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Lisa Simpson Plays High-Stakes Poker

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Posted on 13 November 2012 by "T".

On Sunday, the long-awaited poker episiode of The Simpsons was finally broadcasted: "Gone, Abie, Gone." The main theme focused on Abe (Homer's dad) and a mistress he met while performing music at various bars during his 30s. Meanwhile Homer is burned while ordering onion rings at Krusty Burger. He sues the restaurant, gets $5,000, then deposits the money into an online site because Moe tells him that it's safer than a normal bank account.

Homer tells Lisa that the money in the poker account is for her College Fund. As you can imagine, she's disgusted how her dad has invested her future and she becomes even more angry when she finds Bart playing on the account. She tries to win back the $60 or so her brother lost, and it doesn't take long before she becomes hooked.

Jennifer Tilly makes an appearance when Lisa watches an instructional DVD. She reads a few books and runs the $5k to $360k. However, she eventually loses an $800,000 pot to Sideshow Bob with full house vs four of a kind. In the end of the episode, it's revealed that Bart played under the Sideshow Bob alias, and the poker site removes all winnings when they discover that both were under the age of 18. Lisa is happy though as the poker site returns the original $5,000.


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4 comments on "Lisa Simpson Plays High-Stakes Poker"

 lukasb13/11/2012 09:00:15 GMT
Well... now u already told the all episode so i don't have to watch it anymore...
 Fakiry13/11/2012 11:56:40 GMT
Ahah! Great storyline, the story of so many starting players, and the way they win a lot and lose it all in the next moment is so “animation” like! But it is very well applied to this case, because it really happens a lot to be the best on one day and the beast in the day after. And the fact of the players being under 18 is a big critic to the security system of many poker sites. Of course no one is questioning how did Sideshow Bob (Bart Simpson) had enough money on his account to play an $800,000 pot against Lisa if the father’s $5,000 were all in the same account, but that’s what fiction is about. I guess I must watch the full episode before talking about it, but I think im gonna love it, The Simpsons are great.
 JUGADOR201113/11/2012 15:09:21 GMT
than good, I want to see that episode haha. The Homer is so incredulous that does anything to tell. laugh a lot when you have the opportunity to see the program
 pochui13/11/2012 18:29:21 GMT
loool this episode sums up all the good and bad things await you on you poker journey- first you accidentally find the software, get hooked up, then somehow win even though you don't even know the rules properly (beginners luck imo), then you can't live without poker- you go on playing even higher stakes, have huge amount of cash in your account and.....howard lederer steals Smile

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