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2012 WSOP: "Isildur1" lost his friend's money

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Posted on 20 June 2012 by "T".

The 43rd Annual World Series of Poker is running day and night in Las Vegas at the moment. All the best poker players in the world are there to play poker, party and simply have a good time. One of them is Viktor "Isildur1" Blom from Sweden.

So far, Blom hasn't been so successful in any event at the WSOP, and it doesnt seem like he's doing well in the cash games either. Well, at least if we should believe what his buddy Luke "_fullflush1_" Schwartz twittered yesterday.

Schwartz wrote that he had $30,000 at the poker table when he asked Viktor Blom to play instead of him when he went out for a cigarette. When Schwartz returned to the poker table a few minutes later, all of his money was gone. 



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11 comments on "2012 WSOP: "Isildur1" lost his friend''s money"

 pochui20/06/2012 07:54:06 GMT
nice friend to have- whenever you go to toilet or for a smoke it costs you 30K- expensive break, i would have nothing against having a few of this kind of friends myself- would always ask them- dude do you want to smoke? blom is a human hey? blowing really cold at the moment, no wsop glory this year it seems
 shokaku20/06/2012 08:08:00 GMT
Looks like we need new ads on the packages of cigarettes:

Smoking can damage your bankroll! Blink
 ionellu20/06/2012 08:47:31 GMT
isildur is worst than a woman went for shopping ; or maybe is better to smoke a tigarete some time and take a brake
 jessthehuman20/06/2012 09:16:20 GMT
Just to expand a little bit on some information that wasn't in the article:

The table was a $500-$1K blinds table, so in actual fact it was only 30bb that was lost.. Mind - it was a mixed-game table, so it may have been 30 "big bets" of a limit-style game, in which case it's more like losing 100bb.

Either way - using figure like $30,000.00 doesn't really frame it in the right context.. On a $5/$10 table that would mean he managed to stack-off 30 buy ins in the time it takes to have a ciggie. However - in the correct context - it was one buyin at the most and quite possibly even just a short-stack (30bb). If the game that was being played was PLO.. well - that's not hard to imagine happening quite easily.

Haha oops- just noticed that the information WAS in the article.. the picture of the tweet includes it !
 noonlion20/06/2012 10:21:27 GMT

Everyone knows Blom is crazy aggressive so there's always a risk of losing it.

Bet thats the most expensive cancer stick Schwarz has ever had.
 Fakiry20/06/2012 11:49:30 GMT
This makes me laugh so much. Having a friend which is one of the best known poker players and ask him to take control of our game for us just for 10 minutes, and when returning seem him watching the game from the outsider: it must be priceless! I bet this must have already happened to Blom’s friends as many times as the opposite, i mean, there must have been many who passed the game to his hands and minutes after were looking at him playing with the double the amount of Money he started. Maybe his friend didn’t even wanted to turn this story public, but everywhere there’s always someone who knows a journalist to put funny real things running on the net and on the newspapers.

I haven’t read the tweet he posted, after al lhe really wanted everyone to know a big poker player friend of his just blown his stack at a table in tem minutes while he went for a cigarrete. Shame on him, Blom don’t need bad publicity. Or is this a way to deviate atention from Blom so he can be more focused at WSOP tables? Let’s see if it works.

Posted by pochui:
nice friend to have

Are you refering to Blom or the other guy? It must not be pleasant at all to be a public figure and having someone we thought we could trust talking bad about us on the net and messing with our image.
 pochui20/06/2012 12:43:51 GMT
i'm talking about the other guy- it's always nice to have friends that allow you to have fun with their 30K bankroll while they are away for a smoke or two Big Smile basically if you have tens or more of these kind of friends you don't even need a bankroll of your own- just hop from one fiend to other asking "do you want to smoke, i can look after your chips" Big Smile
 Somaks20/06/2012 16:38:08 GMT
If i were in Schwartz's place, i would be pissed off if that happened to me.. But on the other hand, he only have himself to blame! Don't get me wrong, Blom is a good player, but if i went out only for couple of minutes i wouldn't trust my money to such a well-known aggressive player! I would choose someone super tight to take care of my chips! Big Smile
 jessthehuman20/06/2012 16:59:30 GMT
Posted by Somaks:
... i wouldn't trust my money to such a well-known aggressive player! I would choose someone super tight to take care of my chips! Big Smile ....

Yeah - I think it's basically a gamble - he must of known he was going to either come back to a $100K stack or busto.
 Macubaas20/06/2012 19:28:33 GMT
It was a risk that he took when he told Blom to play with his money if you ask me...

I mean he could just sit out and the blinds were posted for him, but it's a good story overall Smile
 Greenmohave20/06/2012 21:25:26 GMT
I'd never walk away leaving someone play for me. I don't care who it is or what their ratings are. It's my cash so I'll lose it myself if that's what is to be.

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