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November 9 Countdown - 1 day: Antoine Saout had a tough struggle

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Posted on 06 November 2009 by "T".

Antoine Saout, 25, is from Saint Martin des Champs, France and he's one of the 2 finalists that aren't born in USA. Antoine mostly plays poker online and there he has won about $200,000. Although he has been quite successful online, he has no records of any live tournament winnings, until now. This is Antoine's first ever WSOP and he won his entry to the Main Event through a $50 satellite online.

Antoine Saout had a really tough struggle to make it this far in the tournament. No one else than the other November 9 finalist Phil Ivey was seated on his left at the poker table for the 3 last days of the tournament. Now, however, both he and Phil Ivey are going to play for some serious cash on Saturday when the final table kicks off.

Antoine brings 9,500,000 with him to the final table on Saturday. He's quite short stacked with other words. But Antoine might have some kind of advantage because of the tough fight he had the 3 last days of the tournament. And who knows? Maybe he will be really dangerous if he mange to double up at the early stages of the final table.


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6 comments on "November 9 Countdown - 1 day: Antoine Saout had a tough struggle"

 MANUEDO06/11/2009 13:08:16 GMT
I appreciate him for his result: first WSOP main event and final table reached.
But I don't think he has too many chances to take home this tournament.
It's the proof that in France too there are some good players.
Not so many but someone yes.
 SuperNoob06/11/2009 16:46:01 GMT
he has done well for his first live tournament that too through a 50$ satellite, just imagine ROI on it if he manages to win it, lol
 Mast3rKush06/11/2009 16:57:58 GMT
^Yeah i think they all get a guarenteed million.. lol now thats how to make $50 into a milll, beats grinding these damn small stakes
 Combo4Super06/11/2009 20:34:39 GMT
From now Im going to play satellites for live events..
Thats my new objective. Cash table and that things are just a waste of time I see. lol
 panictacgirl10/11/2009 01:30:05 GMT
I can't believe he made it so far! - I think it's possible that he take home all the beans, but transferring from internet to real life creates a new ball of pressure... can't just sit around in the boxers scratching at all those awful places. If so, you'll really find out that the players could pick ur bluff!

I'm really rootin' for this guy though.. He's an Underdog!
 SuperNoob10/11/2009 01:52:21 GMT
Posted by panictacgirl:
I'm really rootin' for this guy though.. He's an Underdog!

he's already out at 3rd Blink

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