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November 9 countdown - 4 days: Steven Begleiter

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Posted on 03 November 2009 by "T".

Steven Begleiter, 47, reside in Chappaqua, New York with his family. Steven is a former executive for the investment bank Bear Stearns, where he has worked for almost 25 years. His interest for poker started already when he was a kid, and since then he has been playing poker regulary, but never for high stakes as he sees poker as a social thing.

He won his entry fee to the Main Event through a poker leuage with 20 players in his hometown. Whatever his final total cash winnings are at the final table, he intends to share 20% of it with those 20 players.

When Steven entered the main event, he had no expectations more than just making it to the money. When he finally got to the money, he noticed that players started dropping like flies, which made him feel more relaxed. It was at this time his long awaited winning streak started as well, and suddenly he had made it to the final table with huge stack. Steven Begleiter will start the final table on Saturday third in chips.


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6 comments on "November 9 countdown - 4 days: Steven Begleiter"

 sirthomas03/11/2009 14:31:40 GMT
4 days to go! Smile
 blazingpf03/11/2009 14:46:02 GMT
Darvin Moon (58,930,000) 13 37%
Eric Buchman (34,800,000) 3 9%
Steven Begleiter (29,885,000) 2 6%
Jeff Shulman (19,580,000) 3 9%
Joseph Cada (13,215,000) 0 0%
Kevin Schaffel (12,390,000) 0 0%
Phil Ivey (9,765,000) 12 34%
Antoine Saout (9,500,000) 0 0%
James Akenhead (6,800,000) 2 6%

pretty much its darvin i guess.. but anything can still happen
 Combo4Super03/11/2009 15:59:21 GMT
You appear to be a good man Steven, and of course u deserve the first place, but I want to see Phill getting the first place.

He is the man, sorry.
 s1m0nmp04/11/2009 10:53:42 GMT
It seems that Moon has the best chances but everyone fancies Phil Ivey too... have all of you forgot that there are another 8 players at that table who will also give their best to win it all??? They aren't all at the final table with no reason!!! Buchman looks good too, and has three times more chips than Ivey so ....
but as long as its interesting, its all good
 Doomsday_vic04/11/2009 11:01:09 GMT
Ivey needs to be extremely lucky. His fairly short stacked and the blinds are pretty high so he'll need to win many flips. Still hoping ivey wins though but I guess Moon will take it.
 SuperNoob05/11/2009 03:52:31 GMT
Whatever his final total cash winnings are at the final table, he intends to share 20% of it with those 20 players

well its a nice thing, beneficial for all the league members. best of them goes and they also get a share if he wins

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