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Poker Game Turned Violent

Tags: fight, home game, poker, police.
Posted on 21 March 2014 by "T".

A Florida Keys man was arrested and a second man was taken to the hospital following a poker game that turned ugly on Thursday morning in Marathon, Florida Keys. Deputies were called to the scene about 2 a.m. and met up with the victim's brother outside the house, where the poker game was taking place.

The man informed deputies that his brother had been hit in the head with an empty Corona beer bottle. He warned them to enter the house alone because there were a lot of people "acting crazy."

When deputies entered the house, they found the victim covered in blood, sitting just inside the door. They also found broken bottles and blood trails throughout the house. The victim and other poker players identified Isaac Vargas, 21, as the attacker. The victim was taken to Fishermen's Hospital where received numerous staples to close two wounds in his head. Vargas, a roomate of the victim, now faces a charge of aggravated battery - which is punishable by up to one year in the county jail.


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8 comments on "Poker Game Turned Violent"

 doubletop77721/03/2014 12:08:02 GMT
I never think that alcohol and gambling ever mix. Its frustrating enough losing when you are stone cold sober, but when you've had a drink, all the pent up anger surfaces in a bad way
 Heskor21/03/2014 14:51:50 GMT
Yep you are right alcohol and poker never mix, and it applies to gambling too. Sad to see that arriving because of poker because it will brings negativity to poker which is already considered to be gambling rather than a game of skill . We should banned alcoholic from poker tables!
 Theapple21/03/2014 15:37:53 GMT
yea it really isnt such a great idea to mix poker with alcohol Tongue

at least it all ended well, sort of :=o could be much worse if the attacker had, lets say a 200 pounds turtle as a pet, imagine getting hit in a head with such a big turtle... so as they say, all is well that ends well.

 Fakiry21/03/2014 15:40:20 GMT
We have no idea about what happened but it makes to think about tje fact of not knowing how to lose. Amongst my friends we never got to this type of facts but I have some friends who don't deal very well with their losses.
 demodawggy21/03/2014 17:39:53 GMT
It doesn't say what exactly precipitated the attack... Somebody shouldn't resort to violence to settle matters unless it's in self defence,...but you never know if buddy maybe had it coming...

Alcohol and gambling...? Not a good mix... but in some states in the U.S. you can carry a concealed handgun into a bar, you gotta wonder what could happen if some drunken pool players betting on their game got out of hand and someone pulled their weapon...! Confused

America is one nutty f'ing place.... Big Smile
 Cardmonkey21/03/2014 21:27:57 GMT
It is not really stated why this altercation took place, ok there was a poker game going on, maybe not related to the fight.
That's like saying a fight broke out at the dance because he is a poor dancer.
Need more info I think
 noonlion21/03/2014 23:09:09 GMT
Yeah not exactly and in depth article..
To be fair he probably was holding a sick hand and someone donk called twice then rivered him for a $4.67 pot. I'd do the same.
 Fakiry24/03/2014 11:42:03 GMT
We can suppose a lot of scenarios for what had antecipated that reaction that turned out to be the worst of it all, stopped by the police. But thinking they have got in to a fight because of a $4.67 pot is making me laugh a lot. The beers costed more than that and they still haven't made the math to see how much do each one owes to the friend who paid for the beers. Big Smile

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