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Biggest pot in the history of televised poker

Tags: big pots, durrr, Full Tilt, Million Dollar Challenge, phil ivey, tom dwan.
Posted on 23 September 2009 by "T".

It has been kind of quite around Tom "durrrr" Dwan and his high stakes games lately. But now he hits the headlines once again as he has played what probably is the biggest pot in the history of televised poker in Full Tilt's Million Dollar Challenge. 

The pot landed on $1,100,000 dollars, and it was against one of the best poker players in the world at the moment - Phil Ivey. This is how the $1,1 million dollar hand between Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey was played out.

Dwan raised pre-flop, Ivey answered Dwan's raise with a re-raise, which Dwan called.

Flop: Q-3-5 (2 of them clubs)

Ivey bet $40,000 and Dwan called.

Turn: 4Heart

Ivey bets and Dwan raised to $240,000. Ivey goes all-in, Dwan calls straight away.

Ivey shows A-2 for a straight (A-2-3-4-5 - no flush draw)
Dwan shows 6-7 for the nut straight (3-4-5-6-7)

Ivey is drawing dead. A happy Tom Dwan just have to wait for the river card to hit the table before $1,1 million dollars is moved to his side of the table.

In January next year people in the UK will be able to see this amazing hand on television.



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31 comments for "Biggest pot in the history of televised poker"

 Btownd8723/09/2009 16:51:23 GMT
Crap in a handbag!!!
$1.1 Million??

And they both had garbage hands pre-flop!
 shokaku23/09/2009 16:59:26 GMT
That is what i call a cold deck.

Nice call by Dwan preflop and on the flop.
 batukas23/09/2009 17:50:56 GMT
damn... huge pot, unlucky ivey... and i can't see how he could lay his cards down...
 fochizza23/09/2009 18:25:26 GMT
The hand is not that hard to lay down but vs durr its another story Smile
 Calmplay23/09/2009 18:30:45 GMT
Hahaha, when Ivey is playing vs durrrr and when they are holding the nuts vs second nuts... pots indeed would be huge and could have been more if they had more money in front of them...
 ChoonT23/09/2009 19:05:46 GMT
.. and this is it.. they call your all in only if they beat you Blink
 manc14123/09/2009 21:23:39 GMT
if i won that much money in 1 hand of poker i think i would die instantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Plexo24/09/2009 00:20:08 GMT
1.1 millionnnnnn wow- I've got to search this one on youtube. Could you imagine IVEY's face?

 watoba24/09/2009 01:39:57 GMT
very bad hand for ivey but a nice pot for dawn thats poker baby
 mcsnakey76524/09/2009 06:41:09 GMT
holy crap thats crazy he could of played it better for sure i mean who raise 240,000 with A2o and of course u got ur tom dwan the callign station
 gaztheyorkie24/09/2009 12:15:30 GMT
wonder what the rake was
 JunkyMonkey24/09/2009 15:24:24 GMT
"gaztheyorkie: wonder what the rake was"
good point Big Smile

one hand, 1.1 million, thats sick...
 GeneYuss24/09/2009 17:28:49 GMT
Would be cool to watch. So this episode didn't air yet or just not in the UK?
 rednatic24/09/2009 19:13:54 GMT
lol at least now phil ivey can now claim that he played the largest pot in televise poker have ever seen. i would have said both played very well and against heads up its barely possible to lay down 2nd nuts on the turn ^^
 Davoodoo24/09/2009 20:49:45 GMT
This news ruined my day ... Sad
 mattel25/09/2009 10:01:33 GMT
Plexo iveys face wouldnt have even twitched - he doesnt show emotion..........i do like tom dwan but boy he is a luckbox at times eh....
 Yuki55525/09/2009 19:21:52 GMT
This is sick. By the way, calmplay the second best hand was 2-6 and not A-2 Blink
 SuperNoob26/09/2009 14:08:35 GMT
its the loose aggressive nature of durrrr that helps him win some of the biggest pots against good opponents. can't wait to watch this hand on tv
 najs26/09/2009 21:27:39 GMT
When you feel the game, there's no difference between playing with pot 1000 and 1000000 $ Big Smile
 ronniehollan27/09/2009 12:26:07 GMT
he is the best
 Fakiry27/09/2009 20:04:55 GMT
Having the oportunity of watching this play live should be amazing, but can you imagine the thrill of living it, being one of them??? First of all: who in his perfect state of mind would call a re-raise at pre-flop with 67 in the hand? Ok, those two cards can come to be a great game, but receiving a re-raise after puting a $240,000 raise at the table i think durrrr would have went all in if Ivey decided to make that type of movement... conclusion, that is just crazy playing! 2nd: the cards turn to be what both most expected and the rest of the play is history. Now: did durrrr plyed well? I think not, he can be the best card counter in the world, but probabilities will never tell us what are the table cards, so we will never know when we will win or loose. Even though, congratutolations to the new durrrr's million!
 bmobregaj01/10/2009 17:28:41 GMT
sooooo sick
 irishgilly01/10/2009 19:56:39 GMT
One million dollars. Man I would definatly have had a heart attack were it me. Totally sick!
 PietroMC01/10/2009 20:56:45 GMT
They shall deal it at least twice, I think
 shokaku01/10/2009 21:46:23 GMT
Posted by PietroMC:
They shall deal it at least twice, I think

Would not change that much. Ivey was drawing dead.
 Uncas8904/10/2009 19:12:15 GMT
impresive pot...i wish i was there

impresive pot...i wish i was there
 JTran14/10/2009 12:06:53 GMT
Ouch, what a loss.
Lucky guy who won though.
 Pjot14/10/2009 12:38:32 GMT
Yeah, OK Ivey lost a little money, but he must have gotten a shitload of FTP-points, that he can trade in for cool gear?
 shokaku14/10/2009 12:45:46 GMT
Posted by Pjot:
Yeah, OK Ivey lost a little money, but he must have gotten a shitload of FTP-points, that he can trade in for cool gear?

That hand was played in a casino, not at Full Tilt.
 Pjot14/10/2009 12:48:42 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Posted by Pjot:
Yeah, OK Ivey lost a little money, but he must have gotten a shitload of FTP-points, that he can trade in for cool gear?

That hand was played in a casino, not at Full Tilt.

Oh shit... A total bummer for him then... Sad

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