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HighStakes: A great month for "durrrr"

Tags: durrrr challenge, Ilari Ziigmund Sahamies, Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey, Tom durrrr Dwan, wsop.
Posted on 02 July 2009 by "T".

Tom "durrrr" Dwan had a really tough start in the beginning of the year with millions of dollars lost. But the last few months he has improved his poker and is now over $1,5 million plus, he's also leading his own challenge (durrrr challenge) versus Patrik Antonius.

Even though the World Series of poker is being played in Las Vegas at the moment, the action is still quite good on some high stakes tables online. Tom "durrrr" Dwan had a great month in June with winnings over $2,000,000! Most of the money he has won in June came from Phil Ivey and Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies. Even though "durrrr" is doing great at the moment, he's not the poker player that has won the most money online. Patrik Antonius has won over $4,5 million dollars so far this year and it seems like 2009 will be one of his best bankroll boost years ever, even if he loses the "durrrr challenge".

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17 comments on "HighStakes: A great month for "durrrr""

 Fakiry02/07/2009 16:18:18 GMT
Durrrr has been waiting for 6 months to hear good news about himself. This will be a year to remember for long or to forget fast for him. It is still very early to talk about whos gonna win the combat durrrr vs Patrick. Durrrr is now showing he still has strenght to battle against Antonius, but will he continue the good times now or this was just a break on the loosing way? Maybe Durrrr is like the economical crisis. Many are saying the worst has already passed and now we are living the begining of the better times. We just have to wait to see...
 B1gfoot02/07/2009 18:02:04 GMT
So!!, Durrrs swings show he is no better than any outher HS player, kinda get board of, durrrs up durrrrs down, plenty more intresting players to follow. He is only news cause of his arrogent Im the best heres my challange.
This should be the great year for Patrik Antonius thread. But no Durrrr??
 daverj02/07/2009 18:09:45 GMT
durr is cool imo
 Jodoli02/07/2009 18:11:51 GMT
Tom durrrr dwan is a great player, but i think personally, that he is too much agressive. It is the reason why he goes down and up a lot of times! To be a good poker player we need more stability, but it is only my opinion!
 Davoodoo02/07/2009 19:54:53 GMT
I think this is what Stu Ungar would have looked like if he hadnt been taking drugs...
 Mascarilha03/07/2009 00:16:51 GMT
I didn't know that PA is getting so well.

And 2 Millions in a month, he's a superstar... what a lifestyle eheh
 jevo03/07/2009 01:12:58 GMT
I'll mirror what B1ggy said, Patrik antonious is smahshing it up but, again he gets no headline because he's not as agressive/ott as dwan.

Imo dwan will blow his bankroll eventually.
 Nitscho03/07/2009 02:00:38 GMT
I love highstakes poker Big Smile
hope to be there on my own in a while, winning looooots of money Big Smile
 amstaffy04/07/2009 01:09:27 GMT
has anyone heard a thing about durrr at the WSOP?
 karmapilot05/07/2009 09:18:49 GMT
stu and tom my heroes

 spanishman05/07/2009 12:22:49 GMT
hmm its always like this =)
one wins a lot in a month and some days later he is never heard again because his luck has gone =)
well done "durrr"
 doomdy05/07/2009 13:06:21 GMT
I agree with B1gfoot, Patrick Antonius is the one to keep an eye on.
Durrr is in the picture cos he plays very aggresiv but check stats, stats never lie, Patrick is Nr1.
 Nitscho05/07/2009 16:37:42 GMT
Jup I think too that patrick is no 1. no chance against him when he has a good day Blink
Gra gra gra Big Smile
 shokaku05/07/2009 16:37:56 GMT
Posted by amstaffy:
has anyone heard a thing about durrr at the WSOP?

No. Nothing. But i am not sure if he had even played in one of the tourneys there.
 B1gfoot05/07/2009 16:53:54 GMT
He did play, not sure how many events or what ones, the ones I heard about he went out early.
 Mayones05/07/2009 22:41:10 GMT
Well, I don't know if he's gonna win with Antonius, but no doubt he's one of the best plauers out there right now. Very talented and very very young. He'll mess up in the future
 Mariukas99106/07/2009 21:12:50 GMT
nice article

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