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PokerStars: 9/11 hero wins the Million Dollar Challenge

Tags: 9-11 hero, Mike Kosowski, million dollar challenge, pokerstars, september 11th.
Posted on 21 December 2009 by "T".

The TV show PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge became the most watched poker show through all time when the first episode was broadcasted earlier this year. In each show of the Million Dollar Challenge a non-pro got to play against some of PokerStars biggest names in heads-up poker for some serious cash. However, only one "lucky" player would get the chance to play against PokerStars biggest PRO Daniel Negreanu in the final for the first prize of $1 million dollars. The one that made it all the way to the final table and got to play against Daniel came to be the September 11 hero, Mike Kosowski. It was a very thrilling heads-up match between the two of them, but Mike Kosowski had a great day and won at last.

Mike Kosowski's way to the final table
From the beginning, Mike Kosowski wasn't even supposed to be in the show. But the people at PokerStars changed their minds and Mike Kosowski had to cancel his 25th anniversary celebration plans. The first heads-up game he played was against the model Joanna Krupa where he lost. But then he got another chance, and this time he crushed his opponents and made it all the way to the final table where he won against Daniel Negreanu.

"2 years ago, I showed my wife WSOP on television. It was a lot of focus on Daniel in that show and I told my wife that one day I want to win against that guy. After that, I even had a dream about winning against him. This inspired me a lot to play better poker, and its also thanks to this that I got to be on the Million Dollar Challenge show."


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16 comments for "PokerStars: 9/11 hero wins the Million Dollar Challenge"

 paulparadiis21/12/2009 11:54:20 GMT
Ok? Is this a good show? Haven't watched it..
 dozn0121/12/2009 12:47:29 GMT
ok il watch that Smile
 Davoodoo21/12/2009 14:49:39 GMT
9/11 hero ? was he a firefighter ?
 Raggamann21/12/2009 16:25:53 GMT
no not a firefighter, but a cop and he got injured on 9/11 so bad that he could not work anymore. he already said he will spend some of the money for charity (i think it was for the families of the 9/11 victims and for organisation which helps homeless people).
nice to see a guy like him getting lucky, i think he deserves it
 AA-Daelt-AA21/12/2009 16:46:17 GMT
from an european point of view, the fact that he's been a hero of 9/11 doesnt matter that much, anyway this looks like a nice victory for someone who really needs and deserves it.
 Wargtass21/12/2009 16:59:23 GMT
Grats to him I guess Smile 1 mln $ ain't much, hope he'll keep it to himself instead of donating it to charity. I do hope filthy rich people will donate to charity tho Smile
 M3turbo21/12/2009 17:08:17 GMT
Great story that's the kind of guy I like to see win, now I have to see the show Smile
 MANUEDO21/12/2009 21:03:29 GMT
Seems a fairytale: an hero, a ''bad'' champion a final table and a big winning in a most popular swho; compliments to him
 pokersztar21/12/2009 21:26:28 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:
9/11 hero ? was he a firefighter ?

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 Davoodoo21/12/2009 22:53:21 GMT
Posted by pokersztar:
Posted by Davoodoo:
9/11 hero ? was he a firefighter ?

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Tought he had done something brave like saving hundreds of people with risk for his own life ... Blink
 ivobessa121/12/2009 23:46:17 GMT
nice winning, his dream came true lol
 haarten8721/12/2009 23:48:23 GMT
how can he be a hero when the towers went down? Big Smile
 Tchungpo22/12/2009 08:22:58 GMT
Waw, thats impressive.
Im not sure his story of dream is that real (maybe a bit, but that much xD ).
Anyway, great work man, you are rich
 teteban22/12/2009 15:25:49 GMT
Haha, misread it completely and read "Mike Wazowski"....had been chuckling for an hour already imaginng Daniel Negreanu getting beat up by a one-eyed green funny monster Tongue
 LaBaiz22/12/2009 15:45:48 GMT
congratulations to the winner, haven't seen this episode of the show, but definetly going to watch it.
 SuperNoob23/12/2009 00:51:48 GMT
well done, winning against daniel
got enough money to live comfortably now
show must be good too, gonna see if i can find some links on net for this

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