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Mike Tyson's new career

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Posted on 16 December 2009 by "T".

Lately a lot of rumors have been circulating on the web that PokerStars is about to sign a huge a sports star to its Team PokerStars. One of the hottest candidate's so far is the old heavy weight champion Mike Tyson. Whether or not Mike Tyson is a good poker player, we will have to wait and see (if he's the one that PokerStars will sign).

The rumors about Mike Tyson to become the new Team PokerStars member started when Johnny Lodden wrote in his blog that a huge sports star is about to join his team. However, Johnny Lodden couldn't give any further information about the new member until it was official news.


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39 comments on "Mike Tyson''s new career"

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» Mike Tyson''s new career

 DaneMitic16/12/2009 15:49:07 GMT
Posted by bombo12345:
Posted by dunotra:
Posted by bombo12345:
seriously? 50 years old, 2000+ post and still acting like a bleeping kid on the internet. hope you get your racist ass banned you douchebag.

Sorry I forgot I'm white.... never mind we all can not come from Unbombo land Sad

you drunk or something? i'm so tired of people with internetballs.

thats dunotra, most of us dont even notice his comments anymore, when he starts to write crap like that... Big Smile
 watoba16/12/2009 16:03:54 GMT
dunotra :Tyson The Niger should be back in prison where It belongs

u are a fuckin faschist dunotra
 teteban16/12/2009 16:08:15 GMT
The only thing that worries me is this guy being on tilt, and being me on the other side of his tilt-driven angry fists. Really, this guy has shown he has little to no patience, it could be a dangerous game playing with him Tongue
 Pjot16/12/2009 16:24:45 GMT
Posted by AA-Daelt-AA:
i wanna see Mike Tyson suck out Phil Hellmut, im sure he won't bitch anymore and shut his big mouth if he doesnt want to be KO in a second lol Blink

That would be fantastic! Big Smile
 Tchungpo16/12/2009 17:03:53 GMT
WTF dunotra -_- i can't laugh with this... and i suppose you are not joking, you are really racist... just get a brain, you'll see, its so nice !
 pziko198616/12/2009 17:05:04 GMT
Is it the first of April already?

Come on, Mike Tyson as a pokerpro? He can't be the greatest thinker and you still need a brain for playing poker.

Dunotra, you are a piece of work. You must be really stupid.
 Chartoule16/12/2009 17:23:03 GMT

I like to see anyone slowplaying Mr.Tyson... Or tell him something like 'Go play bingo, fish!!'

Bye and aces for all!!
 Davoodoo16/12/2009 17:25:58 GMT

Dunotra: Mobster Status: R.I.P. (for 7 more days).

Was that really neccessary ? Sad
 ih8usukouts16/12/2009 18:15:44 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:

Dunotra: Mobster Status: R.I.P. (for 7 more days).

Was that really neccessary ? Sad

It's ok, that's part of his plan. Let's see when he returns if he goes "two for two" on the mob draw. Last time he got banned the lucky SOB won it. At least he is doing a good job at maintaining his bad boy image. Evil Evil
 B1gfoot16/12/2009 18:35:02 GMT
I thik he played in Ante Up for Africa anyone know how he did?
I hate the Celeb signings at PS, but if they can play then why not I guess.
 schmoyster16/12/2009 18:42:50 GMT
Posted by B1gfoot:
I thik he played in Ante Up for Africa anyone know how he did?

Who? Dunotra? Shock
 LaBaiz16/12/2009 21:10:06 GMT
I don't think that would be a good decision by pokerstars to hire Mike Tyson, I think people are going to take a laugh about this person playing poker, but if he plays very good then he will gain some respect.
 psycokiller16/12/2009 23:26:27 GMT
This is not the time or place to be making racist slurs, and the fact that u did donutra is really dumb to say the least and I think a huge appology to the community is in order. prominent people have been fired and tarnished for less so why are u any different.
Anyways, Mike Tyson does not have the skills needed to be playing poker at that high of a level for long so I have to believe that pokerstars would not consider him, Don Cheadle yes, Mike Tyson no. Unless they need bodyguard for their real pros.
 bmobregaj17/12/2009 02:06:42 GMT
give me $1million and i'll slowroll tyson Smile
 paulparadiis17/12/2009 07:04:00 GMT
I don't want to win his money!
 haarten8717/12/2009 08:46:29 GMT
hopefully he can behave himself at tables Tongue
 magatt96617/12/2009 08:48:39 GMT
I would be very worried not only to face Iron Mike at the table; I guess the dealers would be in great danger as well Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 ADACTA17/12/2009 09:30:37 GMT
Yeah, my favourite athlete of all time.
Well, he will just be another represantative like Boris Becker
but im happy for him he'll make some munniiieezzz.

dont wanna really see him playing poker
 mazas17/12/2009 10:10:10 GMT
wauuuu well Smile we must wait then he loose all to one poker player and after all show he meat him and knock down Smile like he do in the ring Blink because tysons brain sometimes got stuck Tongue
we wait 4 great hard battle at thepoker table using hands and breaking nose Smile
 JimmiNS17/12/2009 17:39:48 GMT
Nice 2 hear that Mike Tyson is a poker player! But then we will not hope that Mike take a bite of someone because he loose a hand,hehehe!
 mikzu8718/12/2009 01:34:57 GMT
Mike Tysons poker career is short like a fly of a chicken Big Smile Big Smile
 xxxbchxxx19/12/2009 11:45:41 GMT
No surly not he would just get abused like all the time, the chat box would be going crazy he would have to tern it off.
Everyone would want a piece of him. that could be a good tac-tic for him. but all in all i dont think Mike Tyson would just be a gimmic for them to use as a puppet , lets face it he's not ever been the sharpest tool in the box nor the prettyest of the bunch hardly the face of
 Raggamann19/12/2009 19:25:07 GMT
mike tyson and poker, thats even more weird than signing boris becker (who showed his donkeystyle on german tv), i mean he never seemed to be a smart person i don't believe he is good at poker.
if it helps to bring fish to the tables its good, but otherwise ps should use the money in a better way
 ChoonT19/12/2009 19:37:19 GMT
Posted by bmobregaj:
give me $1million and i'll slowroll tyson Smile

but with the word of the old player at wsop Big Smile
 SuperNoob19/12/2009 23:17:18 GMT
looks like a very weird poker rumor, most probably its false don't see pokerstars so desperate to sign someone like him just for the sake of publicity, think they have enough already

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