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HighStakes: "durrrr" is soon back in business again

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Posted on 05 June 2009 by "T".

May has been a very good month for Tom "durrrr" Dwan. He has won around $2 million dollars so far this month and probably won't stop winning until he has eliminated the losses he had earlier this year.

This month has been great for the American online pro, Tom "durrr" Dwan. He has been playing a lot against the Dane, Gus Hansen, and managed to take lots of money from him. In the beginning of the year "durrrr" lost millions of dollars from his bankroll. But lately something must have happened to the American poker pro as he keeps on doing well and taking down huge pots against some of the world's best poker players. At the moment he's "only" down $800,000, which is peanuts compared to how much he was down a couple of months ago.


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34 comments on "HighStakes: "durrrr" is soon back in business again"

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» HighStakes: "durrrr" is soon back in business again

 Fakiry05/06/2009 16:49:54 GMT
Only loosing $800.000? I have been monitoring durrrr's statistics through BRM and this is one of the few very good news durrrr has about him. Something really good (better than winning money, like love or something...) must have happened in his life that put him again on the winning side. I don't have nothing against Patrick Antonius, but durrrr also deserves to have good moments. One thing is right: If any online betting site gives the oportunity to bet in one of this two for the high stakes event they're in, i don't know wich one should have better odds...
 Jodoli05/06/2009 23:18:52 GMT
Finally tom durrrr dwan is winning again. He is an excellent player, no doubt about that. But lately he was losing a lot of money, maybe the luck wasnt in his side or he was playing bad for other reason! Fortunately for him now he is recovering his losses!
 Bunny2506/06/2009 11:00:51 GMT
nice,but they don´t interesst the money,they´ve won enough in he lives Smile
 SuperNoob06/06/2009 12:05:58 GMT
he is a good player no doubt. winning money will surely do him good after losing for some time, the old "durr" is coming back
 SpeedMix06/06/2009 15:16:06 GMT
the best under 30 player of the world !
 MuradMurad06/06/2009 15:26:58 GMT
I think its so sick to play about so much mony:O
I wish i had the balls and money to play like them
 mascona06/06/2009 19:12:03 GMT
No big deal, Phil Ivey won 16.000.000 $ during 3 days session in 2006 ....
 doomdy06/06/2009 19:14:35 GMT
Posted by mascona:
No big deal, Phil Ivey won 16.000.000 $ during 3 days session in 2006 ....

He did? Confused
 bughime06/06/2009 23:31:31 GMT
durrr rocks, he plays like a smart maniac Smile
 miclaxton07/06/2009 09:32:23 GMT
I have seen durr play, he means business. I wish I could oneday be able to play highstakes like him...
 pegad2207/06/2009 10:54:33 GMT
I have seen durr play, an i thin that he is the better player poker of world..
 MrKaputski07/06/2009 10:55:53 GMT
Wow that sounds amazing. Would love to see him back in business again. GO DURRRRRRRR! Blink
 B1gfoot07/06/2009 17:37:25 GMT
Allmost back out of business yesterday with reported 1.7 mill swings.
Think he slightly under estimates Gus, im sure he has huge respect but think its only a matter of time till he losses 2-3 big matchs against him, and leaving a dint in his bankroll.
 Btownd8707/06/2009 20:33:37 GMT
Posted by mascona:
No big deal, Phil Ivey won 16.000.000 $ during 3 days session in 2006 ....

He did?

Yeah he was playing against a 'Poker Billionaire', one who apparently sucks.
 GeneYuss07/06/2009 21:48:43 GMT
Btownd87, ya, I think the blinds were $100k/$200k limit holdem?
 KG197508/06/2009 00:39:12 GMT
I don't get all the fuss. Sure he stirs up the game, but unfortunately he has all the donkeys across europe raising every hand with 64os thinking they're playing like him. He's a boring nerd too. I much rather the good characters of the game.
 Jinn08/06/2009 05:04:59 GMT
Young & smart player, imho. Far from Ivey, but will reach Phil's level, I hope.
 Tchungpo08/06/2009 19:53:28 GMT
Its seems to be a crazy man XD

I dont like that he beat Gus Hansen!!
 dianakyra08/06/2009 21:45:01 GMT
if I could take one of them bb
 males12/06/2009 22:01:50 GMT
this guy is really good playing poker.really great reads, great bluffs..
But he is not the best..
i mean ii have no doubt he's becaming of one the best but he isnt right now
 MikeSulliver13/06/2009 14:06:54 GMT
i don't like the way he plays
but it doesn't matter
he wins a lot of money and I don't lol
 pegad2222/06/2009 08:57:36 GMT
Durr I think is the best player on the world. He has movements very interesting and adpat his game to the opponents that have faced
 d0ink23/06/2009 10:30:59 GMT
One sick player, he dont play the cards, he plays the player, awsome
 Flangel24/06/2009 13:49:37 GMT
Lol, nobody ever mentioned him even when he was playing at the WSOPE 2006. Don't get it why so ,many players think he is the best player.
Huck Seed, Allen Cunningham, Doyle..... those are way better players then Durrrr.
What did he achieved mr Dwan besides up and downswings?
I don't see him with 10 Bracelets like the Big Poppa.
 Mascarilha05/07/2009 00:50:29 GMT
Love to see this guy playing...

Let's put a table with durrr, PA, Gus and Ivey. Sick calls evertime!

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