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Chris Bjorin has chiplead in Omaha WSOP Event

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Posted on 09 June 2009 by "M".

Swedens most experienced poker player Christer Bjorin is in the lead in the World Championship Omaha Hi/Low tournament with 134 000 in chip after the end of day 1.

A total of 179 players paid the $10.000 buy in to participate in this tournament and in the top 10 we can currently find players like Sammy Farha, Phil Hellmuth, and Phil Ivey. It is expected to be a very tight race for the title between these players.

A but further down in the list we find Omaha specialist David Benyamine with only 11 000 in chips.

The play will resume again today and we will keep you updated on the results.

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6 comments on "Chris Bjorin has chiplead in Omaha WSOP Event"

 Fakiry09/06/2009 19:37:03 GMT
I am sure there will be a lot of action in this tournament. Even though Benyamine is far from the top of the list, anyone knows his capabilities, so lets see if he can reach Phil Hellmuth! That would be just awesome, even if it wasn't at the final table!
 shokaku09/06/2009 19:40:07 GMT
All players mentioned are allready out. They are down to two tables now, and Bjorin was the bubble boy. Annie Duke and Negreanu are still in the tourney.
 DaneMitic09/06/2009 19:43:15 GMT
Never ever undermistate your amount of chips, even though you are at the bottom, it can still change very fast!
And I think David Benyamine will make it to the final table, not 100% sure, but its highly possible.

I will cheer for Phil Ivey and hopefully he will win the private-challange between him and Daniel Negreanu.

wow, my previous post makes no sense now. lol
Thats how it goes sometines in Poker...
 shokaku10/06/2009 07:21:35 GMT
Daniel Alaei took it down. Negreanu finished 4th, being shortstacked most of the final table, but survived countless all-ins when he got at least half of the pot all the time.
 Jinn10/06/2009 12:45:48 GMT
Great sight it was. Remembered all my short-stack situations & understood that need LOTS of practice.
 SuperNoob10/06/2009 18:44:29 GMT
Well thats what you expect from top players, they can bounce back when they get a chance.
I think bjorin just become overconfident with his stack size, maybe he'll improve next time

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