but still not playing as flat as a standard raise every time. And you realise that just because you get a call pre flop with aces doesn't mean that you will gain a lot more than you would have if you only got the blindsor even winning the pot. To be honest I would rather risk just picking up the blind than risking loosing half my stack. How many scenarios is there even when you will gain more than maybe 8-10 BB against a decent player unless you hit another ace? I can assure you that there are a lot more where you are beat, most of which will cost you a lot more than 10 BB.

or raise untill they will go out Big Smile but of course make sure you will win Big Smile
otherwise ................. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

well me i would prefer not to have AA cant remember the last time i won with it, and i do everything correctly, just some people cant lay a hand down, they just like to bust aces.

in a tournament i will always play AA diffrent i will play them alot more aggresive because people will usually call higher rasies in a MTT's, in my experiance.

in omaha i think people overplay aces way to much, myself i wouldnt even raise with it, and if you do hit an ace then people are gunna think well she/he didnt raise preflop so cant have AA.

the only hands i raise with in omaha is double suited connecters, and i try not to call with the low pairs they can get you in alot of trouble.

i have a very high win rate on omaha tables and MTT's i have come first and second some many times in omaha MTT's. omaha is more fun to play too i would say.

Posted by medvedev:
Posted by fochizza:
Bigger raise preflop!! With such a small raise you can be up agenst anything including KQ.
So basicly big raise preflop and a big bet on the flop.

Yes. You should make a standrd raise (4BB+Number of limpers*BB)

Completely agree with Medvedev, i don't like at all slowplaying

Posted by GeneYuss:
Always sucks, slow playing, trying to trap someone but than you trap yourself and you don't know where you're at.

Deep stakes, low blinds, early position. You have to raise at least 4x, anyone on the button or cut off who calls with a pair could easily hit a set and you'd be out of position and you only get 75 chips of your 2500k chips in with the best hand. I would often raise a lot more since it is a freeroll and often a lot of bad players willing to go broke with any ace.

You might want to read Phil Gordon's Little Green book or Harrington on Hold'em. Harrington on Hold'em changed the way I think about poker Smile

+1 To your post. Worship

Posted by eaziabi:

all in pre flop o0o

do u wanna pick up only the blinds wtf? Confused Confused

im sorry but that is the stupidest s**t ive heard if u push allin preflop u either do it if u r short stack or if u r trying to steal
otherwise all u gonna get is the blinds which is 15+30 lol
with aces u gotta try to make the max if u move all in the only hands that are gonna call u are pocket 99s upwards or maybe some donkey with ak aq even aj but most of the time u r just gonna pick up the blinds which doesnt amount to s**t

having said that he shoulda made it 4 times the bb at least 3bb

So what is better ?

Only picking up the blinds or as in this case, losing after yuo have put a fair bit into the pot.

In hindsight the bigger bet would have been the best option, but if its a choice between going all in and winning the blinds or losing out to a donk who cant lay a hand down because I let him in with weak pre flop play, I know which option I am taking.

THe aim is to preserve your own stack at all costs, THEN take other players chips.

If the only way to get chips ( even if it is just the blinds ) is to go all in pre flop then thats the option I will take.

Winning 45 chips is 10,000 times better than losing 45 chips

Posted by allaboutpoker:
well me i would prefer not to have AA cant remember the last

And that is the most stupid thing I have ever read in all my time on internet forums..

Anyone who DOESNT want AA should get their head examined.

On the river probably i fold, but you must go All IN on the flop Smile you have the best poker hand but you can lose because sometimes poker is imprevedible

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