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BigBet Poker $25,000 RakeChase - Standings

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Posted on 04 December 2009 by "K".

BigBet Poker $25,000 RakeChaseWe just received the first standings update for our exclusive BigBet Poker $25,000 RakeChase.

The BigBet Poker $25,000 RakeChase is exclusive for BankrollMob members and it's realy simple. Just hit each of the 9 VIP Point Milestones and get RakeChase Prizes for hitting that level.

There's a massive $5000 up for grabs for the 1st person to reach the last level and if you make it through each of the 9 levels, you will get nearly $10,000 in RakeChase Prizes!!

The RakeChase runs betwen 20th November 2009 and Sunday 28th February 2010 - still plenty of time to get involved. 

If you're not in yet, sign up for the 110% up to $750 first deposit bonus now and participate in the $25,000 RakeChase!!


Nick name VIP Points Earned
calllletom 7927
dantheman7733 6633
immuul 5442
riversucks17 4502
djdavid883 4000
VKonst 3537
25081987 3424
Guapitodecara 3194
MikeTerrano 3181
CallmeAcehole 2849
Fainas87 2597
IdidBoobjob 2534
breatheNY 2368
nastyfrog 2303
lajos13 2011
TusKoblenz79 1750
hugeblob 1629
saya23killer 1540
perombo20 1466
gueguito 1451
ooklosar22oo 1376
tane75 1237
alehandreSPb 1183
xxMumblesxx 1161
SteveBxl 1160
RomiMontero 1131
APA300 1095
idalenesara 1060
PokerPro2009 1040
inmate136447 962
map1209 916
GuminiaiBatai 849
aPoStoLcho 839
ponomarevco 813
Enkefalos 790
ugapokershark 768
ick1979 752
TheBipolarBear 735
FischkucheN 690
rpSpirit 689
tetsu0 676
MarcosCarioca 649
Brasasking 648
valedge 641

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9 comments on "BigBet Poker $25,000 RakeChase - Standings"

 photolong05/12/2009 17:48:14 GMT
ye where am i in this probably at the bottom ........
 BhStaljin05/12/2009 21:02:38 GMT
me to......probably first from the bottom....but hey its not always important to win,or is it,well I think it is

peace to ya all......
 xxxbchxxx05/12/2009 21:13:50 GMT
Congratz to all the winners...
 ih8usukouts06/12/2009 14:37:21 GMT
Hey I see "nastyfrog" on the list. Good job nastyfrog and keep up the good work you are doing. Hope you can make it all the way to the top and get something out of it.
 nastyfrog06/12/2009 16:16:04 GMT
Thanks man. I havnt been playing much at all since the race started, but when I play I play 12 tables @ 25 NL.

I havnt been playing much cause I lost my intrest a little bit cause of all badbeats Ive had for the last month. Just the last session ( lasted for 30 min ) I flopped set with pocket pair. Allin both times, they had higher PP both times and did hit their miracle 2 outer. This is why I ahvnt played much lol, cause this things happens to me all sessions lately.

Tho its SUPERNICE that this race is on, its brilliant for BRM players to earn some extra money!

GL All.
 Ronsaki06/12/2009 20:59:02 GMT
Good luck to all, omg im tired at commenting at other people sucesses cant wait until i hit something Tongue
 SuperNoob09/12/2009 20:09:46 GMT
another brilliant promotion by bigbet poker.
i'm finding it hard to find time to play but anyways gl e1 participating in this rakerace
 jessthehuman10/12/2009 07:53:18 GMT
good job nastyfrog Smile keep it up mate and good luck. was actually looking for your name on the list when I opened this page, glad to see it. I've always suspected a lot of the more 'successful' BRM players aren't posters.. and this kind of illustrates the point, but I remember some of your posts re:BBP and was hoping you'd be doing alright. Take it down man ! Big Smile

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