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Brock Parker Wins WSOP Event 19

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Posted on 11 June 2009 by "M".

WSOP Event 19 was a No Limit Hold Em Six handed tournament and the final table was played last night. After several hours of play at the final table it was US poker pro Brock Parker who won the tournament which gave him a bracelet and a $552.745 first price.

The best placed Swedish player ended up in 10th place and was awarded $39.376 for the achievment.

Here are the results for Event 19

1 Brock Parker - $552,745
2 Joseph Serock - $341,783
3 Russell Crane - $220,633
4 Jesse Rios - $148,661
5 Alexander Wilson - $104,323
6 Clayton Newman - $76,123

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9 comments on "Brock Parker Wins WSOP Event 19"

 doomdy12/06/2009 08:21:17 GMT
Sponsored PKR-pro James Sudworth got in 7th and allmost made the final table.
He made $54,777 which is not bad for a $2,500 buyinn Tongue
 Fakiry12/06/2009 12:42:59 GMT
Congratulations to Brock Parker for his achievment. One's almost got to have a mind reader capability to hang on in NLH Six handed. A strong player playing very tight will not make it in a game like this. Its very important to know how to play as with the position as with the cards. Extremely difficult level, worst if we think in a pro table... uff!!!
 skizzoldem3813/06/2009 15:01:51 GMT
good for you
 Mucking13/06/2009 15:19:51 GMT
Now i dont know how he won it and hat hands he got all tourney!
But if we say he got good hands all the time with a solid chiplead it shouldnt be that hard to tak it down 6-handed..

But ofc. It aint all pure luck!
 Jodoli13/06/2009 15:24:55 GMT
I am honest i do not know this player. Congratulations to him for his achievement. I guess that now some poker rooms will offer him a lot of sponsors it is the typical behavior. If someone wins anything poker rooms always go after him! Smile I dont mind if they were after me! Smile
 Gomery14/06/2009 18:30:50 GMT
I'll win this in a few years Blink
 xxxbchxxx15/06/2009 17:20:57 GMT
you got to love the play i watched it yesterday
They dont play any different than me.....(well maybe just a little better)
No seriously they put the cash in so they deserve to cash out...
 pegad2222/06/2009 08:52:45 GMT
Hello. Anybody could tell me who is Brock Parker? Is it known whether or not a player? Go luck had. Good.
 d0ink23/06/2009 10:27:16 GMT
Congratulations Broke for ur achievement

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