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WSOP: Wahlbeck wins Finland's first WSOP bracelet

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Posted on 08 June 2009 by "T".

Wille "Isokala" Wahlbeck becomes the first Finnish poker player to win a WSOP bracelet as he defeated a 194 strong starting field and took down the mixed tournament in World Series of Poker. For the win he received almost half a million dollars!

Wille "Isokala" Wahlbeck writes history as he became the first Finnish poker player to win a WSOP Bracelet. 194 players took part in the "mixed" tournament that Wahlbeck won and he had to face players like Huck Seed, David Chiu and Todd Brunson on the final table. What makes Wahlbeck's WSOP 2009 even more amazing is that he also reached a 3rd place in Event #6 (Seven Card Stud) a few days before he took down the mixed tournament.


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10 comments on "WSOP: Wahlbeck wins Finland''s first WSOP bracelet"

 Fakiry08/06/2009 14:06:45 GMT
Congratulations to Isokala! After i read he reached 3rd at Seven Card Stud i think he deserves this bracelet even more. He is the example that a player don't have to be with the head destroyed and enter on tilt mode after drowning at the beach. Congrats to Finland too, your poker will now get more respected!
 Mucking08/06/2009 14:31:19 GMT

Great victory to get just a few days after the 3'rd place.!
He must be proud over there! Blink
 guille22xt08/06/2009 15:39:47 GMT
Congras to finland and Wahlbeck! Hope someday Argentina wins a WSOP Bracelet! ANd it will be me at the ME.. well, not really Tongue
 SuperNoob08/06/2009 16:45:18 GMT
Well done, he has made finland proud....
Two good results in such a short time,
We can expect great things from him in future
 Calmplay09/06/2009 07:22:51 GMT
Very nice, did not expect him to break this record because we have other big names in Finland... but he did it. Congrats and hope to see more EU players to win bracelets.
 Aheifec09/06/2009 10:11:51 GMT
Great victory!!!Two good results in such a short time!!!He wery strong poker player!!!
 Davoodoo09/06/2009 17:19:47 GMT
"Isokala" = Big fish Big Smile ... Go Finland !
 valeri0011/06/2009 13:55:18 GMT
 DaneMitic11/06/2009 14:30:33 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:
"Isokala" = Big fish Big Smile ... Go Finland !

Seems like even big fishes are winning from time to time. Big Smile But its a cool name though.. Thumbs Up
 MikeSulliver13/06/2009 14:05:06 GMT
congratulations to filand

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