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USA: A step in the right direction

Tags: uigea, unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, usa.
Posted on 30 July 2010 by "T".

It is a very long way to go before gambling companies can offer games in the U.S., however, it feels like things are moving in the right direction at the moment as the majority of the congressional finance committee have approved a proposal to allow online gambling in the states.

Now, as you probably already have figured out, they must work out a master plan with guidelines so that the country can gain some extra income from allowing foreign betting companies to operate on the US market. There are about 50 million Americans who play poker regularly (online, at casino, home games etc), so you can imagine how much money there is to make.

UIGEA - U.S. poker players worst nightmare
The UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) was introduced in USA almost 4 years ago. The UIGEA has stopped financial transaction (VISA, Neteller etc) between America and foreign betting companies. Now, it seems like the UIEGA era, U.S. poker players never-ending nightmare, is slowly, slowly coming to an end.


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9 comments on "USA: A step in the right direction"

 Funope30/07/2010 18:02:21 GMT
All the cost they made for anti gambling should use for an anti weapon campaign.
 dozn0130/07/2010 18:37:24 GMT
if people want to gamble away there money let em do it...
 tongerlo30/07/2010 22:04:35 GMT
well then I just don't hope it will last too long until they find out here in Denmark that it's not a good idea to obstruct us using our money on poker.
They are trying from january 1st to limit our poker providers to a few sites and I doubt Stars and Fulltilt find it worth their while to go through the trouble to keep their danish players.
After all we are a small country
But I hope
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 jessthehuman31/07/2010 01:21:33 GMT
Seems like dark storm clouds over online poker. Even that U.S thing doesn't exactly sound like good news. It sounds a lot more like what Italy and France have so far put in place. May just be that Stars/FTP will need to create U.S.A only sites with extra rake too.. I dunno - whatever they do, it sounds as though no one is planning on going back to "the good old days".
 psycokiller31/07/2010 12:47:56 GMT
The US has always been a country of contradictions. It'll be at least another 2-3yrs before anything significant is done about UIGEA, and that's only if there isn't serious lobbying to keep it as it is.
 iliaens01/08/2010 06:18:23 GMT
in Belgium they want to nationalize online poker! that is just insane!
 twicEight01/08/2010 06:36:29 GMT
Free counry becomes more free! Good news
 MaximePoker01/08/2010 20:23:35 GMT
Serial you guys, obama's the shizzle , he's fixing you up good !!!

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