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RummyRoyal - 100% up to $200 deposit bonus

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Posted on 11 February 2009 by "K".

RummyRoyal 100% up to $200 deposit bonusMany rummy players play poker, and vice-versas. Some poker legends such as Stu Ungar, were also professional rummy players!

RummyRoyal offers BankrollMob members a 100% up to $200 deposit bonus if you want to try out online Rummy.

For more information & signup, please click here: RummyRoyal 100% up to $200 deposit bonus.

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16 comments on "RummyRoyal - 100% up to $200 deposit bonus"

 jevo11/02/2009 16:21:10 GMT
I used to play Rummy when i was a kid, not sure how the rules go now. Is it, first to have a Full house wins?

 MeeKutz11/02/2009 16:23:05 GMT
very nice, I didn't even know there were online Rummy games Smile. This is great, I used to play Rummy as a kid all the time Smile)
 doomdy11/02/2009 16:26:24 GMT
In holland we call it RummyKub Smile
Didnt know there are online RummiKub games with real money.
Nice game on a cold winterday but not for online gambling for me Smile
 GeneYuss12/02/2009 08:40:55 GMT
hey, where is the Rummy free bankroll? Smile I never played it, is there a lot of skill in Rummy?
 Pokerissimo12/02/2009 15:09:19 GMT
this is a realy nice game. I've been playing there allready couple of months and it's a nice break from poker.
still not my top priority buy they give lots of deposit and re-deposit bonuses and its easy to win money if u have good skills
 Calmplay12/02/2009 16:06:28 GMT
Well, I often play it live with real money with friends or families but I'm not gonna stick to it online, not ready for it as I think I'll make more money in poker Thumbs Up But if one day I want to take a very long break of at least 5 months then... Cool
 intentcity412/02/2009 23:02:35 GMT
not really worth talking about is it ?? come back and see us when a "no deposit" offer comes up. Confused
 ACTIONPOKER12/02/2009 23:23:37 GMT
I have an account with them great site great game.

 intentcity413/02/2009 00:30:33 GMT
we want a bankroll we want a bankroll we want a bankroll gimmegimmegimmegimme
 Administrator13/02/2009 09:01:45 GMT
Posted by intentcity4:
we want a bankroll we want a bankroll we want a bankroll gimmegimmegimmegimme

That's it. No soup for you. NEXT!
 intentcity413/02/2009 10:21:33 GMT
lol Big Smile

i see they accept paypal which is a major plus in my book, allthough my mrs wont like it lol, does anyone know why the majority of poker sites dont accept this form of payment?? Confused i played gin a lot in my erly days, allthough there are many different forms of the game, i really enjoyed my spadester bankroll, i had quite a bit of fun with that, its just a shame we couldnt get the same out of this mob, but i might give it a whirl anyway Smile
 r1gsxr14/02/2009 16:39:45 GMT
I play rummy,is relaxing,very nice rummy room but very high fees.
 GeneYuss14/02/2009 21:29:02 GMT
intentcity4, I heard Betfair and Ladbrokes accepts paypal.

One of the first things eBay did after acquiring PayPal was to reconcile with Spitzer and the Justice Department. eBay paid a $10 million fine and promised to bar PayPal's customers from using the service for online gaming. The company later announced an even more restrictive policy, forbidding customers from using PayPal for adult-oriented products and services, as well as "non-adult services whose Web site marketing can be reasonably misconstrued as allowing adult material or services to be purchased using PayPal," a move that coincided with the Bush administration's war on Internet pornography.
 lomax14/02/2009 23:09:48 GMT
but what are the rules of this game?...i never said of it... Confused Confused Rummy Confused i'm ignorat...sorry i prefer play poker Spade Club Heart Diamond Big Smile
 Predobar15/02/2009 03:38:11 GMT
I have account there too already. GF and I played together the first day and finished second for $48. For those who play there often, fatjim was 3rd I think.

Yeah fees are not balanced for average players. One must play really good to make some money out of it.

I would really recommend it. I used to take a break from poker playing kalooki there. No tilting there for sure.
 Pokerissimo15/02/2009 08:30:11 GMT
they have everyday $10 freerolls for fun players, but you just need to put your details if you didnt do it (go to cashier and fill them in, no deposit needed).

they also have $15,000 tournemanet this month and many free seats if you win satelite tourneys.

i think its good game. not fast like poker but more chances to win money.

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