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durrrr and other pros shave their heads in soldiery for Thuy Doan

Tags: Barry Greenstein, Bertrand ElkY, Doyle Brunson, Eli Elezra, Thuy Doan, Tom durrrr Dwan.
Posted on 16 December 2009 by "T".

In the month of September, Thuy Doan went public with a very sad message in her blog - she had been diagnosis with cancer. Since Thuy Doan was diagnosed with cancer, she has been a break from the poker scene, but still she has continued writing in her blog about her fight against the cancer.

Now, a few months later, 16 of the world's best poker players (Doyle Brunson, Eli Elezra, Barry Greenstein, Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Bertrand "ElkY", and Grospellier - just to mention a few) shaved their heads in soldiery for her. This really shows that even after all the success these players have had, they still have huge hearts and care for other people.

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18 comments on "durrrr and other pros shave their heads in soldiery for Thuy Doan"

 Davoodoo16/12/2009 12:44:31 GMT

Never heard of thuy doan before ... the pros just want some media attention because it was a long time someone heard of them.
 jevo16/12/2009 14:02:45 GMT
does anyone edit these news stories?

"Bertrand "ElkY", and Grospellier"


Not sure what shaving their heads is gonna do, maybe make her feel comfortable around them? doubt it.

 Btownd8716/12/2009 14:43:29 GMT

I hope Thuy gets better.
 AA-Daelt-AA16/12/2009 15:20:51 GMT
very nice idea and good to see that poker comunity still cares about their members even at very high level
 Wargtass16/12/2009 15:26:49 GMT
Very smart PR-move from the high stakers. Smile Maybe some of them actually do care though. Nice to see then.
 doomdy16/12/2009 15:29:37 GMT
Omfg Shock
 teteban16/12/2009 16:06:31 GMT
I like to think this is not just a PR move from the players, but rather a really kind act for one of their own. I hope they are not as cynical as they seem sometimes and prove me wrong
 watoba16/12/2009 16:29:52 GMT
thats a very good idea probs for the pro
 pziko198616/12/2009 16:57:24 GMT
Let's assume that it has nothing to do with PR, but all with having heart.
Don't even think that Durrrr needs any media attention, he is in the picture more than enough. So I give him (and the others) my respect.
 Tchungpo16/12/2009 17:20:47 GMT
Indeed a nice attention since giving money to Thuy won't do anything (she must have enough)... but well, will this change anything? Maybe they should have found something better.. i dont know what, but something better
 BhStaljin16/12/2009 18:26:57 GMT
never heard about her either,but this is very nice gesture by the others players....thats not going to help but,it really really good gesture by them.....And that is the life,never knowns what awaits you when you wake up in the morning......
 chesR16/12/2009 20:11:34 GMT
Thats the way to go
 LaBaiz16/12/2009 21:08:42 GMT
good that they have shown their solidierity to the poker pro which I have heard the first time, good luck on beating the cancer, hopefully we'll hear more of her.
 kushguy10117/12/2009 04:36:03 GMT
bald people scare me
 -pocket5s-17/12/2009 04:54:24 GMT
Imma shave my head too!
 SuperNoob18/12/2009 13:22:47 GMT
that shows poker pros are as human as other people, nice way to show they care for her
hope she can fight off cancer.
wud be nice to see bald pros tho, lol
 dozn0118/12/2009 13:39:34 GMT
maybe they can give some of they winnings to cancer research too Smile
 xxxbchxxx18/12/2009 14:20:42 GMT
Good support is essential at these tender stages of some ones battle.
Good show guys.

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