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Pokerstars now has over 20 million customers

Tags: 20 million customers, largest poker room, PokerStars, Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.
Posted on 09 March 2009 by "T".

The world's largest poker room, PokerStars continues growing every day and now they have over 20 million customers from all around the world. The player with the alias "piposko was number 20,000,000 to sign up at PokerStars and therefore he received a $215 tournament ticket from the PokerStars as good will gesture.

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PokerStars history:

PokerStars was founded back in 2001 and was from the beginning a huge success, but not the largest poker room. The largest poker room at that time was PartyPoker. But when the "Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act" was introduced in 2006, PartyPoker lost all their American poker players and instead PokerStars took over as the world's largest poker site as they still accepted American residents. On December 30th 2007, PokerStars entered the Guinness World Record books for having the most players simultaneously playing online (151,758) and today PokerStars has over 20 million customers, the biggest guarantee tournaments and approximately 24,000 active cash game players around the clock, all year round.


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30 comments on "Pokerstars now has over 20 million customers"

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» Pokerstars now has over 20 million customers

 dunotra09/03/2009 19:18:50 GMT
20,000,000 that's 4,000,000 more than the population of the Netherlands. well I'm one of them so where are the outher 15,999,999 Smile
 MANUEDO09/03/2009 20:42:48 GMT
Maybe too much, over 20 million...mah.
I prefer play on smaller rooms where you can still have chances to win a tournament
 MeeKutz09/03/2009 21:51:46 GMT
this is very nice indeed. let's just hope that the biggest fish keep reloading their accounts and keep playing Big Smile
 Davoodoo09/03/2009 21:59:08 GMT
"this is very nice indeed. let's just hope that the biggest fish keep reloading their accounts and keep playing"

They stopped doing that 2 years ago ... sry mate its just too late.
 SimonPovey10/03/2009 20:43:51 GMT
haha love it. Obviously the count inactive accounts, but they dont realise... some people have multipule accounts...i often speak to people on there and some have up to 4 accounts! O'well, good on em i guess, love there software.. best site going i rekon.
 Stigmatt10/03/2009 20:50:43 GMT
LOL "piposko must be happy xD

LOL ROLF =))))))))))))))) muaxaxa
 Foolosopher11/03/2009 08:29:49 GMT
Probably the best poker software, but also many good poker players. At smaller rooms players are usually weaker ))
 laama11/03/2009 16:46:14 GMT
I wonder how many players have come through BRM?
 zsiz8812/03/2009 10:18:20 GMT
i dont like pokerstars... i think partypoker the best
 TMM_HH12/03/2009 12:46:44 GMT
is there some information available how many total members other rooms like fulltilt or the different networks have?
 GeneYuss13/03/2009 02:21:28 GMT
20 Million people is equivalent to everyone from New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles having an account on PokerStars. That is 1 in every 338 people in the world having a Pokerstars account according to The U.S. Census Bureau's World Population Estimate of 6,766,151,869. Now, I'm pretty sure many players have duplicate accounts and many are play money accounts too.

TMM_HH, I would like to know that too. I searched but couldn't find any info. Not even on Pokerscout.
 rowdylad13/03/2009 06:44:00 GMT
just google the network it will tell u how many players.pstars is many bad beats on there river for me to many donks go all in with nothing and catch a straight on the river.pkr best software.
 alwaysafish13/03/2009 15:32:16 GMT
its the same at all networks. donks everywhere. guessing most here are donks (including me perhaps)
 bless914/03/2009 14:16:26 GMT
Hmmm that much customers. They must have also much employees.
I just saw one car here in Helsinki, which had PokerStars sticky tape over it.
I wonder if they have offices located in here too?

 tobik99915/03/2009 22:39:02 GMT
Fantastic and about 99% of the players are inactive each and every day
 shokaku16/03/2009 06:00:40 GMT
Posted by tobik999:
Fantastic and about 99% of the players are inactive each and every day

Still 200.000 players. Should be enough to find a game. Thumbs Up
 Cranberry16/03/2009 08:37:13 GMT
That's a whopping number but I have to agree with the inactive thing...
 ChoonT16/03/2009 09:14:39 GMT
most of them are playing with playmoney... at ebay tehre is active trading of clever pokerplayers collecting easyplaymoney and give it overpriced to new pokerstars-players....
ok i did this too... i bought 1million playmoney in my poker-beginning to check out bigstack strategy Blink but if they play crap at realmoney how should they play at playmoney
Big Smile Evil
i sat down at a pm-table with 2 other workcolleagues after nightshift and playing bigstack as hell but it was funny Blink
 Moehaunter16/03/2009 16:37:52 GMT
gogogo Pokerstars!
 insane311117/03/2009 14:37:26 GMT
i think poker gets more and more around the world...

20million...thats soo much!
 Flangel06/04/2009 12:41:37 GMT
Thats because yet another smaller room was forced to to let POkerstars over control and all the players of the room were transferred to Pokerstars. I think It was bugsy Club
 massit-tanne06/04/2009 13:27:44 GMT
yes yes thats right... 20 million is lot players. Pokerstars is the best because so many players, uou can allways find the games you want to play... !
 MegaBoX223/05/2009 00:54:05 GMT
Pfff why give him a 215 $ ticket because he is number 20 millions

As I know, 19 999 999 of us only received the first deposit bonus.
 SpeedMix23/05/2009 01:35:55 GMT
not me Tongue
 xxxbchxxx23/05/2009 03:18:32 GMT
wow thats some serious playing players to play but are these all active players?
could they all log in at once? are some of these doulbe account ie same player with 2 accounts?
some might have died?
that figure cant really be checked can it? Evil

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