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Phil Helmuth outplaying J.C. Tran

Tags: J.C. Tran, Phil Hellmuth, Phil vs J.C. Tran.
Posted on 02 March 2009 by "T".

It may come as no surprise to anyone that Phil Hellmuth, also known as "The poker brat likes to praise himself when he wins hands, but also likes to shout at his opponents when he think they played a hand incorrect.

In Phil Hellmuth's latest blog entry one can read about an amazing call he made in the Premier League Poker last November when he played heads-up against JC Tran and made a crazy, but good call.

This is how the hand was played out:

Blinds 7500/15,000

JC has the big blind and Phil the small blind on the button.
Phil calls the big blind and JC check

FLOP: 8Club ADiamond 4Club

JC checks and Phil Bets 15,000 straight away. JC thinks for a few seconds and then decides to re-raise to 30,000 and Phil calls

TURN KSpade (Pot is now 90,000)

JC bets 35, 000 and Phil calls him in less than a second.

RIVER 2Club (Pot is now 160,000)

JC thinks for a moment and then decides to move all-in. Pot is now 292,000 and Phil needs put another 132,000 to call JC's all-in. Phil looks at JC and then at his chips. And after going through all possible hands JC can have he decide to call with 5Diamond 8Diamond, a pair of 8's and JC shows 5Club 2Heart for a bluff and only a pair of 2's.

One can only imagine the great feeling Phil must have had when he called down J.C. Tran, a world class poker player with only a pair of 8's with a weak kicker when millions of TV viewers all around the globe.

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15 comments for "Phil Helmuth outplaying J.C. Tran"

 Tabby02/03/2009 15:42:48 GMT
incredible that he could make that call if you ask me
 doomdy02/03/2009 15:48:10 GMT
Sometimes i dont get these pros Confused

Maybe thats why doomdy is not a pro Big Smile
 shokaku02/03/2009 16:19:07 GMT
Where is the problem?

Calldown HU in an unraised pot with second pair is not that uncommon. And if he calls the turn he has to call the river too, if a blank like the 2 comes.
 doomdy02/03/2009 16:24:33 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Where is the problem?

Calldown HU in an unraised pot with second pair is not that uncommon. And if he calls the turn he has to call the river too, if a blank like the 2 comes.

I mean his oponent JC Tran Blink
 Nordd102/03/2009 18:21:15 GMT
Well Phil did not win those bracelets with luck.. no wonder not everyone gets why he called that.
 lomax02/03/2009 18:39:25 GMT
Phil Helmuth is a great player but have a very very very bad humor when he lose a single hand... Confused boh...
 Calmplay02/03/2009 19:08:17 GMT
Posted by Nordd1:
Well Phil did not win those bracelets with luck...

Maybe 2 or 3 of them or even more, Phil is great player for sure but sometimes needs ladyluck Thumbs Up
 SSNIGLETT03/03/2009 08:17:51 GMT
 Davoodoo03/03/2009 08:52:01 GMT
"I can dodge bullets baby" ... would love to try that with a real bullet aimed somewhere towards his head Aww crap!
 GeneYuss03/03/2009 08:55:30 GMT
Whoa, that's crazy. Video:

 Iamaddicted05/03/2009 22:16:19 GMT
You can tell this is not an online hand. If it were online Chan would have the flush and Phil the straight. The river would have filled them both online. I dont think I would call this Phil outplaying JC, I would call it a really poorly played hand where he got lucky. Id like to see him try this online, at ULTIMATE BET perhaps. LOL he wouldnt last two hands.
 jevo06/03/2009 00:49:57 GMT
Iamaddicted, I think you're a tad too cynical to be honest, this is a heads up and not two people playing against each other out of a table of 6-10.

Insinct came into play during this hand, and those of you that play HU on a regular basis will have made better calls. Props to Hellmuth though, against Tran it can't be an easy call, even though the all in stunk of weakness...

 M3turbo06/03/2009 01:19:51 GMT
Never bluf a station Tongue take him to valuetown instead Cool
 Stigmatt06/03/2009 05:10:52 GMT
Yeeep Realy good...i love him ^_^
 acejeiz06/03/2009 05:24:01 GMT
well that's what you call good read.. Big Smile

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