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Full Tilt Poker Signs Don Cheadle

Tags: Ante up for Africa, Charity, Don Cheadle, Full Tilt Poker, Team FullTilt.
Posted on 12 May 2009 by "M".

Don Cheadle is one of the guys behind the charity poker tournament "Ante Up for Africa" that managed to collect more than $2 Million for Sudan so far. This event that will take place during the 2009 WSOP is attracting a lot of stars every year. And it is not only poker stars that are interested in this tournament because you will also find movie stars like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in this tournament.

Other than this charity poker tournament Cheadle have also been participating in a lot of other charity poker tournaments and for the third year in a row he participated in the NBC National Heads-up Championship. This year he managed to beat David "The Dragon" Pham in the first round but busted out in the second round against Paul Wasicka. In his first ever season of the NBC Championship he managed to bust out Phil Ivey in the first round but in the second round he busted out that time as well.

As one of the members of Team FullTilt we can be sure that we will see more of this very charitable poker player at the tables.

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15 comments on "Full Tilt Poker Signs Don Cheadle"

 MANUEDO12/05/2009 14:27:13 GMT
I don't know him but I very appreciate his work for african people.
Hope he win a lot for helping him to realize his project.
 Fakiry12/05/2009 15:14:55 GMT
It is very nice to see the ones who really have a way to help the most needed doing it! Everybody likes to win big when we talk of playing, but whats the problem if the biggest pot goes to help human kind? Thats a cause! That can be a reason to put people playing, if someone needs motivation to help the ones who really need!
 Guiron13/05/2009 14:10:09 GMT
The only player I wouldn't mind losing from! Aslong as I keep making profit Smile
 marcinekb113/05/2009 14:10:52 GMT
i dont know him too but he looks like good man. I think he realy want to help
 GeneYuss13/05/2009 14:13:38 GMT
I mostly remember him from the Ocean's Eleven movies. I seen him outplay a lot of pros so he can play poker too!
 xxxbchxxx14/05/2009 05:27:43 GMT
so he's good / fresh second round kills this guy../
 Qkoshiba8114/05/2009 08:34:33 GMT
I don't know him, he is here to collect your money Blink
 r1z0r314/05/2009 14:46:17 GMT
awesome Smile i hope he's as good at poker as he is at acting Big Smile
 Cafl14/05/2009 15:57:20 GMT
Posted by GeneYuss:
I mostly remember him from the Ocean's Eleven movies. I seen him outplay a lot of pros so he can play poker too!

Yep he is great in the Ocean's movie! But he also had the leading role in Hotel Rwanda, a very good movie about the Hutu's and the Tutsi's. He did that very well

I love the guy!
 darthtony14/05/2009 22:01:16 GMT
can i make the people believe that i am a poor nation ad need money changing my lastname in Nation ?

Someone could be so generous like these guy to believe me Big Smile
 Jodoli14/05/2009 23:34:57 GMT
He is a great actor! I did not know that he plays poker too. If his skills in poker are so good as his talent as an actor i think he could make a very good poker career! I hope someday i watch him play on tv and then i will say what i think!
 GeneYuss15/05/2009 11:40:51 GMT
Cafl, ya he's a good guy...I just seen the trailer for Hotel Rwanda on youtube, did you notice he changed his accent for the movie?

 MasterY04/08/2009 13:01:57 GMT
Hotel Rwanda and Crash is his best movies in my opinion.....
 Calmplay04/08/2009 13:15:00 GMT
He plays good poker, I saw him in a PAD week & indeed he's also a regular in the Heads up national championship... and he busted Ivey there lol, also David Pham Thumbs Up FTP signed him is good but hope he'll play there very often... Cool
 dianakyra04/08/2009 14:35:10 GMT
omg more moner more problems

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