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EPT Barcelona €25K Event Won By Juan Pardo; Football Star Gerard Piqué Finished Second

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Posted on 28 August 2019 by "T".

Juan Pardo outlasted a player field of 70 at the EPT Barcelona to win a total of €491,600 ($546,708), considered to be his biggest live cash ever at the EPT Barcelona circuit.

In the midst of the fray, there were two notable local soccer pros who managed to take home some sweet cash as well - Gerard Piqué and Arturo Vidal.

European Poker Tour (EPT) Barcelona

  • Date: August 26, 2019
  • Event #24: €25,000 NLHE Single-Day High Roller
  • Entries: 70 (44 + 26 re-entries)
  • Total Prize Pool: €1,680,700 ($1,869,106)

The appeal of the record-breaking EPT Barcelona has always attracted a lot of famous personalities such as soccer player Neymar Jr and golfer Sergio Garcia. This week, it was Arturo Vidal and Gerard Piqué who attended this event.

Joining the €25,000/$27,600 Single-Day High Roller, the two regulars for FC Barcelona Vidal and Piqué were evidently using this particular EPT event as a way for them to relax and unwind from their lucrative soccer careers.

Gerard Piqué and Arturo Vidal just finished playing for FC Barcelona on August 25 in a match against Real Betis. The game concluded with a 5:2 score. The very next day, they went on to play at the EPT Barcelona high roller tourney that cost €25,000 to enter.

Most of the time, all the attention was focused on the two famous soccer players Gerard Piqué and Arturo Vidal of FC Barcelona (pictured below). During some point in the game, these teammates became short-term rivals at the poker table.

It was the very first time for Arturo Vidal to join a poker tournament, yet he showed great skills for a newbie at the table. He even managed to reach the final table and settle for 5th place, taking home €134,460 ($149,532).

As for Gerard Piqué, this was his 5th cash in his poker career by far, as he won €352,950 ($392,515) for finishing as runner-up. He was unable to defeat Juan Pardo in the final heads-up match.

The final hand saw Juan Pardo's deuces winning against Piqué's ace-nine suited.

Pardo said after he won, "I was like a little kid with Piqué and Vidal at the tables. I am obviously really happy, everything went my way."

The European Poker Tour (EPT) is a series of poker tourneys that are quite like in the World Poker Tour (WPT). EPT was created by John Duthie, the winner of the inaugural Poker Million tournament. EPT started in 2004 as part of the global explosion in Texas Hold'em popularity. The EPT has been sponsored, wholly-owned and controlled by PokerStars since 2011.

EPT Barcelona €25,000 NLHE (Event #24) High Roller - Results




Prize (in EUR)

Prize (in USD)


Juan Pardo





Gerard Piqué





Michael Addamo





Hirokazu Kobayashi





Arturo Vidal





Kazuhiko Yotsushika





Ramin Hajiyev





Joao Vieira





Mike Watson






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7 comments on "EPT Barcelona €25K Event Won By Juan Pardo; Football Star Gerard Piqué Finished Second"

 dule-vu28/08/2019 09:53:30 GMT
its interesting to see football players on poker tables!ofcourse for players like pique and vidal its nothing to pay buy in of 25000 e and when I see them on list of winners,just can say that probably know how to play live poker!almost 400 K for second place for pique and congratulations to both and to winners of this tournament!
 CALICUL28/08/2019 10:13:21 GMT
What amazes me, is the fact that these two players from the football club Fc Barcelona, they occupied good places and made good money with professional poker players. Buy-in of 25k euro is not a problem for Gerard Pique or Arturo Vidal because they earn this money in a few days at the club. Their poker game impresses me and they are better at poker.
 crankmuppet28/08/2019 11:23:53 GMT
Boys got game! In multiple disciplines.
 pajalnick28/08/2019 18:15:13 GMT
This is not the first time I've heard that football players win any kind of money .... moreover, good money in poker tournaments .... I don’t know what it is connected with .... maybe the mentality of football players is somewhat similar to the mentality poker players .... I can’t find another explanation ... on the other hand, there is an option that they have a lot of money and a lot of entries in the tournament
 Mober29/08/2019 13:04:06 GMT
Another tournament that you can not see a single player from the usa
in the winners list.
It seems they are losing their touch Smile
No matter what has happened the late years in the poker world, with all the restrictions, bans, etc. i believe that the game is still gaining grounds.
A good thing to see.
 dule-vu30/08/2019 11:19:01 GMT
didnt expect that football players can have so much time to play poker,when season already started and they have many things to do in club,from training to other stuffs!even its was not big event,only 44 players,still you dont know how much time you will spend!but probably in barcelona everything work just fine!
 CALICUL31/08/2019 12:09:46 GMT
The season is just beginning and Barcelona lost in the first stage. I sit and i wonder if these two players, played well on the field then. However, they took poker lessons from someone because is not too easy to occupy those very good positions, when you are not a professional player.

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