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$10,000 Guaranteed at Rummy Royal

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Posted on 08 June 2011 by "M".

Get ready for the biggest online rummy event of June. Rummy Royal is hosting the exciting $10,000 Guaranteed tournament on the 26th of June at 19:30 GMT. You can already now register for this first class rummy event.

The buy-in is only $25 and you can make 4 rebuys all the way up to level 6! You can also qualify to seat for as little as $2.50.


Multi Table Tourney Qualifiers:
Buy-in: $2.50
Prize: One $25 voucher guaranteed
Time: 14:00 GMT, 18:00 GMT & 21:00 GMT
Table name: $10K Voucher (Q)


Quick Tourney Qualifiers:
Buy-in 4 seats: $6.75
Buy-in 2 Seats: $13
Prize: One $25 voucher guaranteed
Table name: $10K Direct (Q)


Rummy Royal is also offering many other generous promotions:

$5 No Deposit Bonus. Click here to signup for $5 free.


The Lucky Dollar:

Rummy Royal is hosting the Lucky Dollar multi tourney every Sunday at 15:00. The guarantee prize pool is $500 and buy-in is only $1. The only requirement to enter the tournament is that you have played at least one game in "Real Mode" during the week of the tournament.


$4,000 Guaranteed scheduled every Sunday at 19:00 GMT.


$25 Freeroll every night at 00:00 GMT.


Welcome bonus up to $/€/£200:
Get a 100% bonus for your first deposit up to $/€/£ 200.


About Rummy:

Rummy is, like poker, a group of skillbased card games. The game is usually played with 2 to 6 players with a normal 52 card deck. The aim of the game is to get rid of your cards before your opponents and by doing so, get your points. This is done by forming two types of card combinations:

- Runs: Consecutive sequences of three or more cards of the same suit.


- Sets: Three or four cards of the same rank. If you are using two decks, a set may include two identical cards of the same rank and suit.


The most common rummy games are Gin Rummy, Kalooki 51, Kalooki 40 and Rummikub.

Every player is dealt 10 cards. The remaining cards are put on the center of the table as one pile of stock cards. The top card is turned over as the first card of the discard pile. The player next to the dealer is first to make a play. You either pick up the top card of the stock pile or the turned over card of the discard pile. Then you may place your hand in the two types of the card combinations. If no combination can be made, the player discard one card from their hand and the game continues to the next player to the left.

Once the stock pile is finished the discard pile is shuffled and it is turned into the new stock pile and the game continues.


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5 comments on "$10,000 Guaranteed at Rummy Royal"

 SuperNoob08/06/2011 14:45:42 GMT
25$ for a rummy tournament ??? not for me
i think rummy is too much of a skill game and bit boring too compared to poker.
gl to everyone who plays rummy and is gonna participate in this game.
 Fakiry08/06/2011 14:49:02 GMT
Nice qualifiers for those who havent the $25 or think they dont have enough experience at the game to spend that buy-in, like me.

Nice qualifiers for those who havent the $25 or think they dont have enough experience at the game to spend that buy-in, like me.
 LooseKiddie08/06/2011 14:54:33 GMT
I played Rummy for some time and it's indeed skill game and takes a little bit too much time. Also I didn't played with some kind of "strategy", I just read the rules and started playing... with good results. But then when I doubled up my bankroll I've played many games with too experianced opponents and you should know what happened... Tongue
 dozn0108/06/2011 16:40:10 GMT
hmmmmmmmmm rummy can i get drunk on it Big Smile
but really i dont play that game but good luck to people who do

also i think Fakiry should be called Fakiry two times cause he repeats his post two times Blink
 Arithmajik08/06/2011 18:29:51 GMT
Ugh, games feel like they take a really long time, and I get the skill part but sometimes you just get a raw deal and can't do anything before one of the other players blitzes to the win and you're all out in one go. If a tournament is really long what are the odds of that happening to you before you're in the money?

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