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Mike Sexton has now been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame

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Posted on 23 October 2009 by "T".

Party Poker's ambassador Mike Sexton was one of the 9 nominated players for the Poker Hall of Fame this year. And just a couple of days ago, he was the one who got inducted. Even though Mike Sexton knew he was the big favorite to get inducted this year, he still felt very honored when he received the message that he became the 38th person to get inducted into the poker Hall of Fame.

"I'm really, really honored to get inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. And I have to admit that it feels extra good because this is the first time in Poker Hall of Fame history that fans, media, and the living members of Poker Hall of Fame are involved in the whole process."

How it all started
In 1979, Benny Binion, the owner of the Horseshoe Casino, created the Poker Hall Of Fame to preserve the names and legacies of the world's greatest poker players. He also was the man behind the first ever World Series of Poker (1970), and the first one to organize high stakes games where the public could watch. Anyhow, Harrah's Entertainment took over the right for WSOP in 2004, and also the ownership of the Poker Hall of Fame. Today the Poker Hall of Fame is handled directly by the WSOP crew. Up till now, 38 people have been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. Only 16 of them are alive today.

Here are the requirements for Poker Hall of Fame

*A gambler must have played poker against acknowledged top competition,

*Played for high stakes,

*Played consistently well, gained the respect of peers,

*And stood the test of time.

*Or, for non-players, contributed to the overall growth and success of the game of poker, with indelible positive and lasting results.


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9 comments on "Mike Sexton has now been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame"

 NANACONDA23/10/2009 12:39:17 GMT
Congratulations to Mike. A true gentleman. Would be nice to see him get angry tho from time to time. Can't really see that happening although it would be quite amusing.
 SuperNoob23/10/2009 13:23:13 GMT
he deserves it well, after having done so much for poker community it was coming sooner or later.
i'm sure Phil Ivey will also get it in 5-10 years
 Jewcifer24/10/2009 09:06:10 GMT
My MAN! Hell, yeah... kudos Mike. Stu would be proud.
 mcsnakey76525/10/2009 02:52:21 GMT
yeah go mate
 Combo4Super25/10/2009 15:09:06 GMT
Nice Mike. Congratulations!
In less than five I think Phill Ivey will get it. u will see
 Mast3rKush25/10/2009 20:15:38 GMT
If he wins this years main event i think ivey could be making the hall of fame very soon too.
Glad to see Mike getting in there too, thats great.
 s1m0nmp26/10/2009 17:05:46 GMT
Finally a guy got what he deserved... Congratulations Mike
 Fakiry29/10/2009 14:31:37 GMT
He was the one who meet more requirements so he really deserved to be inducted. Although many players fans prefered others to get this honor, the other nominees were only there for being now on media as the new biggest players, they still need to do a lot for poker to have a chence to make part of this list!
 blazingpf29/10/2009 14:46:46 GMT
congratulation mike!!! well done, sure feels great to be in the hall of fame Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

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