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EPT San Remo (LIVE STREAM): Dragan Galic writes history in EPT San Remo

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Posted on 23 April 2009 by "T".

The Croatian poker pro, Dragan Galic has been dominating since the very beginning when the tournament started last Saturday. Now he writes history as well as he's the first player ever in EPT to hold the chip lead every single day of the tournament.

Dragan Galic, the 36-year-old poker pro from Croatia has been crushing everything and everyone that has been standing in his way from the very beginning of EPT San Remo. He's been making some great and crazy plays, but it sure has paid off and now the question is if anything can stop him from taking down the tournament and the €1.5 million first prize?

The tournament will resume today at 12:00 CET/08:00 ET and you can watch it live here and discuss the hands.


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10 comments on "EPT San Remo (LIVE STREAM): Dragan Galic writes history in EPT San Remo"

 MANUEDO23/04/2009 16:46:14 GMT
The answer is: YES
Now is out, 4 players left, most dangerous and favourite one is Rijkenberg ( he has more than 5 billion chips ).
Williams as outsider.
 dmelchart23/04/2009 18:23:29 GMT
I missed how he lost cause I was in class, does anyone know the hand for when he got knocked out?
 Armanini23/04/2009 18:48:27 GMT
Really shame he get out..

all because of fkng lucky donkey that dutch player who pushes all in with all shity hands and get lucky almost every time..

the final hand was 99 where Dragan pushes all in, little frustrated of stupid play of rijekenberg when he still had enough chips - about 2 mil.. rijekenberg had few hunderd more and called him with AQ an flopped straight..
 Fakiry23/04/2009 19:21:00 GMT
i haven´t seen the hand where he got out, but it should have been quite a hand. When a player haves the luck (something wich not even everybody believes it exists on poker) by is side, nothing moves him from going all in. Perhaps that is what happened. BRM, if you have the video, put it here so we can watch it!
 Merkkari23/04/2009 21:28:06 GMT
Rijkenberg was on a hot streak on the final table. First he 4-bet all in with QJ against AK and flopped the nuts. Then the coinflip against Galic and nuts again. At least the finnisg guy came second Smile
 GeneYuss24/04/2009 03:41:58 GMT
That sucks he lost..I though the was going to win it.
 DrTre121326/04/2009 03:11:40 GMT
Ah jeez...too bad he got knocked out Sad That could have made big history if he was chip leader each day AND won 1st place!
 michasm8828/04/2009 10:34:10 GMT
i liked his play :/ but bad luck is bad luck :/
 amazing_kai29/04/2009 16:02:45 GMT
he's an excellent player, i really like his postflop skills, a shame he lost with a coinflip!
 miroror29/04/2009 16:51:02 GMT
Croatia rulz!


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