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What you hate more?

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What you hate more?  0   
What you hate more, just a badbeat or people who dont know there is a fold button?

Look at this ugly one...

SNG 10 seater first hand (start 1500 chip 10/20 blinds)

UTG raises to 160.
I am SB with QQ and reraise to 400.
He calls.

Flop 27T rainbow.
He checks i bet pot he calls.
Turn 4.
He checks i go allin he calls.
I show QQ he shows AK.
River offcourse a K.....

Very ugly...... i think he doesnt know there is a fold button....

Edited by doomdy (27 February 2009 @ 21:35 GMT)

Because of my aggressive style I hate people who play weak hands like A-7 and when they hit the A can t fold

bad beat, bad beat
watcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
when it come for you
bad beat, bad beat
watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do
when it come for you Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

i dunno, does it matter ? well i guess i prefer the guys who dont know about fold button...because they gonna do it again and pay me back.

edit: i have to say i RARELY have seen someone fold with AK, either because they put others on AQ and forget about pockets or for whatsoever reason...? or just thinking its the best hand ever Big Smile who knows..

Edited by T3ddyKGB (27 February 2009 @ 22:54 GMT)

Perhaps your bets take too long and he thought in a bluff from you... Big Smile
he have just lucky, but his hand if he is thinking in a bluff from you is strong, you have to admit that, or he is just a believer in poker... Confused
Worst than that is many all in's and we with AA are kick off from tournments... Angry

I hate players that dont know when to fold more than anything, those that get lucky on the river with 2 outs haha
I haaaaaaaaate that!

yes probably this people don't know that there is a fold button...i hate these idiots... Aww crap! Aww crap!

Bad beats. And it is not even close. People who can't fold are the source of our winnings.

To the hand. If played properly this would have been a flip, and your opponent won it.

Yes he had made a mistake, but it was preflop. He can't call more than 1/4 of his stack with AK out of position. So either he pushes or he had to lay it down.

Bad beats are worst than people who don't know when to fold Agree We lose more $$$ on bad beats than... & bad beats make me tilting more Aww crap!

Posted by shokaku:
If played properly this would have been a flip, and your opponent won

Are you saying i played the hand wrong, sorry i am confused Confused

Posted by doomdy:
Are you saying i played the hand wrong, sorry i am confused Confused

No. Your opponent did. (Maybe you should have bet more preflop and pushed on the flop)

But if two players, one with QQ the other with AK, get the chips in preflop, only one can win that hand.

BUMP! Big Smile

that wasnt even a bad beat ?

i think he bet enough on preflop (almost tripled it), if he bets more then he might only collect blinds ? and on flop he potraised, more he cant do.
so well played in my opinion just bad luck.

Posted by T3ddyKGB:
that wasnt even a bad beat ?

For sure, it was not really one.

Are you serious? It was a bad beat, just cos the guy had two over cards doesn't make it not.

QQ is better than AK pre flop. Doomdy pushed on the turn and the guy called with nothing and hit a 6 outer.

Btw i didnt post this as a badbeat, its a 6 outer yes but not a big badbeat...

I did post this as an example of people who dont know there is a fold-button Smile
You play the hand good, but just because people cant laydown you loose the hand.
This happens a lot on ''lower'' stakes especcially in the begin of the game when the donks arent out yet.
On ''middle'' stakes theses things happen not so much but competition is harder offcourse Smile

13-14% i would call that a decent bad beat. But bad beats are a lot worse, at least if you take your example, you are clearly ahead and would win most of the time. But how many times have I not made a good bluff only to have someone call with bottom pair or even high card ace or sometimes even worse. Now that is irritating, and hardly good play from your opponent since even a lot of bluffs would have him beat.

@ JoeJeavons

make up your mind once !

to me you say its no bad beat as i lost with 2 pair (highest pairs on board) to straight on river ? but this one is a bad beat with one pair ???

and yes im serious. this aint a bad beat.
if doomdy hit his third Q on board and the other guy gets 2 Aces on turn and river THEN its a bad beat to me. but not this.....thats simply bad luck not more.

Not sure what you're referring to there Teddy :/

definitely players who don't know when to fold... but... it's about the same thing... players that don't know to fold that 1 outer... and bad beat you on the river x_X

I agree with whiskerer. so much worse when you make a good bluff that no respecting player would possibly call but some idiot calls with bottom pair. you know the hand where someone raises preflop, theres a call and then you call with position. flop comes 776 so you can be pretty sure no ones hit. you bluff and get called and turn is a ten. you've got nothing and want to take the pot now before another scare card so your all in. the only thing you can put your opponent on to call is a ten. but he calls with a pair of 3s. there's no way he could make that call the way you played the hand. thats more annoying than a bad beat because you can forgive bad luck. bad beats are meant to happen. stupid players with no regard for their own money ruin the game.

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