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Round 3 High Stakes Duel of Hellmuth vs. Esfandiari

Tags: Antonio Esfandiari, high stakes, Phil Hellmuth.
Posted on 21 October 2020 by "T".

For most of the year, most land-based casinos and poker rooms have been forced to close their doors and live tournaments were cancelled, even the 2020 World Series of Poker wasn't spared, due to the viral pandemic. As a ripple effect, live streams and live poker on TV also suffered.

Amid the challenges, PokerGO found a way to offer fans a new show to watch - High Stakes Duel. Two episodes have been aired already, and based from this the show has proved to be quite popular within the poker community.

The rules are quite simple:

  • Players each post $50K for a Round 1 purse of $100K.
  • Losing players may play the next round by matching the outstanding prize pool within three days of the lost match.
  • If a loser declines, new players may submit a challenge. If no challenger comes forward within 30 days, the winner may cash out.
  • If a winning streak starts during Rounds 1-3, players may cash out after three consecutive wins.
  • If a winning streak starts during Round 4 or later, players may cash out after two consecutive wins.

If the session reaches Round 8, there's going to be a $12.8 million prize pool for the winner. Of course, players have to be willing to take it to the max to get to that point.


Hellmuth vs Esfandiari

The show was first introduced at the end of July 2020, when Phil Hellmuth defeated Antonio Esfandiari for $100,000. Much to the surprise of some, Esfandiari challenged his opponent once more and Hellmuth beat him again, winning $200,000. Not disheartened, Esfandiari issued a challenge once again, hoping this third time will be the charm.

Round 3 Info:

  • Antonio Esfandiari vs Phil Hellmuth
  • Ali Nejad and Nick Schulman commentating
  • $400,000 heads-up match
  • Weigh-In: October 21, 2020 (Wed) at 7:30pm ET - Free on PokerGO, Facebook & YouTube
  • Match: October 21, 2020 (Wed) at 8pm ET - Subscribers only on PokerGO

"The Magician" and the "Poker Brat" have been frenemies at the poker table for years, and many would say their exchange of jabbering is legendary. In Round 2, it was even kicked up a notch when producers shared a private email exchange between the two, with permission of course.

Producer Mori Eskandani said, "The email exchange we aired in Round 2 was very real. I jokingly said, I wish I could put this email chain in the show and to my surprise, they both quickly agreed. Antonio told me before prior to Round 1, he is not going anywhere and will go all the way, meaning three matches if he needs to."



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25 comments on "Round 3 High Stakes Duel of Hellmuth vs. Esfandiari"

 dule-vu21/10/2020 13:30:32 GMT
its good that they make any live poker shows,because people want to watch something interesting from live poker,when they didnt had anything for months and this show will change it for sure!we can see that money is bigger in every challenge,so today we will have 400 K dollars heads up between this two players and probably they will continue in next weeks also!
 CALICUL22/10/2020 08:57:07 GMT
Televisions should offer good money for professional players to play on them and the winner take everything or almost. Now it depends on their lost time or his preferences, because episodes with these duels are too rare.
 dule-vu22/10/2020 18:16:26 GMT
this kind of shows will be more and more in next months,because will be without live poker for months,so everybody that love to watch this kind of shows or live tournaments,would love to see more of this!
I can imagine how crazy will be phil when he get few bad beats and start to look at dealer and say bad words!
 CALICUL23/10/2020 10:02:47 GMT
This thing will be good for all fans, because we can see many qualities and strategies suitable for anyone who wants to make money from poker. It's not hard to see if more countries will stay at their home because of that coronavirus lie.
 Rogerio1023/10/2020 10:21:11 GMT
Haha this will be fun again. I am somehow voting for Phill Hellmuth. Even that it's fun watch his blowups. That Esfandiari guy always seem so arogant and try to be fun to me. I hope Hellmuth wins, but from view of strategy i don't think this guys can teach you somethin special. New internet kids will eat them allive. Spade
 CALICUL23/10/2020 10:35:17 GMT
If I could talk with a television to call some professional gamblers what insults other players during tournament at poker tables, guarantee that number of fans will increase a lot, if they play theater and swear at each other. There will be success, rating or more money.
 antonis32124/10/2020 23:26:09 GMT
Hellmuth is very good HU , he can win a match I believe , even if the opponent is a very talented and successfull pro as Antonio Esfandiari is . it's nothing for him . This format of HU games is very interesting , but maybe I would prefer more big names in a kind of Natinal HU poker tournament with all poker celebrities and their money at stake .
 Rogerio1025/10/2020 08:17:07 GMT
Hellmuth just win 3rd match in a row and is now cashing out for i think total 400k win? Esfandiari said that he would play him any limit all time, what he did after losing first two. But now the rules alowed hellmuth to cash out if win 3 in row and he did just that haha. Now the other matche will start again 50k vs. 50k first round. Would be fun to watch.
 CALICUL25/10/2020 14:08:40 GMT
It's funny for us, but for them is a lot of money, even if they are professional players. Phil Hellmuth has a special talent for winning bracelets and he always proves that because he is a formidable gambler when play with any Pro.
 dule-vu25/10/2020 21:22:30 GMT
this is what I have found on some other site:
On Wednesday night, Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari each put up a $200,000 buy-in for Round 3 match in High Stakes Duel. Hellmuth was actually in for just $50,000 having won Round 1 for $100,000 and then using that to also win Round 2 for $200,000.

Playing at PokerGO Studio at ARIA, sans masks for the first time (except for the dealer), Hellmuth completed the hattrick by once again defeating Esfandiari. Prior to the match, Hellmuth did say that if he won, he would exercise his option to cash out (which a player can do after three wins). As such, the “Poker Brat” locked up a $400,000 payday and two new players will start the next duel at the $50,000 buy-in level. Who and when the new match will take place is to be determined.
 CALICUL26/10/2020 14:29:30 GMT
This format is very important as long after the end of round 8 that prize can reach at an amount of 12.8 millions dollars for winner. Many gamblers would like to participate there but it is not for everyone because organizers decided on a different method. Those with money can take advantage.
 antonis32126/10/2020 16:54:08 GMT
Congratulations to Hellmuth , he deserved the win , he was the favorite to win this duel , and he won , he had the odds on his side . He did the right thing to cash out . The thing with this format , if the player don't cash out , how many matches can he play , 8 in a row , 10 ?? How much money will the orize reach $1M , more ?? maybe if they played these HU duels in the same episode it would be interesting to me , and break only if they played many matches , let's say 4 , 5 , but one match and continue next time , I do not like it Smile
 dule-vu26/10/2020 22:20:52 GMT
somehow I think that phil will take this money and will stay out of later games!he made three wins in row,he made 400 K dollars from esfandiari and now he can let some other two players to start from 50 K!if he will play new games,bigger amount will be on table and we all know how phil can be angry when he star losing!
 Rogerio1027/10/2020 08:09:08 GMT
Not somehow Hellmuth already "cash out" his winnings. So it wil be another round now starting again from 50k. This format is very interesting, becouse poker players specialy top ones has beg egos and some could probably play allot of rematches. At least somethin is happening in poker world out of online poker since corona. The weigh in before match with Nick Schulman was the nuts too, Hellmuth again talk about all his bracelets and how great he is and so on lol. Big Smile
 CALICUL27/10/2020 15:12:30 GMT
Phil Hellmuth is often arrogant and insensitive when insulted but is a great professional poker player. Sometimes he's not right when he catches some people because he bluffs a lot in poker and he knows it. Must be more gentlemanly.
 dule-vu27/10/2020 22:35:49 GMT
well after this news that I posted few days ago,I didnt read anything about it on internet,so didnt know that he is already out from this challenge!so in one hand I was right yesterday,when I made post that probably he will be out,so I believe you Rogerio10 when you say that he did took money and that he dont want to risk this big amount!
we will see who will be two other players in this challenge!
 CALICUL28/10/2020 20:57:21 GMT
Duel from Phil Hellmuth versus Antonio Esfandiari will be won by the first from my point of view. Iranian player is not in a form that has established him. Has less chances than american. Anyway he can made an surprise of course. but we'll see.
 geseco1211/11/2020 20:19:42 GMT
the covid has canceled many good tournaments, and the poker world cup is not saved, good for the initiative to keep the spirit of poker alive, since all this ends we will return to the big live poker tables, and everything will be normal, there that having faith and God will help us so that this pandemic ends in this whole world, let's go poker ..
 CALICUL11/11/2020 23:54:53 GMT
Online poker did not grow during the Covid period and main culprit is poker rooms themselves. People do not make money and they prefer other games than Hold'em. Disappointment is great when some players are very favored by softwares but others not.
 geseco1230/11/2020 06:18:13 GMT
Hellmuth against Esfandiari are two legends of poker, they are very well known on old TV, they know each other very well, I don't know who will win but what action is going to be on of course there will be, this high level of risk makes my hair stand on end even though I don't I'm playing, it's fun to watch these great players play poker
 dule-vu30/11/2020 20:51:01 GMT
geseco12 why do you find every day old threads,where you write even when there is no post for 45 days,even promotion are finished like halloween and so on?write on threads where things are new,where members need help,where promotion are in this moment and so on!
 CALICUL30/11/2020 22:46:28 GMT
There is no need to advertise these two professional players, but i consider that Phil Hellmuth has many advantages comparative with Antonio Esfandiari. Many tournaments and WSOP bracelets won by american gambler... make him to be a favorite. Now it remains for these calculations to be overturned by the Iranian through his tricks that made him even better known.
 geseco1207/12/2020 23:44:42 GMT
Hellmuth vs. Esfandiari are two pieces of professionals, I like their game of both, they are winners, and I really like that they face each other to find out who is the best, but it shows that they will see a fight between them, they know each other very well since they play in high levels all the time, and are always crossed in live poker cash.
 antonis32108/12/2020 10:46:30 GMT
Helmuth is a legend , hopefully wewill see him in televised shows again , more like this . When he gives interviews thereis a lot of viewers , they want to listen tohim ,he is a true living legend , hehas succeded and built his legacy stone by stone , even bankroll help fro sponsors can't help too juch if you are not a winner , even though you are not a gto player . Like Negreanu , so may times HU but failed to get the first position many times , lol , his HU gam has leaks lol

I participated in a podcast for Helmuth , asked him who is his best friend in poker , does he admire them for personality or poker capabilities , he said his best friends are out of poker , but in poker he has a good frienship with Mattusow , that didn't surprise me , but I see many poker players choose best friends outside of poker circle , it makes you think of some things for sure .......
 CALICUL09/12/2020 19:58:09 GMT
I remember when iread a few years ago about Phill Hellmuth, as he is probably best poker player of all time. He has an impressive WSOP titles ( i forgot the number ), and of course many winnings at final tables. Antonio Esfandiari it is much weaker from my point of view.

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