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WSOP - Main Event: Only 64 remaining players

Tags: Bertrand ElkY Grospellier, Christer Björin, main event, Phil Ivey, wsop.
Posted on 14 July 2009 by "T".

Day 6 of the main event is now over. Of 185 players who started this day, only 64 players made it through to day 7 after 10 hours of hand by hand poker. Unfortunately for Sweden is that their big hopes Christer Björin and Rifat Palevic both got knocked out in during 6. Other big names that got knocked out this day were Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Joe Hachem, JC Tran and David Benyamine.

The final table is getting closer and closer. Now there are only 64 players left that will play day 7 of the main event. Of these 64 players, we are very happy to announce that there are still some big names with the chance of making it to the final table. Most notable of these are, Phil Ivey (6,35 million), Dennis Phillips (made it to the main event final table last year - 2,3 million) and Antonio Esfendiari (5,6 million). Chip leader at the moment is Darvin Moon with 9,7 million chips.



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24 comments on "WSOP - Main Event: Only 64 remaining players"

 Mascarilha14/07/2009 15:10:29 GMT
Ivey in 3rd atm, let's go!!

It's your turn to win this
 jevo14/07/2009 15:58:02 GMT
Ivey and Esfandiari at the final table would be superb! Keep on keeping on boys Big Smile
 Jodoli14/07/2009 16:23:10 GMT
Oh i am sad because of bertrand elky grospellier i really thought that he will last till the end. In the other hand, as i predicted phill ivey and esfandiari are in great position to be members of the final table!! Smile
 MANUEDO14/07/2009 16:25:37 GMT
Don't know exactly how many interesting players are still in but I really like Esfandiari, for his game and for his behaviour too.
 Fakiry14/07/2009 16:43:55 GMT
So many Ivey's fans! He is a great player but i don't know if he can make it to the final table. He will only make it if oponents are afraid of what he can have in the hand.
 doomdy14/07/2009 17:00:02 GMT
Chip Counts:

Darvin Moon 9,745,000
Billy Kopp 8,245,000
Phil Ivey 6,345,000
Steven Begleiter 6,315,000
Ludovic Lacay 5,965,000
Antonio Esfandiari 5,610,000
Tommy Vedes 5,430,000
Antoine Saout 5,195,000
Ben Lamb 4,975,000
Nick Maimone 4,900,000
Hieu Luu 4,755,000
Jeff Shulman 4,745,000
Charlie Elias 4,190,000
Jeff Duvall 3,935,000
Joseph Cada 3,880,000
Luis Nargentino 3,825,000
Kevin Schaffel 3,685,000
 teglet14/07/2009 17:40:31 GMT
Lets go Sweden!!!!
 xchipchumpx14/07/2009 17:50:47 GMT
Shulman from Cardplayer or some Card magazine is still in this.... thats kind of surprising good for Jeff
 paesjie14/07/2009 17:57:54 GMT
How much money is there for the winner ?
 ericqc8214/07/2009 18:19:37 GMT
witch site have the best cover of the main event online?
 B1gfoot14/07/2009 18:45:58 GMT
Must be a typ-o there some how, cant see my name on the last 64 list??
 Davoodoo14/07/2009 20:08:44 GMT
Damn there are alot of very bad sites that "covers the main event" ... wtf! most of these sites havent reported anything new since day 2 . Is there any Finns left in the tournament ?
 DaneMitic14/07/2009 22:19:25 GMT
Posted by paesjie:
How much money is there for the winner ?

A bit more than 8,5 Million Dollar. Dollar Dollar Dollar

Posted by Davoodoo:
Damn there are alot of very bad sites that "covers the main event" ... wtf! most of these sites havent reported anything new since day 2 . Is there any Finns left in the tournament ?

Check out the official WSOP website, its laggy sometimes, due to too many visits, but the standings are always up-to-date.
I dont see any finns, but I might be wrong. Miika Puumalainen was the last finn who busted out, that I noticed, at 59th place.

54 Players remaining.

Top 10: (atm)

1. Billy Kopp 12,100,000
2. Darvin Moon 10,350,000
3. Tommy Vedes 9,000,000
4. Phil Ivey 7,400,000
5. Ludovic Lacay 7,150,000
6. Ben Lamb 6,350,000
7. Antoine Saout 6,200,000
8. Joseph Cada 5,900,000
9. Steven Begleiter 5,400,000
10. Jeff Shulman 4,800,000

14. Antonio Esfandiari 4,250,000
 shokaku15/07/2009 06:46:57 GMT
Down to 27 players at the end of this days play. Esfandiari has dropped some chips, but is still in. Ivey is in a better position to make the final table.
 xxxbchxxx15/07/2009 07:32:18 GMT
looks like it will be a good year this year...
Some good players still in...Well they will all be good at this stage...Daaaa.
 SuperNoob15/07/2009 07:41:14 GMT
ohhhhh its gonna end in a few days.
Waiting for the final 10, i think Ivey will win it this time, good luck to him.Esfandiari will surely bounce back to reach the final table
 dUSTEY15/07/2009 09:21:32 GMT
I think Ivey will win Big Smile
 schmoyster15/07/2009 11:59:10 GMT
Chip Count (27 players remaining)

1. Darvin Moon $20,160,000
2. Billy Kopp $15,970,000
3. Steven Begleiter $11,885,000
4. Phil Ivey $11,350,000
5. Kevin Schaffel $11,245,000
6. Antoine Saout $11,135,000
7. Jeff Shulman $10,170,000
8. Eric Buchman $10,005,000
9. Jamie Robbins $9,795,000
10. Ben Lamb $9,410,000
20. Antonio Esfandiari $4,470,000
 males15/07/2009 12:58:15 GMT
Posted by dUSTEY:
I think Ivey will win Big Smile

o hope ivey wins.or esfandiari.i think its important that a professional wins this year,to show people that despite the field growth, pros can win this no matter what.because poker is skill, not just luck
 michal012315/07/2009 21:20:08 GMT
Ivey is in hot run at this WSOP so I think he is big favorite for final win, but chipleaders (Moon and Koop) plays very well and it could be though competition.
 B1gfoot15/07/2009 22:17:35 GMT
Well i think pokerstrs will be happy Smile .

wsop site as good as crashed lol..

ivey @ 6 mill Shock
 schmoyster15/07/2009 22:29:00 GMT
Posted by males:
Posted by dUSTEY:
I think Ivey will win Big Smile

o hope ivey wins.or esfandiari.

Esfandiari just busted out of the WSOP Main Event in 23rd place. Ivey is loosing chips.
 hackeru15/07/2009 22:42:46 GMT
gogo ivey
 michal012316/07/2009 12:54:14 GMT
Ivey is still in the game, but chip leader has a massive stack - 56k !!! Second stack is 29k so Moon is a big favourite now.

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