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WSOP - Main Event: Darvin Moon (Chip Leader) says "no thanks" to sponsorships

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Posted on 30 July 2009 by "T".

Darvin Moon, the chip leader in the Main Event of World Series of poker 2009 have no interested in signing any contract with any poker site. And it doesn't matter if they try to draw with millions of dollars and nice hotel rooms in Las Vegas.

Darvin Moon, is the chip leader in the main event, and also the only amateur left in the tournament. Even though he's already guaranteed at least a million dollars, he still doesn't have any plans on stopping his "9-5" shift in the woods. And when poker sites contact him with offers such as playing for their site or just to wear their logo at the final table, he says - NO thanks!

"I don't want to be bound to anyone here in Las Vegas. I just want to go home and continue working as usual"; says Moon and continues..

"For example I have been offered better hotel rooms and stuff like for the time when I'm going to play the final table in November. But I just told them that I want the same room as when I started the tournament"

Darvin Moon also wants to make it clear that he won't change his lifestyle after the final table.

-"The money I win from the tournament will of course make my life more comfortable, but you will never see me taking a limousine to trendy nightclubs and stuff like that"; says Moon.


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19 comments on "WSOP - Main Event: Darvin Moon (Chip Leader) says "no thanks" to sponsorships"

 humorboy30/07/2009 17:47:00 GMT
i like this down to earth guy Big Smile
 guille22xt30/07/2009 18:00:48 GMT
I hope he stays like that, but theres nothing wrong with taking a sponsor logo at the FT, not playing for the site online but just take the money they offer haha!
 T3ddyKGB30/07/2009 18:03:57 GMT
i understand if someone says he wont change his lifestyle after winning a million, but why not take another million for wearing a shirt? i bet earlier or sooner we see him signing a contract with a site.
just tactic.
 B1gfoot30/07/2009 18:05:16 GMT
Fair dos
 Lutenatik30/07/2009 18:26:19 GMT
Props for you
 Davoodoo30/07/2009 21:03:29 GMT
This is SO fair ... working hard your whole life and then you become an millionare, the american dream for sure. Smile
Not like durrrrrrrrr and shit , becomming a millionare at very young age and beliving you can own the whole world.

Call me jealous but i still think that independent economy at very young age de-illusions you from the REAL life and REAL happines.
 mindhacker7631/07/2009 00:47:57 GMT
Just hope he WINS!!!
 DaneMitic31/07/2009 02:16:27 GMT
 magatt96631/07/2009 07:49:56 GMT
Posted by T3ddyKGB:
i understand if someone says he wont change his lifestyle after winning a million, but why not take another million for wearing a shirt? i bet earlier or sooner we see him signing a contract with a site.
just tactic.

I agree with you and with him.....I guess it is the right tactic...
 SuperNoob31/07/2009 07:54:13 GMT
thats very good attitude from him, of course money is not everything. principles are more important than money. good luck to him. hope he doesn't go back on his word after the tournament.
 karstenkloss31/07/2009 09:22:37 GMT
i would take the offer. Normally you get 75% of your winnings and for getting the buy-in paid, that's not so bad.
 Liam190831/07/2009 09:34:38 GMT
 Fakiry31/07/2009 15:16:17 GMT
Darvin is making his game out of the table, and i think he is doing very well. Being the only amateur and chip leader everything points to him. If he wins, every poker labels would like to see him carring their symbol in the skirt or on the hat. I believe that, if he wins, he wants to show that it is possible for a regular amateur player to win the WSOP. It happened before, but all others become "pro" players, and Darvin just dont want to.
 Aleshimo01/08/2009 06:31:17 GMT
I really like his style, I hope he wins and i wish he luck
 DrTre121301/08/2009 06:49:32 GMT
I admire his humble nature. I think more people should take his lead as an example. A million dollars (minimum) definitely WILL make his life VERY comfortable out there in the sticks and boons. But he's not going greedy and snagging up every offer that's thrown at him, because he JUST DOESN'T NEED ANY MORE MONEY! Now THAT's class. Me, I'd personally snag up every single dollar anyone would want to throw at me...but who ever said I had any class??!! Big Smile
 zerouts01/08/2009 13:37:24 GMT
cheers to the non-spam team!!!

 hombart01/08/2009 13:49:09 GMT
I know what this guy was thinking when he watched previous WSOP events...

Hey, this morons gets Millions from sponsors and are not even good players!!! I will show them real poker Smile

Hope he will win...
 TheSpider02/08/2009 03:43:54 GMT
He will feel really stupid if he pulls an even worse move than Dennis Phillips did last year,when Dennis was the chip leader at the start of the main even final table,and within 5 hands was one of the shorts stacks,i mean i understand a million is alot but it can go fast,and if he did sign with lets say full tilt he could profit millions more just for wearing shirts,he may soon regret his descison
 aspas202/08/2009 07:19:11 GMT
thats a bit silly now isnt it

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