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HighStakes: Ilari Sahamies lost big last night

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Posted on 29 December 2009 by "T".

The past week has been very quite at the higher stakes on many poker sites. Its seems like even poker players need a break once in a while. Yesterday night, however, it was finally time for some action at Full Tilt poker as one of Finlands biggest pros Ilari Sahmies and the American high stakes king Tom Dwan were about to play for some serious cash.

Tom "durrrrr" Dwan took the command straight away and showed Sahmies why he's one of the worlds best high stakes players. Tom Dwan took down 6 of 8 of the biggest pots and was up around $1 milllion for a while. After this, we saw a new Sahamies who played much better and more focused as he managed to take back around $340k in no-time. Tom Dwan is now up around $2 million dollars this month. It must feel really great for Dwan to eliminate some of the loses he had in November when he lost more than 6 million dollars.



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19 comments on "HighStakes: Ilari Sahamies lost big last night"

 doomdy29/12/2009 12:25:59 GMT
Since when Ziggy got hair Tongue
 Davoodoo29/12/2009 12:29:32 GMT
Perkele ...
 shokaku29/12/2009 13:04:22 GMT
300k is not a big loss at 1000/500. We have seen much bigger swings in the last month. Ziigy is up a lot for this year, so he can handle such a loss without problems.
 xxxbchxxx29/12/2009 13:18:38 GMT
Big loss??
isidur1 wouldnt think so..hehe
 teteban29/12/2009 13:51:45 GMT
OMG I cringe at the amouts these guys win and lose on a daily basis...I'd like to know how these pro players manage their finances, do they invest on long term investments? Do they keep al their money at fast liquidity so that they can grab a t it if they need it to play?
 Tchungpo29/12/2009 14:23:52 GMT
Hehe Zigmund defend himself nicely, but its hard to resist to the king mister Dwan ^^

Dwan is back to show he is the best.
What about isildur? ^^
 dozn0129/12/2009 15:06:26 GMT
thats a old photo lmao
 BhStaljin29/12/2009 16:11:48 GMT
well it is poker sometimes you sometimes you lose,but in the end of all you should be in plus,and he is,so its not that for him
 Fakiry29/12/2009 17:07:31 GMT
durrrr is living big this last days. Looks like the new year already start for him. His results are being very different when you compare it with his results from the begining of 2009.
 mazas29/12/2009 17:38:56 GMT
Posted by xxxbchxxx:
Big loss??
isidur1 wouldnt think so..hehe

yes good one remark
Thumbs Up Tongue
 Wargtass29/12/2009 18:41:38 GMT
Durr wont last. Simple as that fanboys!
 leroi2130/12/2009 01:56:30 GMT
tom dwan is simply the best high stake cash game players since a long time
 ZmxPowah30/12/2009 08:19:22 GMT
Everyone yell that Dwan is gr8 etc...
Don't remember he lost 6 mln ? I remember...
I don't belive in Dwan to much... i saw him loosing so much to isildur1...
I think FTP want him to look better after donking so much and next months he will win everything he can or something like that.
Its my opinion.
 LaBaiz30/12/2009 20:41:02 GMT
congratulations to tom dwan, he is still one of my favorite players to watch playing high stakes NL holdem, has good reading abilities and makes great raises in the needed time.
 AA-Daelt-AA30/12/2009 20:48:53 GMT
im happy that durrrr has confidence back and is able to rule the highstakes again.

im sure we will see him earn back the rest of his november loss in no time.
 xxxbchxxx30/12/2009 22:37:34 GMT
Every one gets a blow every now and again.. he'll bounce back im sure.
Pro's play well with in there limits so its just a blip for him yeah?
Dawn comes up trumps again...he is good..
 SuperNoob31/12/2009 01:15:00 GMT
nice to see durrrrr win some money after his big losses against isildur, hope isildur is also able to rebuild his bankroll so that two giants can play again against each other.
 baza31/12/2009 15:05:00 GMT
Its good to see dwan back winning again, i bet he is itching to play isildur again especially while he is on a hot streak... it will be nice to see how isildur has changed his playing strategies and his game, and to see if he has learnt by his mistakes.
 philthytavi04/01/2010 12:00:57 GMT
lol this is poker for everybody, good or bad player, doesn't matter. u lose big, then u recover, and then another big lose, then again u win backsome of your money, and so on. usless

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