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Party Poker - World Open V: "The Bad Boy" makes it to the final table

Tags: Luke Schwartz, Mike Sexton, Party Poker, Phil Laak, Phil The Unabomber Laak, World Open V.
Posted on 16 October 2009 by "T".

It was very close that Luke Schwartz weren't allowed to take part in the tournament, but in the last minute he made a deal with the casino management and got to play in the tournament. Luke Schwartz has now made it to the final table of the tournament. Other players that have made it to the final table are Andy Black, Mike Sexton, Phil Laak, Jennifer Tilly, Jan Veit, and Bodo Sbrzesny. Most notable players of these are of course Mike Sexton and Phil Laak.

Phil "The Unabomber" Laak has lots of great results from many major poker tournaments, but perhaps he's most known from his appearances in Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker.

Mike Sexton has a long and successful poker career behind him. He's also the hottest candidate to get inducted into the poker hall of fame, which is the most honorable thing a player can achieve after a long and successful poker career.

It will be very interesting final table today! Let's pray that Luke Schwartz will manage to keep the fury inside of himself if he runs into bad beats.


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15 comments on "Party Poker - World Open V: "The Bad Boy" makes it to the final table"

 Davoodoo16/10/2009 09:51:48 GMT
I bet that enourmous nose can smell a poker trap miles away ...
 shokaku16/10/2009 09:59:31 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:
I bet that enourmous nose can smell a poker trap miles away ...

A sandwich! That nose can smell a sandwich miles away. Big Smile
 schmoyster16/10/2009 10:01:32 GMT
Phil Laak vs Jennifer Tilly heads up. That would be hilarious.

Posted by shokaku:
A sandwich! That nose can smell a sandwich miles away. Big Smile

He probably tried to smuggle out that unpaid for sandwich INSIDE his nose Big Smile

Andy Black for the win. He is a nice guy Thumbs Up And Irish.
 Yuki55516/10/2009 18:27:41 GMT
I love Phil Laak Big Smile Btw Jennifer Tilly is bad at poker
 fejset16/10/2009 19:28:35 GMT
Dosent like so calle`d poker proffs at all..
I want to play against 1 so called pro and you will see..
I am for sure i win,,, Big Smile
 ih8usukouts17/10/2009 08:48:48 GMT
I laughed when reading the nose jokes above. Good one. I hope Laak wins it, I am a fan and like his style. This table does have some good players so will be interesting to see who wins it.
 B1gfoot17/10/2009 09:23:48 GMT
Time for a lookalike.
 MANUEDO17/10/2009 10:26:34 GMT
Bah, itsn't right for me to let play this kind of player.
Sure he has skills and personality to reach a final tabel but I prefer quite different players.
Phil Laak is good
 sid_dogz117/10/2009 23:39:33 GMT
it is so
 Lutenatik18/10/2009 00:02:48 GMT
LOL phil laak and jennifer tilly in the final table? That sounds like collusion Tongue Let's be honest the women with the huge rack can t play poker
 parrix18/10/2009 16:27:40 GMT
Really all the players are good enough like that that luck and that happens, I also hate to have bad beats and let's wait to never have more lol

can this to play this tournamet of some form from poartypoker frerroll or something that is economic to play it? i think this can be a good tournament,good luck all payer in.
 Plexo19/10/2009 00:49:00 GMT
I really hope Luke Schwartz be the first one going out at teh final table. I don't like people like him.
 xxxbchxxx20/10/2009 01:21:59 GMT
Luke Schwartz Ive seen this dude blow up he's cool as fook.
Id play him sooo hard just to see him loose it again .
Inearly pissed myself when i saw it hahahahaha
 SuperNoob20/10/2009 15:20:19 GMT
its a shame he is such an idiot, only if he had some sense in his stupid head he would have been a star.
Hope he gets kicked out first from that table, he deserves it well
 Fakiry21/10/2009 15:31:57 GMT
If i was one of the final table bubbles (like 11th or 12th place) i would complain to the casino because of the permission given for Luke to participate. If he was forbidden, rules cant change from an hour to another, at least they shouldnt...

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