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PokerStars: Million Dollar Challenge

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Posted on 08 September 2009 by "T".

Earlier this year, Full Tilt poker, created the TV show "Face The Ace" where anyone can get the chance to play against Full Tilt pros with the chance of winning lots of money. Now, PokerStars, have announced that they will start their own TV show. "Million Dollars Challenge" is the name of PokerStars new TV show, and in this show anyone have the chance to play a heads-up versus Daniel Negreanu for 1 million dollars.

How to qualify for the Million Dollar challenge
First off, one has to come top 10 in one of the "million dollar challenge"-freerolls at PokerStars. If you are one of those 10, then you get the chance to send in a presentation video of yourself to FOX and PokerStars. Fox and PokerStars will then review the video and decide if you will get to play against a PokerStars pro. If you do well there, then you will finally get to play against Daniel Negreanu and have the chance to win some serious cash. With other words it's not that easy to qualify for the million dollar challenge. But, the good thing is that it's for free which gives "rich as poor" the chance to win a life changing amount of money.


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15 comments on "PokerStars: Million Dollar Challenge"

 dlkiv08/09/2009 12:21:23 GMT
lol u have to do a video of urself!!!! why to make sure that not only are you good enough at poker but that your looks are TV comoatable??? Considering the look of daniel Nagreanu, I am amazed that they would want this. JMO.
 Thean08/09/2009 12:25:35 GMT
Is it for the whole world or americans only?Im guessing they will restrict some countries from this offer
 dlkiv08/09/2009 12:30:06 GMT
Didnt see anything about for who it is for in the post Thean. I am sure one of teh BRM memebers who play at PS will have more info. Smile
 ih8usukouts08/09/2009 12:35:49 GMT
Freerolls, can you imagine the amount of people playing those? About the looks, most of the pros lack in that department
 schmoyster08/09/2009 13:50:50 GMT
Posted by dlkiv:
l Considering the look of daniel Nagreanu, I am amazed that they would want this.

This guy thinks like you
 PokerJosh08/09/2009 16:47:33 GMT
Nice Idea of PS again. But will be hard to avoid all the donking players in the Freeroll
 moerpho08/09/2009 16:50:52 GMT
It's for americans only it seems....check out:

It's for americans only it seems....check out:
 Joe_Average08/09/2009 17:05:06 GMT
[QUOTE]Posted by moerpho:
It's for americans only it seems....check out:

Yep, just for players in North-America Sad
 Plexo08/09/2009 20:16:13 GMT
That is sad. I had ended my video already.
 Fakiry08/09/2009 20:50:36 GMT
Finaly an equal challenge for everyone. Its now or never. You bet i am going to be on those freerolls and take my chance to win a million dollars! If it was against Phil Ivey i wouldn't, but HU against Negreanu? Easy Big Smile
And i am going to send an email them explaining i have family in USA so they dont have to worry about paying me trip and acomodation whyle im playing and winning!
 soultaker109/09/2009 09:24:39 GMT
top ten in freeroll, which probably has 10000 players yeah right....lmao
 SuperNoob10/09/2009 14:52:58 GMT
surely will be very difficult to win the freeroll at pokerstars and then also u need to have good video to get selected,lol.
gl to ppl going for it
 joulukinkku30/09/2009 20:13:12 GMT
First of all PS copies FTP in that TVshow idea.... Secondly it´s really hard to get there ! End up in < in huge freeroll event is quite hard and that video preview...phyww
 Lutenatik30/09/2009 21:52:03 GMT
agree with joulukinku

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