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HighStakes poker: The creators of The Simpsons joins the show

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Posted on 15 April 2009 by "T".

In episode 7 of High Stakes Poker, season 5, four new players joined the poker table together with pros like Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Laak, Daniel Negreanu, Patrik Antonius etc. The 4 new players were Sam Simon & Nick Cassavetes, the creators of the simpsons. The other 2 players were poker pros Howard Lederer and Joe Hachem, these two played the most interesting hand of the night.

Last Sunday GSN showed the 7th episode of High Stakes Poker. Its normal in High Stakes Poker that new poker pros joins the table in every new episode. But maybe not that amateurs like the creators of The Simpsons joins the show?

Thanks to these 2 this episode of High Stakes poker came to be a bit different and more fun with lots of talking about movies, and also more crazy side bets than ever seen before. Example of a side bets were the following.

1. How many words the quite Finnish poker pro Patrik Antonius would say during the show. Over or under 78 words?

2. Another side bet gave Antonio Esfandiari a roll in Nick Cassavetes upcoming movie.

Hand of the night
The best and most interesting hand that was played this time was between the "new comers" Howard Lederer and Joe Hachem.

Howard Lederer has TSpadeTDiamond and raise to $3,000, Joe Hachem calls with JHeartJClub.

Flop: KSpade7Spade6Spade

Lederer is first out to act and he bets $4,500 which Hachem calls.

Turn: Spade

Lederer checks with his flush and Hachem bets $8,500. Lederer thinks for a while and then decides to raise to $18,500. The most people now thought that Hachem would lay down his hand, but they were so wrong. Hachem didn't think that Lederer had a really stong flush with his weak raise, and therefore he re-raise him to $38,500. Lederer thinks for a while before he folds the best hand. Hachem received well deserved $74,800 for this great bluff.

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14 comments on "HighStakes poker: The creators of The Simpsons joins the show"

 teteban15/04/2009 22:20:46 GMT
I think it's a long shot calling the two producers of the show as its "creators"...what would you call Mr Groening then?
 GeneYuss16/04/2009 03:42:19 GMT
Should be a good show, I haven't seen it yet. It's on youtube, just search for gsn.

Looks like Howard played that pretty bad.
 MANUEDO16/04/2009 08:43:32 GMT
Very funny.
I think I show it to my children.....
They're crazy for simpson
 shokaku16/04/2009 08:51:23 GMT
Posted by GeneYuss:
Should be a good show, I haven't seen it yet.

No. Compared with the first shows this is boring. Nits and Supernits at the table.

Posted by GeneYuss:
Looks like Howard played that pretty bad.

Got a lot of flak for his play. Soulread by Hachem. Thumbs Up
 Dellbo9916/04/2009 10:46:24 GMT
More often than not one or two wealthy businessmen will join the table. The poker players like it that way - there isn't much of an edge to be had at a table full of pros.

With the addition of a donk or two it at least makes the table +ev for the pros.
 umarplus16/04/2009 13:25:13 GMT
haha i am looking forward to this as huge simpsons and poker fan in one person Smile

i dont mind is the first seasons have been much better; it is still great entertainment. just by the way: the early simpsons episodes are much better then the newer ones in my book also; still i enjoy that show a lot Sleepy
 Jodoli16/04/2009 13:53:20 GMT
I love the simpsons! And I love High Stakes Poker! It is the best poker program in the tv! Ill never forget the hand between daniel negreanu and gus hansen!!! 55 against 66! The hand hands with an all in after flop.. and a call of negreanu! Hanse had 6666 and negreanu 55566
 Davoodoo16/04/2009 14:43:55 GMT
Homer Simpson: [Playing poker, choking on poker game chips] Don't try to eat these so called "chips".
 shokaku16/04/2009 14:49:57 GMT
Posted by Jodoli:
Ill never forget the hand between daniel negreanu and gus hansen!!! 55 against 66! The hand hands with an all in after flop.. and a call of negreanu! Hanse had 6666 and negreanu 55566

Mhhh. Looks like you have allready forgotten half of that hand. Blink

Hansen had 55, Negreanu 66. Both flop a set, but Hansen hits his quads on the turn. He goes all in after the river card. Negreanu thinks it over for a while and makes the call.
 Fakiry16/04/2009 16:06:23 GMT
Hachem was more aggressive and he was rewarded for that. Congratulations to him. Lederer should take a lesson from this hand. By the way he plays, he did the right thing: with four cards to flush K high in the table and with 2nd T to flush in the hand, there were three outs that could be above him, and Hachem, call the pre flop, could perfectly have one of those. The most important lesson that Lederer should take is that aggressivness in some cases is the key to the pot!
 ArpSoft17/04/2009 16:31:54 GMT
The Simpson's are the great show ever. I just love to watch them, and, the Homer is one of the best!
 DrTre121327/04/2009 00:49:08 GMT
Yeah, that's true teteban! These guys aren't really the "creators" of The the opening credits, it clearly says "created by Matt Groening"! Maybe these guys helped Groening a bit, or worked on the show in its early years, but are definitely not the creators. C'mon, "T", get those facts straight Tongue
 shokaku27/04/2009 05:56:46 GMT
Yesterdays news. In the new episode Simon is replaced by durrr => much more action

Two nice hands develop. Laak vs Antonius and Lederer vs Dwan
 thpe94ad27/04/2009 10:15:42 GMT
And all the business men are sitting at the tables looking for the little fishes... he he

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