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VISA blocks online gambling transactions

Tags: america, blocks, gambling, mastercard, uigea, Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, us, visa.
Posted on 03 March 2010 by "T".

It wasn't long ago since MasterCard announced that they are going to block Americans from making transactions to online gambling sites. Now, MasterCards biggest opponent VISA follows and block their American customers as well. That both the credit card giants VISA and MasterCard have decided to block Americans from making transactions to gambling sites is a clear sign that UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) will soon come into effect (1 June 2010).

We will have to wait and see how effective the UIGEA law will be since there are a lot of problems which the american authorities need to solve before the law will be effective - in other words, stop americans from finding other ways of transferring money.


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» VISA blocks online gambling transactions

 SuperNoob03/03/2010 15:08:23 GMT
it was coming after mastercard decided to block americans, surely their opponent won't want pressure from the government agencies. but its bad news for us players as time goes by their options are decreasing and it doesn't look good for future too
 arsenej103/03/2010 16:08:11 GMT
hopfully this isnt canada as well some my master cards wont work for poker n they better not start fu**** with my visa lol
 jporp03/03/2010 16:25:30 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
The death bell is ringing.

If the US of A is sucessfull in stopping their people to play online, other countrys will follow this direction soon.

Hope Portugal doesn´t follow the same rules
 Davoodoo03/03/2010 16:42:41 GMT
looks serious Sad
 psycokiller03/03/2010 18:17:41 GMT
Canadian Visa and Mastercard are usually governed by US regulations so it very probable that most of us are blocked with that payment option as well. Effin American bullheaded tactics.
 lucas14703/03/2010 18:27:11 GMT
Fortunately or not I do not live in USA and I do not have a visa so I am comfortable with neteller
 dorinba03/03/2010 19:11:11 GMT
Hmm, it may be will scare only new poker players from USA the players that have money only plaing poker online will find a way to make and withdrow money from poker rooms in theier pokets. At least a know 1 way for me, but it takes more fess and I doubt that my country will block play poker soon.
 pmgignac03/03/2010 19:47:55 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
The death bell is ringing.

If the US of A is sucessfull in stopping their people to play online, other countrys will follow this direction soon.

realy hope not cuz canada is f*****g close to the states
if it happens guess or contry is gonna be in the first ones to follow
it realy sucks
why the hell cant we do what we want with are hard earn money Shock
 goliathfirst03/03/2010 19:52:55 GMT
trying to cover their butt in case of litigation i imagine
 shaded03/03/2010 20:56:58 GMT
Thats why you got moneybookers or other sites similiar to it Big Smile dun know the names but u can find em easy...
 NanoGrinder03/03/2010 21:48:01 GMT
Many poker players hoped that Obama administration would be better for poker freedom but at least so far nothing much has happened in that respect. Politicians everywhere should understand that online poker is a good hobby for many people and a profession for some and we need reliable legal poker sites with large player pools. As in any line of business, competition is important, too.
 DAGOR03/03/2010 22:16:35 GMT
Hello everybody!
It is still disturbing everything. Many government will probably imitate the American model as with many things. I fear that in France the law becomes too onerous, and we can only play between French.
See you soon for new posts! lol
 Puuuru03/03/2010 22:39:57 GMT
Get on the failboat again..
Everything is getting worse not better.. -.- Sad

 GIOMi603/03/2010 22:51:18 GMT
Will this act also be implented to other countries? If it is so, then it shall be bad for pokersites around the world.
 darthtony03/03/2010 23:54:46 GMT
What's the problem ? a moneybookers account and that's it ! they put money on moneybookers and then they will put them on the poker rooms !

i think that it's allways an escape !
 cuonthefelt04/03/2010 00:18:46 GMT
Glad to be Canadian! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

A lot of people are probably not going to agree what with I say, but it is actually a good thing that they are putting the ban on the visa / mc. Its not allowing people to spend money that they DON'T have. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are losing their houses, possesions to online gambling. I am not totally sure that this is the reason why they are doing this, but it is a very good possibility
 Spookye04/03/2010 10:46:37 GMT
Tongue visa electron will work , anyway you can make a moneybookers acount Tongue your transfer will take a minute longer Tongue
 Flippedchips04/03/2010 11:07:31 GMT
HAHA the free world of a america u cant do shit! Big Smile
 LaBaiz04/03/2010 12:41:56 GMT
eh, seems like it is good to be not american after all, Blink But I think that players will find other ways to transfer their money to gambling sites. And moneybookers seems to be the best way now.
 xxxbchxxx04/03/2010 17:06:14 GMT
What why would they do thiss? surely thats gonna take a chunk out of there operating income!
They'll have less throu-put and revenue.
Qhy would they just jump on the band waggon? Americans are getting screwed to the wall over internet gambleing for sure.
Im just glad i live in the UK hahaha its a nanny state but they dont mess with the poker and sex....oh yeah bad boy';./'][;./
 Alelkz1604/03/2010 23:08:27 GMT
(i think this all are good options to move the bankrol from one site to another)
 catavl06/03/2010 17:05:39 GMT
Biggest hit to online poker sites and online casinos. Its a great opportunity for sites like paypall and moneybookers to make some extra cash. Visa and mastercard won't lose nothing because the anline paying sistems like PP and MB cash in thru them
 preedator7606/03/2010 17:32:27 GMT
i don't use visa and i tthink that in spn they won't block visa transactions. here there are slots machines i every bars so they like to much gmbling...
i use ukash and as i'm a big donkey i never cashed out so till now ucash is good for me...


Spade Club Heart Diamond
 IslandJack07/03/2010 10:28:41 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
The death bell is ringing.

If the US of A is sucessfull in stopping their people to play online, other countrys will follow this direction soon.

Very true.
Also typical of usa. Anyone can go and gamble, lose it all, in Las Vagas, reno etc.
And yet they make a big show of stopping online gambling.
Truèe, it reaches more people, but still...THE gambling country of the world if there is one....
Political Bullshit, as usual... looks good to the voters.
 Airas10/03/2010 10:45:43 GMT
I hope this doesn't affect people in the way of bringing small pokersites down to the ground.

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