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Mansion Poker bonuses - 125 bonuses released tonight

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Posted on 24 February 2009 by "K".

Mansion Poker no deposit bonusPlease be advised that our final batch of no deposit bonuses for Mansion Poker (125 bonuses) will all be released tonight at 8pm GMT (21:00 CET).

After that, the offer will be closed while Mansion Poker analyze the activity and value of the BankrollMob players. If everything turns out good, the offer will hopefully be re-opened in the near future.

We suggest that you go ahead and create an account with Mansion Poker as soon as possible - follow these instructions, click here, so that you are ready at 8pm to just complete the final step of the bonus request process by simply entering your Mansion Poker username. In our experience, the 125 bonuses would be gone in maybe half an hour.

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35 comments on "Mansion Poker bonuses - 125 bonuses released tonight"

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» Mansion Poker bonuses - 125 bonuses released tonight

 Callerking24/02/2009 18:19:10 GMT
they can´t cancel a bonus they have given you
 T3ddyKGB24/02/2009 18:55:26 GMT
of course they can. its even written in the T&Cs. are you guys even reading ??
 Hanselem24/02/2009 18:57:57 GMT
coming soon
 richlynx24/02/2009 20:03:16 GMT
i got in
 SVD01824/02/2009 20:03:34 GMT
lol 120 gone after just 2min
 Administrator24/02/2009 20:05:02 GMT
Hm, that was quite fast... I would have bet on 15 minutes, but it was more like 5 minutes Shock
 Flyfreeforever24/02/2009 20:11:30 GMT

I was waiting all day, and just when it was almost 8, I hade to go to the toilet,(upset stomach) !!!!!!

My luck is very bad. Sad

Oh well maybe next time haha.
 blatent124/02/2009 20:20:13 GMT
lol my finger was on the buzzer. as the bonus was so limited dose that mean we can recieve it tonight ??????????? Dollar
 kuhaLN24/02/2009 20:42:47 GMT
cool.nice job Worship
 poravles24/02/2009 22:36:29 GMT
ok i register in mansion with mobster code and now im fucked up couse no more bonuses. other forums got same promo but i cant got it now.. so sad Sad
 T3ddyKGB24/02/2009 22:47:22 GMT
i would check back to BRM every now and then. if the lucky users who recieved the bonus show alot activity then BRM might offer more bonuses for mansion.
virgin bonus also came back again after a while!
 SVD01824/02/2009 23:06:55 GMT
well now we w8 for 2-4 working days, aldo i hope it will be sooner since its so limited bonus
 Administrator24/02/2009 23:10:34 GMT
The list was sent to mansion poker 10 minutes after we opened up for the 125 last bonuses (which were gone in like 5-6 minutes), so hopefully payment should be done by tomorrow when the mansion guys have had time to go through the list Smile

(NO PROMISES!!! But that's what I would think is going to happen)
 richlynx24/02/2009 23:15:39 GMT
sounds good the sooner the better Smile
 SVD01824/02/2009 23:19:42 GMT
stuff is hard working and up 2 date as always Smile didnt doubt that for a moment Blink
 hnrq25/02/2009 05:14:08 GMT
I got that, I hope i don't loose Tongue
 bless925/02/2009 11:32:29 GMT
damn my dumbass forgot to put bonuscode to this, and request was rejected Aww crap!
 SVD01825/02/2009 16:01:22 GMT
Got it and points sure go fast, 50+ pts after 40 min of play on 4 micro lvl tables. Just Great
 SVD01826/02/2009 19:35:47 GMT
yap every one gets points, that is if players see flop,
No Flop > No Rake >> No Points
 Muckass27/02/2009 14:45:15 GMT
i hope i will get that bonus Smile
 Cliffmf28/02/2009 01:45:19 GMT
has anyone got theres yet?
i've been waiting for 7 days. there was an error finding my username. do you enter you username or nickname?
 ITiLt4FuN01/03/2009 14:39:12 GMT
I can just say that mansion poker isn´t that good...its kind of fishy..try fulltilt Blink...but 50 Bucks for way to say no..for a free try its ok..
 T3ddyKGB01/03/2009 14:43:36 GMT
well i have to say im enjoying mansion allthough i hate the ipoker interface...
they have good bonuses and alot fishes. so im gonna stay for a while there.
 Tabby02/03/2009 15:44:26 GMT
well i guess there all out of the bonus by now..

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