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RummyRoyal Freeroll You Know the Drill

Tags: bankrollmob, freeroll, rummy, rummyroyal.
Posted on 02 June 2009 by "K".

Rummy Royal freerollIt’s becoming a habit, and many of you poker players just seem to like taking a break from poker every now and then and play some online rummy. Poker may have a bit more rush and adrenaline, but many times you find yourself with a long bad hand streak and you just watch the flop-turn-river go while waiting for your luck to change. In Rummy online you play every hand, and skill has a bigger factor than luck (i.e. "skill game").

Long story short, RummyRoyal invites BRM players to yet another freeroll, on Thursday, June 11th, 20:00 GMT. The game is your favorite rummy version – kalooki 51 where jokers are in zone…

And if you’ve been living in a cage in the past few months, your $5 no deposit bonus is still waiting, read here on how to collect it.


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12 comments for "RummyRoyal Freeroll You Know the Drill"

 RUMMYROYAL02/06/2009 15:02:47 GMT
Congratulations to nar7777 on yesterday's 1st place in the freeroll Smile
 Fakiry02/06/2009 15:11:39 GMT
Another great thrill i have been missing since i joined BRM. My life schedule is not the best to allow me to play during week days, but i think i have to make an effort at least once. Who knows if i came out better rewarded by loosing just a couple of hours of sleep.
 umarplus02/06/2009 18:21:03 GMT
i had to miss it again =(

i played msop 5 on full tilt instead. and lost there poorly...

hopefully the next time is soon. congratz to the winners! Smile
 Calmplay02/06/2009 19:47:54 GMT
I'm only with poker lastly, mainly MTTs and Sit&Gos, these usually last a long and need big focus so definitely I can't even think about rummyroyal at this moment Sad
 RUMMYROYAL03/06/2009 10:06:56 GMT
Yeah umarplus I noticed you didn't show up... sorry to hear about your lost at full tilt, could it be that you are better in rummy than poker..?

Smile Smile Smile
 Jodoli03/06/2009 13:48:44 GMT
I didnt know about the existence of this game. Some day I will try! I didnt read the rules yet, but one thing i can say: any game is better than poker! that i am sure! Someday i will try and find you in some rummy tables! Good luck at tables!
 xxxpokerxxx103/06/2009 15:25:31 GMT
Rummy is a very good break from poker,hey,you might even forget about poker,its fun and easy to learn,.... Smile
 umarplus03/06/2009 16:07:16 GMT
Yeah umarplus I noticed you didn't show up... sorry to hear about your lost at full tilt, could it be that you are better in rummy than poker..?

Smile Smile Smile

i will have to find out Blink
 nietopereek03/06/2009 16:52:39 GMT
i was 5th that was not lucky end Sad
 RUMMYROYAL04/06/2009 12:47:07 GMT
All registered players at RummyRoyal - expect a generous offer today in your mailbox...
 RUMMYROYAL11/06/2009 13:54:00 GMT
Freeroll is today... don't miss out Smile

Plus, huge first deposit offer to all those who are registered only in fun mode, already in your inbox... grab it!
 dlkiv11/06/2009 22:20:33 GMT
lol I came in 4th today Big Smile Thanks RR

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