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Phil Ivey gets interviewed by Barry Greenstein on Mental Fitness and How He Got So Great at Poker

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Posted on 21 October 2020 by "T".

When Phil Ivey was just new to the world of poker, his humble nature and insatiable thirst to learn about the game endeared him to several other poker pros. He became fast friends with Barry Greenstein, who then introduced the budding Ivey to the "Big Game" in Las Vegas. Impressed by the lifestyle that Greenstein was living, Ivey wanted to enjoy the same level of success, and went on to build an impressive portfolio in both tournament and cash game play that we see today.

Ivey was the only player to successfully transition from tournament poker to winning at the "Big Game".

Recently, Phil Ivey has publicly announced he is affiliated with the online poker room Poker King.

Late last month, Poker King announced its three new sponsored pros: Jean-Robert Bellande, Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey. In an interview, the latter confirmed it with his friend and fellow poker pro Barry Greenstein, saying, "Yeah, I'm with Poker King."

Check out Barry Greenstein's player analysis of Phil Ivey

Mental Fitness

There were two videos so far on Phil Ivey and Barry Greenstein. More are said to come soon.

The first interview is all about Phil Ivey's mental fitness and how his approach to health in general has shifted over the years.

For the last year and a half mostly, Ivey said he's been focused on his mental health, becoming more conscious and just living a much healthier lifestyle. He's now meditating a lot, praying, doing yoga, and thinking of ways to be of help to other people.

Ivey then continued that when he was young all he thought of was monetary and material success and realized it wasn't enough. "I had material things that I thought would make me happy, so what happens when you get these things, you realize at some point, I'm still not happy. Even though I was successful, I never actually felt successful. So, there were a lot of things that I needed to deal with along the way...I wouldn't change anything. I don't have any regrets. I'm in a real good place now."

Regarding live vs online poker, Ivey said he's been playing a lot of live games in Macau but he plays some online games as well. Ivey said Asian players tend to play a lot longer and they are stronger in terms of staying awake and playing a long time. He's amazed on the fact that in a 6-player table, five of them can stay awake for three days and look fine.

Watch the video and hear what Ivey has to say about other things!

How to Be Great at Poker

The second interview was about how Ivey became one of the best in the world. They reminisce about the old days, including Ivey's family roots, and give some insight into how he got so great at poker with fierce drive and passion for the game.

On the first part of the video, Ivey says "staying interested in wanting to educate yourself and learn new things has really been a big part of my life, but the problem is once I get into something, I really get into it. If I start a video game, I have to set a timer because I'll play the video game all day."

Watch the rest of the video and hear about topics like golf, seven card stud, and of course, what makes him good at poker.

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35 comments on "Phil Ivey gets interviewed by Barry Greenstein on Mental Fitness and How He Got So Great at Poker"

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» Phil Ivey gets interviewed by Barry Greenstein on Mental Fitness and How He Got So Great at Poker

 dule-vu26/10/2020 22:09:37 GMT
I think that he have this money for whole time,he just dont have it on bank account and he have it in cash!thats why he put everything on his family,that he dont have any property on his name!we all know that he played on last year wsop,so he had money for big buy in and after he won nice amount,they took it from him!
so after this episode,he can enjoy normally in this money,no matter will he play poker again or not!
 CALICUL27/10/2020 15:38:15 GMT
I would love to see many new poker tables with professional players from the past which were famous ( 15 years ago ) and with big show when they play. They had a special talent and it was not like this decade. Something is different now.
 antonis32131/10/2020 19:52:02 GMT
So by starting the players , not talking to them , giving them this ''Ivey'' aggressive look , he makes them feeling uncomfortable and they go in aggro/defensive mode , they start making mistakes , I guess they make mistkes cause they start fearing him a lot , thinking he he is very good or whatever , maybe he can read their tells , hahahahaaa , in the past Ivey look and behavior was hilarious , I think nowadays he has relaxed very much , i guess all these he says about the change of his mentality must be true , at least partialy , lol Smile
 CALICUL01/11/2020 10:18:15 GMT
Phil Ivey has a winning mentality but can't always be professional player who makes best decisions. Any real gambler made big mistakes sometimes and it's normal. They don't have much sense to win almost always or to give up only when they want.
 antonis32102/11/2020 12:48:53 GMT
I like that thing his fathers was telling to him so as not to bul*** him '' don't piss on my face and tell me it's rainning '' , lol . Anyway , now he's with poker kings , I guess probably greenstein is also with poker kings , I will go to check this room to see how it is. Now Ivey plays very few games I guess only homegames because of corona crisis , I guess we'll see him also online on ppoker kings .
 CALICUL03/11/2020 13:32:31 GMT
Phil Ivey had some good results this year. He is not the kind of professional poker player who play until ruin, like others gamblers. Gus Hansen (the great dane) or Viktor Blom (isildur 1) have ''this habit''. Anyway he will have good results in future.
 antonis32103/11/2020 21:00:05 GMT
Yes Calicul , Ialso believe this , Ivey is more careful gambler in contrast to some others , like the ones , that you menthioned , who by the way areextremely very gambling figures , Ivey on the other hand , has his friends , he has his circle of known poker people and business men , he plays with them in Macau casinos , maybe also somewhere else , so he chooses his victims and tries to minimise the risk .He also has another style than these two players .
 dule-vu04/11/2020 13:08:40 GMT
for me he just know what he doing and know when to play hands and when not,when to bluff,when to push other player,he just have all of that in had!so dont think that he is careful,he just know what do in some position!his and negreanu's had is on some other level and they are borned with this talent of poker!
 CALICUL04/11/2020 14:53:21 GMT
I don't know if he does brain exercises, because are strategies in mental strength and more benefits for the body. A strong thinker can be a true professional poker player. An interview with this question should be for players, to realize who is making efforts in have good results and who has talent ''in their blood'' without exercises.
 antonis32105/11/2020 11:39:50 GMT
So Ivey says that these Asians like and are able to stay awake and play very good poker for many hours , some of them even for almost 3 days in a row ?? lol , I remember the best result I have made is 30 hours non stop playing , twice , but in the end I was very tired and started making bad decisions destroying my previous good game results and performance or profits , so I decided more than 14 hours never to play again .

 dule-vu05/11/2020 13:33:37 GMT
its not hard to stay awake for 24 or 36 hours and even without coffee or energy drink,but to stay awake for more then three days and to be focused on play,that I dont understand how,without drugs!no matter what amount is on table,I probably couldnt be on table for so many hours!
 CALICUL05/11/2020 15:57:00 GMT
I would like to see Barry Greenstein in great shape and make a show like he used to do. He is a player who had a special style when i saw him on TV, but now i don't know what's happening, because i gave up ruining my brain with TV stations... where are many lies and horror news.
 antonis32107/11/2020 03:49:10 GMT
I would also love to see him in a show , regularly , the same as other pros of the old school and the old days , bfore the Black Friday , nostalgia show , they still are , most of them , in good or great shape , they have their good or very god results , it could be very good to see most of these pros again in a show . This HU challenge is a chanceI guess , first was Hellmuth and Esfandiari , next who knows , maybe it is Ivey one of them . Ivey is an awesome player , despite all the GTO new generation players that have appeared onthe scene , he is adored by many poker players .
 CALICUL08/11/2020 18:43:26 GMT
Many poker players have disappeared, and i haven't watched the rest, but liked past TV episodes when professional players sometimes did shows. Phil Ivey is experienced and has a few decades to play. It is not difficult for him if he is healthy.
 geseco1214/11/2020 05:40:37 GMT
The interview with the great ivey is interesting, but I think that mental ability is the key to being a winner in poker, because it not only helps you when you win but when you have days of losing a lot of money, but in the long run your profitability is greater How good to hear these poker references that will help you in your future as a poker pro.
 antonis32114/11/2020 07:12:46 GMT
They realeased another video , on which he mentions that hand that busted him on 2003 WSOP Main Even vs Moneymaker , and Greenstein told him that he would fold the 99s if he were o n his place , on this flop QQx vs this player , this bet-bait he wouldn't bite like Ivey did , show his third 9 on the turn , shoved , but Moneymaker made with his AQ a better FH on the river , very sick hand . Now if he had folded this 99 on the flop , would anything chance in history , noone knows .
 CALICUL14/11/2020 09:13:50 GMT
Phil Ivey lost serious hands in his life but that didn't knock him to the ground. I didn't see him very angry when he lost in the past, but other professional players like Phil Hellmuth proved that they are not gentlemen. Anyway, his career is great and will be.
 geseco1216/11/2020 14:05:46 GMT
I remember that ivey lost a pot of almost a million dollars with dwuan but that hand did not allow him to go to the bottom, of course it hurts to lose this amount, but when they are at a high level money is no longer a priority at the beginning, You play your game and improve and you know that the money will come in the long run, I think that was the key to being a winner.
 CALICUL17/11/2020 10:39:52 GMT
Phil Ivey had a very rough time a few years ago when he continues to be the biggest loser with online poker. I don't know how much this affected him, because his bank accounts they suffered some damages. Anyway, recovered all dollars in my opinion.
 antonis32120/11/2020 04:29:00 GMT
Tom Dwan was on Poker Kings , making some videos for this site , explaining some of his past games , past hands and he was analysing his gameplay ,or he was answering to players questions . So it's logical his friend Ivey tofollow and now theya both ambassadors there . They will promote it a lot , cause the both have a lot of influence in poker circles and rooms .
 CALICUL22/11/2020 16:43:18 GMT
These people who have become professional players demonstrated their ability to talk about poker using nice words. They progressed in playing or speaking skills and many people had to learn from them. Anyway, they teach you good things.
 geseco1205/12/2020 20:12:09 GMT
Phil Ivey and Barry Greenstein are two poker geniuses, at the time many years ago they showed off in the television rooms with large real money jackpots, well there I met the great Phil Ivey, he has won many millions of dollars, and his advice we must listen to him since he is an example to follow both for his skills for the game, as well as his discipline to be present to this day.
 CALICUL07/12/2020 18:56:21 GMT
To be a good poker player you need to know math, skills and strategy. Many professionals know enough. I like to watch gamblers like Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, Daniel Negreanu or Barry Greenstein sometimes, but i'm not ambitious with so many crazy people in online environment.
 antonis32108/12/2020 10:56:05 GMT
It would be awesome if Ivey beatthat AQ of Moneymake , and his set won and was good enough on the river . Not set , but FH now thatI remember , history would be better for me , a true legend like I veyto win the WSOP main event , so fair and justice , but then again that would be not optimal for life's standards , would it ...........

 CALICUL08/12/2020 19:35:01 GMT
I like that Phil Ivey explains the adventure with Poker King and their innovative security system to identify cheaters. I read this thing today and i'm satisfied when there is seriousness and respect for customers, because bots must be destroyed.

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