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Finnish pokerstar in trouble

Tags: Ilari Ziigmund Sahamies.
Posted on 05 May 2009 by "T".

Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies is one of the best high stakes players in the world and usually the quite type when playing live. Not like Mike "The Mouth" Matusow with other words. But when it comes to online poker the Finnish poker pro find it hard not to tilt in the chat after running bad. This have made many poker players around the globe upset as they think one should expect better from an ideal poker player like Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies.

According to a big poker site the Finnish poker pro, Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies is calling people names and joke about them being homosexuals and Romans. For example he was in a really bad mood after losing some big pots to the Danish poker pro, Gus Hansen recently. The anger and the frustration was released in the poker chat shortly after...

Taken from the chat (collection from a few poker sessions between"Ziigmund" and Gus)

"gus likes eurovision
gus should sing in chez romanisa
gus is singer from romania
czech rebuplic singer from eurovision gay bar GUSTAV HANSEN"
Gus romanian eurovisionsinger Hansen can't play poker
Gustav likes to sing karaoke with his gipsy friends"

Sahamies takes easy on the critics he got in many poker forums..

-It's only talk, no hard feelings.

-I joke with Gus sometimes, but some people take it very serious, even though there are no hard feelings between me and Gus Hansen.

Even though that the hard words between him and Gus Hansen might be more like a joke, "Ziigmund" cannot deny that sometimes he cross the line when he writes stuff to people he don't even know. For example he once accused Americans for being fat and retarded because they don't know where Finland is. Another time he told a player that he wished Usama Bin Laden would bomb his house.



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25 comments on "Finnish pokerstar in trouble"

 ByByKlim05/05/2009 14:06:39 GMT
What a BAD boy!! Smile
Punish him!
 Jodoli05/05/2009 14:13:31 GMT
Lol! Everybody tilts and sometimes it is hard not to talk in chat and say words that are not polite! Lol but the thing he said about the americans is not false. A big percentage of the americans do not know european countries, they only look to their own belly!
 shokaku05/05/2009 15:00:52 GMT
Old news.

The trash talk against Hansen is good, but at least half a year old. Shows that Ziggy can't be playing sober to often. Big Smile
 w00zy05/05/2009 15:18:43 GMT
For sure he was drunk... he allways is. Big Smile
they are friends so i guess there's no hard feelings between them but i would like to know what Gus has to say about it.
 nanovich05/05/2009 15:28:39 GMT
Ja! I always liked Z... he doesn't take well the beats...
 Davoodoo05/05/2009 17:06:20 GMT
Dont know where Finland is ? Then you can be sure to recive some PERKELE in the chat Big Smile ...
 Mucking05/05/2009 18:21:35 GMT
Well.. I Think this is most missleading headline i ever seen on BRM Smile

I was thinking at all other things than tilting Blink

Must give it to him.. We are all tilting at some point, and we are all thinking in those lanes as he does! But he has the balls to write to Gus etc. Thumps up for that! Blink
 dunotra05/05/2009 18:57:32 GMT
Well at least thay walk away hand in hand without smaching a glass in each outher's face.

So fare play to both of them................Good publicity Cool
 M3turbo05/05/2009 19:04:48 GMT
Posted by Mucking:
Well.. I Think this is most missleading headline i ever seen on BRM Smile


The chat is there to be used but he must expect a titty twister when he meets the people he bad mouths Evil

If he dumps me a couple of hundred K's he can call me whatever he likes Big Smile
 xxxbchxxx05/05/2009 19:24:16 GMT
Posted by ByByKlim:
What a BAD boy!! Smile
Punish him!

yeah it aint that bad really ive seen much worse down my local over a much simpler game ie pool. Shock
 MANUEDO06/05/2009 11:13:54 GMT
I don't see anything different from what I read every day on chat.
It's absolutely not easy to stay calm but is the only key to win.
Often people blaming in chat lose their stack in few hands
 Fakiry06/05/2009 15:27:38 GMT
I always think its better not to right at poker chats because it gives bad luck! if you think, this is true, because if you are concerned with what you are writing and what others are answering, then you will not be concentrated on the game and you have more probabilities to loose!
 CunteN06/05/2009 18:28:36 GMT
Finnish players...hahaha... Big Smile
 soundZspy07/05/2009 00:22:03 GMT
Yeah ban him from all worthwhile sites & tournaments. I'm from Finland and think that his behaviour is childish & not to be tolerated at all. BAN HIM!

the issue is would you be willing to take that kind of insults face to face? If not what's the difference?
 EpsonJack07/05/2009 00:48:25 GMT
lol.. would like to see matusow and him @ the world series Big Smile
 GeneYuss07/05/2009 07:11:07 GMT
Didn't Zigmond once call David Benyamine a "fat gay guy"? lol
 wiggler2307/05/2009 13:57:50 GMT
its call OSAMA Bin Laden!!!! and sorry but he is right!!!! u have to be retarded not to know where finnland is!!!!!
 Davoodoo07/05/2009 15:24:18 GMT
Posted by CunteN:
Finnish players...hahaha... Big Smile

I truly dont know one top poker player from sweden...
 adimitri07/05/2009 15:55:34 GMT
everyone has their ways of getting into other players''s only strategic...
 SpeedMix10/05/2009 05:02:49 GMT
I don't like him ,he's too damn arrogant and he thinks he's the man !
 r1z0r310/05/2009 13:46:38 GMT
haha illari is funny Big Smile
 doomdy10/05/2009 13:57:57 GMT
 JunkyMonkey10/05/2009 16:55:58 GMT
"Gus romanian eurovisionsinger Hansen can't play poker"

lol Big Smile
nervetheless, pros shouldn't say such "hard" stuff (-no one should)

 ifp14/05/2009 09:25:51 GMT
Ziigmund is a great player...he really has balls. Big Smile Well, sometimes it punishesh him a little, but he is a winning player. _D
 Guiron14/05/2009 09:30:04 GMT
It's good to see that even pro players tilt sometimes. So I don't have to feel lonely Tongue

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