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Brian Hastings won $4,2 million from Isildur1

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Posted on 09 December 2009 by "T".

It didn't take long before Isildur1 lost really big again. Yesterday night, the Unknown Swede was playing against Brian Hastings (member of Full Tilt Team CardRunners) in Pot Limit Omaha at the $500/$1000 stakes at Full Tilt poker. Isildur1 didn't have a chance against Brian Hasting this time and at around 6:00 O'clock in the morning, Brian Hasting called it a day, $4,200,000 richer.

Isildur1 is now once again about $1,5 million minus at Full Tilt poker and once again people are speculating in that his about to go broke. Many people that have been following Isildur1 thinks that he needs to stop playing PLO and instead should stick to NLHE if he want's to play as high as $500/$1000 against the worlds best players. Whatever game Isildur1 chooses to play - let's just hope that we haven't seen him for the last time!


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24 comments on "Brian Hastings won $4,2 million from Isildur1"

 xxxbchxxx09/12/2009 16:35:58 GMT
Ouch! thats some down swing...
This Brian Hastings must have thought all his christmas's come at once!
Geeees just imagin telling the wife "oh by the way i spun this dude for 3.2mil last night"
Oh my gosh ......Must have been his biggest pay day?
 shokaku09/12/2009 16:44:03 GMT
Actually he won over 4 million from Isildur, but before that match Isildur had won over a million from other players. So he was down "only" 3 million
 Davoodoo09/12/2009 17:17:01 GMT

As i said in a earlier post ... "dont worry, isildur will lose it all again very soon"
 shokaku09/12/2009 17:22:45 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:

As i said in a earlier post ... "dont worry, isildur will lose it all again very soon"

Yep. For some he might be the new hero, but for me this guy has a serious gambling problem.
 LaBaiz09/12/2009 19:26:42 GMT
too bad for Isildur1 again, seems like he's game is like a rollercoaster, some sessions for him are great, but some (like these) are extremly unreal.
 AA-Daelt-AA09/12/2009 19:46:46 GMT
lol this guy has really no sens on when to stop, he never admits he is in tilt and bust his bankroll every month.
Will we see another come back ? the downsing is very large this time, im not sure he will be able to recover from this one.
 Tchungpo09/12/2009 20:03:57 GMT
And here we go again -_-
Isildur = no brain? or no care of money? or both....
hard to say, anyway, its crazy
 Exiles09/12/2009 22:54:22 GMT
WOW, Brian Hastings is going to have a cracker of a christmas or what
 Ronsaki09/12/2009 23:29:27 GMT
I dont think Isildur is going broke, lets face it i dont think dumb person can play poker at high levels as this are. Isildur probably lost money he actually won before on poker. Easy come easy go
 mindhacker7610/12/2009 00:05:39 GMT
Isuldur1 played for something like 18 hours in a row with only 2 or 3 breaks.. How could he be playing his best poker after that marathon...? I think he misses a lot of discipline. In the afternoon in NLHE he crushed Jungleman12. And in the begining of the match with B Hastings he was clearly dominating the game. But after those long hours one guy can´t simply be at his best. He will go broke if he does not get disciplined.
 ZmxPowah10/12/2009 03:14:09 GMT
Omg just after i strated to belive in isildur he lost again so much ammount of cash....
That's sick and sad.
 pziko198610/12/2009 04:22:06 GMT
sensational! loving it!

I don't care if he wins or loses, it is just good entertainment
 sirthomas10/12/2009 08:53:27 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Actually he won over 4 million from Isildur, but before that match Isildur had won over a million from other players. So he was down "only" 3 million

That's correct! Smile $4.2 to be exact!
 ih8usukouts10/12/2009 09:24:15 GMT
I don't understand why he just can't stay away from the PLO tables since that seems to be where he is losing all of his money. But if that is what he enjoys to play and can afford to do it then so be it. But it does add alot of excitement to the game.
 bombo1234510/12/2009 12:45:23 GMT
hope he gets back up again. hope he stays away from PLO for a while Smile
 steorio10/12/2009 15:54:48 GMT
do,s anybody know who isildur1 is or is it still a mistery wow 4.2 mil i bet he,s sick who ever he is Smile
 niccas10/12/2009 17:29:34 GMT
Soon isildur has to register here and use no deposit bonuses Big Smile
 cr15atky11/12/2009 00:37:19 GMT
i seen him playing a $15 points freeroll on betfred Aww crap!
 Scrooge23411/12/2009 00:59:08 GMT
and you know it was him because...?
 doomdy11/12/2009 13:12:00 GMT
Omg, 3 days kiddo, GF and me are in Disney and HighStakes is gettin out off controllllllll
 ADACTA11/12/2009 13:38:38 GMT
Lol @ the flames about isildur.
this guy is a genius and its necessary to take risk and swings to
play on top against the worlds best players.

He 6tabled worlds best pros h/u!!
Try to play more than 4 tables against random player h/u
 Miloutre11/12/2009 17:44:41 GMT
totally agree ADACTA. It's not like he's playing 6 10 handed tables.. 6 tables HU is crazy stuff!
 -pocket5s-12/12/2009 09:19:53 GMT
Brian Hastings had sex with my wife for 1 million dollars. Cool
 SuperNoob13/12/2009 16:03:50 GMT
4.2 mil $ lmao
what a bad day for isildur after coming back from -1.5 mil $ to positive and then again going back to same fate. think he is too overconfident and needs urgent bankroll management advice

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