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Doyle Brunson critical of today's poker pros

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Posted on 01 December 2009 by "T".

It seems like Doyle Brunson has no plans to retire from poker as he continue playing at the highest stakes and contributing to the game in many different ways. One of the ways Doyle Brunson is still contributing to the scene is through his blog where anyone can follow his daily life and poker experiences. In his latest blog post one can read some thoughts of his regarding the quality of today's PROS compared to old ones.

"Are today's players better than the old timers? Nah, different but not better. The truth is some of these "pros" play so bad it's hard to lose."

Doyle also writes that he thinks he's lucky to still be able to play so well against today's PRO's even though he thinks that many PRO's including himself tend to lose at least part of their game after reaching the age of 50.

"Time marches on. That's something every poker player has to be aware of. I try to monitor my play regularly because of my age. I'm lucky to still be hanging in there but as I've always said, poker players tend to lose at least part of their game after reaching the age of 50. Even though I won 16 straight in TV cash games, I seem to have reverted to a defensive style of play that I'm not comfortable with. Even though the way your opponent plays dictates the way you play, I've found myself not following my instincts as I've always done."


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12 comments on "Doyle Brunson critical of today''s poker pros"

 Bizla01/12/2009 15:27:34 GMT
I shit myself then. Only read Doyle Brunson Critical lol
 dlkiv01/12/2009 15:28:09 GMT
Ok so after 50 right?? That means I only have just over 6 years!! Yikes. Big Smile
 Larrosa01/12/2009 16:31:37 GMT
Brunson is a Shark of all times .
He's the best.

hehe reaching the 50 eh ?

i have 32 years left wowowow Big Smile
 Davoodoo01/12/2009 16:41:52 GMT

Hes the best poker player in many ways...
 Chartoule01/12/2009 16:45:50 GMT

He´s a great player, sure. But is too strong call 'bad' to all the others pro. he must leave drinking before speak.

Bye and aces for all!!
 ih8usukouts01/12/2009 18:04:40 GMT
At least Doyle is honest when speaking of his game and the other pros. At his age to be able to still play at his caliber is another accomplishment he has achieved. Goes to show why he is a hall of famer and not a quick rise then back down again poker player. As for how he speaks of the other pros', I often wondered how some of them made it to the status they have
 LaBaiz01/12/2009 19:26:53 GMT
Doyle is a great and honest guy talking about other pros, especially the new ones. I believe that younger people are more aggressive and willing to achieve something faster than the old pro's.
 MANUEDO01/12/2009 20:37:37 GMT
He's a legend and can say all he wants.
Probably in the past, with a lower number of players, things were easy for all pro.
There was more respect and all knew eachother.
But I believe great player is great player, today and yesterday
 Ricardovboas02/12/2009 02:50:22 GMT
I think that the more age we have, better we play.
 paulparadiis03/12/2009 01:26:59 GMT
Well said, Doyle!
 SuperNoob04/12/2009 18:45:28 GMT
looks like i still have a lot of years ahead of me Smile
as for bad pros i think online poker is responsible for that bad play
 PorscheGT04/12/2009 21:41:49 GMT
The truth is some of these "pros" play so bad it's hard to lose."
I just wish i have enough money to play with them ("pros" Blink.

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