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Mansion Poker $2000 Rake Race - Winners!

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Posted on 04 February 2010 by "K".

Mansion Poker Rake Race leaderboardLots of players participated in our Mansion Poker $2000 Rake Race which ended January 31st and the top 20 players with most iPoints earned during the race period has been found and paid accordingly to the top 20 prize distribution list.

BankrollMob would like to thank all of you who participated and helped making the race as great as it turned out. Obviously we would always like to improve so if you have any suggestions on how the next rake race can get even better, be sure to leave a comment below.

Here are the top 20 players and their prizes:

Position Nickname iPoints Prize
1 Ardal1977 17975.9 $375
2 Phantom25 11062.7 $300
3 Gaz1makc1md 10958.15 $250
4 themgreens 10792 $200
5 JimmiNS8260 8999.5 $150
6 11Ze11 8531.35 $100
7 insu1afl 7295.3 $90
8 Barracudych86 7064.9 $80
9 Papavari 6641.6 $70
10 dreamteam084 6300.1 $60
11 NBP22 5884.25 $55
12 doreling 4726.7 $50
13 AlantikV 4624.4 $45
14 HenriksenMicah 4607.15 $40
15 Nivan555 4438.5 $35
16 peralta84 4277.1 $30
17 TPettersson 4058.5 $25
18 dbomb32 3876.4 $20
19 newboiled 3753 $15
20 ELeMeNT364 3584.8 $10

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12 comments on "Mansion Poker $2000 Rake Race - Winners!"

 mazas04/02/2010 14:47:57 GMT
good job all hard work and now this work goes in money congrates all 20 hope u spend them onn the poker tables and dont loose very fast

good luck all and keeping playing Big Smile
 jporp04/02/2010 14:50:44 GMT
Congrats to all. You all deserved for your efforts in the poker tables Smile
 LaBaiz04/02/2010 17:02:24 GMT
Congratulations to the big players and the prize winners, I see 2 familiar names at this list, have to congratulate them personally. Blink
 Fackinas04/02/2010 17:33:11 GMT
I take first place is not easy thing. Aww crap!
 dozn0104/02/2010 18:53:38 GMT
its only pennys....................... Smile
 karstenkloss05/02/2010 13:19:31 GMT
Wow, yeah!!!! The winner paid a few hundreds of $ in rake and gets now 375$. tHIS RAKE-RACES ALWAYS HAVE ONE WINNER: the poker-room. They should give the winner a little bit more, than he invested. Like this, it's a joke. You pay 900 to get 375$? Where is the win, where the profit?
 SuperNoob05/02/2010 15:13:06 GMT
not much prize considering the amount of rake they must have generated to get these positions but it'll be a nice boost to their bankroll. well done guys
 GabeKaplan06/02/2010 08:24:35 GMT
congrats to the winners, best of 2010 for all you guys and ladies, take care
 JimmiNS06/02/2010 11:15:50 GMT
Nice! Im number 5! Yeearh 140$ in my pocket(Mansion account)
 rattacha06/02/2010 14:14:31 GMT
Grats! Rake race seems funny to me, but my roll not allows me to start on one. But will. So beware! I'm coming Big Smile
 Andriukassss07/02/2010 11:01:05 GMT
i dont like mansion poker i play good but i lose there couz stupid ppl wining with bad cards like 7 4 or 9 5... thats not normal
 ZmxPowah07/02/2010 14:57:02 GMT
Grats guys... i don't like Mansion at all Tongue anyway free cash is always nice...
But to win in that race u need to play more and more games with most points...
It's not for me :<

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