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Poker legend will never play poker again

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Posted on 03 April 2009 by "T".

Scotty Nguyen is a living poker legend and he has earned over 4.6 million dollars from different WSOP events during his career. But now he says that he will never play poker again, if he doesn't make more than 4 million in WSOP 2009.

In an interview with a big poker magazine Scotty Nguyen says,


-"In World Series Of poker 2009 I have to win over 4 million dollars, else I will stop with my job as a poker player. I will never play poker again!"

In the interview Scotty makes it clear that he's no longer has to play poker for the money or the fame and glory.

-"I don't have to take part in a game just so people should recognize me. I don't need to do that any more. Before I used to, but not any longer".

-"Even if I don't play in a poker tournament people know's that I'm Scotty Nguyen, baby".

Scotty Nguyen ends the interview saying that if he doesn't win over 4 million in WSOP 2009, then the poker magazine should never speak to him again.



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31 comments on "Poker legend will never play poker again"

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» Poker legend will never play poker again

 B1gfoot03/04/2009 17:58:59 GMT
I care Smile , love his presents at the table.
But these news may as well be calld olds, this interview was yonks ago, he was collerd on a passing chance and did a quick inerview whilst passing also was pissed and laughing whilst he said it.
 DUDEHIGHLAND03/04/2009 18:26:56 GMT
i don't believe it....april fools joke ???
 Nefyx03/04/2009 19:24:29 GMT
He said that a month ago, so it isn't april fools joke. However, Scotty is one of the best bluffers out there, maybe is bluffing again Tongue
 KozaKBR03/04/2009 21:28:10 GMT
Posted by Nefyx:
He said that a month ago, so it isn't april fools joke. However, Scotty is one of the best bluffers out there, maybe is bluffing again Tongue

he is bluffing... LOL

a poker player have no reason to stop playing.... even when they get lots os milllions... just look at alll the professionals who are still out there....

Poker is poker. thats all.
 Webs36704/04/2009 00:20:41 GMT
Posted by JunkyMonkey:
He needs to finish at least in 3rd place, am I right?
Let's see how far he comes and whether we hear anything of him again.

He's not speaking about the main event only, but the whole WSOP, more than 50 events Blink
 Flangel04/04/2009 00:49:37 GMT
Only when he is drunk, he isnt a nice player.
 lomax04/04/2009 06:54:02 GMT
great history doomy. i think that he had win a lot of money and now its time to enjoy the deserved rest Blink he was a good player
 Dellbo9904/04/2009 07:06:24 GMT
Scotty won't retire - what else is he gonna do and he loves the attention too much.

He's probably just had a bad couple of months and over reacted to it or the drinks been getting the better of him.

As long as he doesn't act like he did at last years Horse WSOP event I'd be sad to see him go - but he won't.

He may just take a 6 month break - that way he can get a load of attention when he says "goodbye" and then a load more when he makes a comeback.
 alcapone6704/04/2009 11:22:25 GMT
He won't retire, it's just for his "brand image"!!!!!
He loves poker and needs to play.
See you soon Scotty
 pua1904/04/2009 13:32:04 GMT
thats rubbish , of course he wont retire . hes just givin himself some motivation.
 umarplus04/04/2009 13:39:28 GMT
maybe he plans to become a media-whore and earn like 4 million a year with it? i would buy any lemonade scotty nguyen commends me, baby! Agree
 GeneYuss04/04/2009 15:08:48 GMT
I remember that poker after dark episode. Sad story..Reminds me of the show "I shouldn't Be A live";
 w00zy05/04/2009 03:59:36 GMT
He has to win 2 tounaments or make the final 3 on the main event if he wants to win more than 4 milions. I bet he will be drunk and wont make it.
 AndyHGS05/04/2009 10:01:53 GMT
Bye Scotty
 shokaku05/04/2009 10:06:02 GMT
Posted by w00zy:
He has to win 2 tounaments or make the final 3 on the main event if he wants to win more than 4 milions. I bet he will be drunk and wont make it.

I guess a win of the $50.000 HORSE or the $40.000 aniversery tourney should be good enough to make those 4 million bucks.
 CBET05/04/2009 14:05:36 GMT
Hm, everyone has his own reasons to leave this game. But I think that poker is like a drug, you can say that you will never play, but you'll return soon. That's my own practice, yea I'm just a tiny fish according to Nguyen, but everyone has psicology alike, it may be different in some parts, but most of peaple will make the things as you made in the same situations, so I think that the end is far for him, but he may take some time, to feel his life without poker. Who knows, maybe he likes it )))
 massit-tanne06/04/2009 22:04:44 GMT
Scotty Nguyen has a big mouth...
I'm pretty sure we will see him in tables even if he doesn't win that 4 millions...
 MikkyMo7307/04/2009 10:14:53 GMT
A bit contradictory from Scotty. He says he doesn't play for the fame or money anymore... but then says if he doesn't win $4m then he will never play again. Well isn't that playing for the money?

And why has he set his target at $4m, why will he stop playing if he doesn't win this amount? It all seems strange to me.
 Tekkes08/04/2009 13:54:42 GMT
no baby,
scotty won't stop playing poker baby!
he just loves the game baby! and even if he doesn't win the 4 mill, he'll definately show up in other tourneys, Baby!
 ArpSoft17/04/2009 16:40:29 GMT
It's very bad Sad
 Jodoli17/04/2009 18:06:05 GMT
He is a very good player, but he is not one of the top 10 for me! I think he talks to much, the poker is changed and now there are better players than him! Poker is growing and new stars are rising! lol
 thpe94ad17/04/2009 19:56:57 GMT
Nowadays 4mill. is just a single tournament Blink
 shokaku25/04/2009 21:27:23 GMT
He is on a good way. Reached the final table of the WPT world championship. So he will make at least $285.000. First price is over 2 million bucks.
 palfco25/04/2009 23:22:21 GMT
is this the same scotty that said i will always play poker till i die so i can help the people in vietnam?
 xxxbchxxx26/04/2009 03:19:16 GMT
Scotty is one of the classic poker caeictors i hope he never gives up he's so entertainig.
Yeah Baby..

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