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Pokerstar's Challenge  +1   
About The Challenge
Okay, I'm finally continuing my poker challenge. Twos months ago, I deposited $600 into my Pokerstars account for the Pokerstar's "World Record Week 25% Reload Bonus". So I have a pending bonus of $150 and I have to earn 3000 FPP points to release it. To become a Pokerstar's Silverstar, I would have to accumulate 1500 VPP points in one month. So I figured I'd break the 3000 points into 2 months of 1500 each month.

You can see some poker hand screenshots here:

Sharkscope Graph:
(I started between 500 and 525 sngs)

I found out Pokerstars has lowered their VIP Club requirements so to become Silverstar, I would just need 1200 points in one month instead of 1500. So I decided I will split the 3000 points I need into 3 months; 1200, 1200 than 600(possibly 1200 if another reload bonus comes out or if Silverstar is worth it).

Day 1
So today I played 50 $5+$0.20 Double Sit and Gos today. My goal is 50 FPP points a day and I get 1 FPP point per $.20 rake. So I reached the 50 FPP points. I played for 5 hours, taking a 15 minute break and a lunch break. Once I move up to $10 sngs, than I'd only have to play 2-3 hours a day. I 6 tabled, as you can see in the screenshot. I'm up $60 today, $595 to $655.

Day 2
Alright, so I played 30 $5 Turbo Double ups and 10 $10 Turbo Double Ups today = 50 FPP Points. And some how pulled out a $20 profit with the most bad beats I ever had in one day. I uploaded some hands to flickr;

Day 3
I reached $720 and thought maybe my luck changed from the other day. Than I lose 5-6 huge pots in a row and I lose $50-$60. The last hand, I had 10s and I couldn't believe the guy called with jack 4 offsuit..That got me in a bad mood and I quit for the day. In fact, I took March 4th of too lol.

Day 5
I just played a few sit and gos and changed my strategy a little bit. Like trying to steal the blinds once every rotation and avoid calling raises/all ins unless I have a big pair. I'm playing $10 Turbos and finding I'm not killing the sngs like I did on Poker770. I think the main difference is Pokerstars has a little bit tougher competition and Pokerstars has anti's which makes players play looser and therefore gamble more often. One hand; http://www.p***********g/?3947587

Day 7 - 8
I should quit after I get tired. I had a good session than ruined it playing too loose. And than I always seem to lose my 82% - 18% (pair over pair) at the worst moments.
Anyway, I'm at $688 and 236 of 1200 FPP points for March. Now, here is an interesting hand I misclicked and worked out okay, check the replay; http://www.p***********g/?3957973P

Day 9 - 11
I've been struggling lately on my Pokerstars Challenge. And I'm pretty sure it is because I have been playing too loose. And the problem I have is that when I play bad than I usually run bad too and that creates a big downward slope on my sharkscope's graph. Anyway, I'm at $625 and ~400 fpp points.

Day 13
Things started out good, I made $25 in the first session but in the second I lost 8 big hands in a row where I was the favourite. I always get my money in good but the problem is the antes and fast rising blinds reward the aggressive players and that really isn't my style. So I'm contemplating on whether to continue or change the type of sit and go.

Day 19
Alright, 2 new things for my Poker Challenge. First, I switched from Turbo sngs to regular sngs. Second, I downloaded Poker tracker 3 two months Trial. I was 10 tabling $5 sngs today, won 20 of 30 sngs for $50 profit today. Bankroll: $695, Silverstar Status = 572 of 1200 FPP. (Screen shot of me 10 tabling, click screenshots link above, I'll try 12 tabling tomorrow)

Day 30
So I made it to the Silverstar VIP club on Pokerstars. I switched to cash game, 4 tabling NL25. Finished off the day strong, +$78.80. 3 sessions/3 days of cash game so far, no downswing on day 3 which was good.

Day 5 of Cash Game
I seem to be doing good lately in cash game and seem to be reading my opponents well. Here is one hand that turned out well: http://www.p***********g/?4088191

Day 7 of Cash GameAlright, my internet connection hasn't been great lately. I'm on a wireless connection and it gets disconnected sometimes. I've lost some pots due to getting disconnected and that got me on tilt but nevertheless, I'm playing the best poker I've ever played. Got my bankroll over $1000. Here's one hand: http://www.p***********g/?4098375

Day 9 - 11 of Cash Game
Day 9, I had the best day +$167 in just 2 hours, was up $220 but had 2 coolers. Day 10, I was tired and playing very weak, lost $55. Day 11, still playing pretty bad but finished +$22. Here is a big bluff, I think the best bluff I ever made. The weak lead on the turn kind of gave his hand away (flush draw). King on the river, I was hoping he didn't have a king high flush draw. $5.25 bet by him on the river looked like a busted flush draw steal so i raised all in. He only had $5-6 left and pot was almost $30, I was happy to see him fold Smile http://www.p***********g/?4170691P

Day 12 - 15 of Cash Game
It's been a while since I posted about my Pokerstar's Challenge. I am know finished just over 2400 of the 3000 VPP points to unlock the $150 bonus. I'm up $652 total for the challenge so so far. I would like to finished the challenge +$1000. I'm planning on playing 3 more days of cash game 4-6 tables of NL25, 6max.

Day 16 - 18 of Cash Game
Well, I am almost complete my Pokerstar's challenge. 2924 of 3000 FPP points finished. So far I am up $851 plus $150 when I unlock the pending bonus. It's been a rollacoaster ride lately and I haven't been able to find my groove in the $25 NL 6-max games. I just switched to Holdem Manager poker software because my trial ran out for PokerTracker. Here is my graph for the last 3 days:

Note, right at the end I switched to $.25/$.50 headsup and I was killing it! I basically won 6 stacks for $110 total in like 30 minutes. I think I will play once headsup and maybe two full ring tables from now on.

Bankroll: $1451
Pending Bonus: 97.4% (2924 of 3000 VPP)

Edited by GeneYuss (01 June 2009 @ 08:47 GMT)

Wow 5hours a day, every day thats a job Smile
But hey poker is nice so no problem.
I do it myself 4/5hours a day so Big Smile

Just play tight GeneYuss those doubles are full of donks willing to giv you all the money Blink

nice playing so much tournaments at a time i hope you'll win a lot Smile but i can't play more than 3 tournaments, that's the most i have won at a time

GeneYuss, I've given you "always allow edit" on your 1st post in this thread, in case you want to update your 1st post sometimes. But your thread only goes to the top when a new post is added, but if you like you can just update 1st post and add a new post saying something like "1st post updated bla bla". I'm sure you'll figure something out.

Good luck Worship

Gl geneyuss, but if its just for the bonus you know there is an eaiser way Blink
Kick butt and win loads and post a pic of Shay Laren in each post :}

The challenge started well Smile Thumbs Up hey 5 hours of poker is not really insane, only if during it, you're multitabling about 3 - 5 for the whole 5 hours Worship good luck.

doomdy, ya, I want to play tight and let the others battle it out but its a turbo with antes and I have to steal the blinds often to stay alive..I have to play tight sometimes but steal pots at the same time, not so easy Smile Have you played turbo double ups?

Thanks Admin, I'll try to keep it organized Smile

B1gfoot, do you mean playing cash games? Ya, it would be a lot easier but I like the double ups and the rake is very low in them. By the way, here's some Shay Laren pics Smile

Calmplay, thanks. I'm usually playing 5-6 tables at once. I have played 8 tables at once, today I seen someone playing 36 tables, crazy guy lol. Where do you play?

Edited by GeneYuss (03 March 2009 @ 09:49 GMT)

@ Geneyuss:

Yes i played the turbo ones at Ipoker, they only got turbo doubles Smile
Yes sometimes you have to steal, and sometimes not lol Tongue
$5 are more fishier then the $10 ones.

Yes very low rake at PS its 4% right? Very good Thumbs Up

Posted by GeneYuss:
Calmplay, thanks. I'm usually playing 5-6 tables at once. I have played 8 tables at once, today I seen someone playing 36 tables, crazy guy lol. Where do you play?

Yeah, we often see crazy guys playing such amount of tables at the same time @ PokerStars, I'm actually playing at BetMost only. I have deals there.

Yer ring games much faster and eaiser, but playing X2 should work out nice for you.
I love her btw Smile
58 days left, easy for you i think.

At Ipoker they have 6seater doubles, i dont remember if Pokerstars offer them.
I mean a 6seater finish faster then a 10seater so i think 3/4 hours will earn you the points insteed of 5hours.
And they are same fishy as 10seaters maybe even more.

doomdy, yep 4% but with reload bonus it's 3% and then FPP points and plus VIP extras is a great deal Smile Not a great deal if I don't win though. I'm not sure Pokerstars has 6 man but I'll check. I'm playing less hours now, just playing $10 sngs and now I only have to get 40 points a day because silverstar is now 1200 points per month.

Calmplay, what kind of deal do you have at BetMost, deposit bonus, rakeback?

B1gfoot, not so easy for me Smile It is my hardest challenge so where close to Boku87's challenge though.

Posted by GeneYuss:
Calmplay, what kind of deal do you have at BetMost, deposit bonus, rakeback?

A rakeback of 50% paid weekly and also if you played at least 1 raked hand everyweek, you automatically get tokens to a weekly $500 and $700 freeroll with about 200-250 entrants. If you are a middle or high stakes player and rake more, you have chances to get tokens for a weekly $1000 freeroll usually not more than 20 entrants. Still have more prizes but the list is too long, all these are only for players signing up from a specific site ( forum rules Big Smile )

Hi GeneYuss Smile

Nice graph you have only up (littl dips np).
But i am not sure its break even many games now, is it cos you go for $10 at that point?
Cos if so its better too go down too the $5 ones cos your making much more profit there Smile

Just my opinion Smile

Keep it up mate, ur doin fine Thumbs Up

Calmplay, how is the traffic there? Cash game is swingy for me..I like playing at Action Poker and they have reload bonuses that turn out to 78%+ rackback.

Thanks doomdy. I know I'm better than most of the players at $10. It's just the "Pokerstars Doomswitch" have you heard of it?

Posted by GeneYuss:
Thanks doomdy. I know I'm better than most of the players at $10. It's just the "Pokerstars Doomswitch" have you heard of it?

Nah never heard of the doomswith, only know the doomdySwith Big Smile

so how much do you have now GeneYuss ?

Posted by GeneYuss:
Calmplay, how is the traffic there?

For No Limit Hold'em and PLO, the traffic runs good at anytime, and yes I also would like to read some new updates about the PS challenge Cool

doomdySwith, lol Smile

spootbv, update added but I don't like to update when I'm losing Smile

Calmplay, what games do you play and what limits?

I tried some $5 doubles yesterday, did multi 6 and for me 6 is max to focus and play good.
I won 5 outoff 6 but on $10 players are littl better so dont know if i cud do the same on them.
I am used to the PKR multi skin so at PS i really have to focus hard Smile

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