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Billionaire Andy Beal won over 14 million dollars

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Posted on 12 August 2009 by "K".

The billionaire, Andy Beal, needed a big challenge back in 2001, and therefore he decided to play against some of the world's best poker players with sky high stakes. Even though he knew he was not even close to as good as the pros, he thought that betting huge amounts of money which the pros couldn't afford to lose would give him a great advantage at the table.

Anyhow, Andy Beal, played against players like Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Todd Brunson, Jennifer Harman, and Gus Hansen. In the beginning nothing worked for the American billionaire and he lost around about 3.4 million dollars to Jennifer Harman, Todd Bruson and other pros.

Andy Beal refused to give up
The most people would probably have stopped playing after losing so much money in such a short timeframe. But not Andy Beal, because he still had plenty of money in the bank left and was longing for some revenge. When Andy Beal returned to the casino to play some more extremly high stakes, he won the enormous amount of $14,000,000!

After this, the billionaire got a lot of respect from the pros. But, there were still a few that dared to play against him. Phil Ivey, was one of them. He and Andy Beal played heads-up where the big blind sometimes could be over 190,000 US dollars! Phil Ivey, won many, many millions from Andy, and proved to the world that not even a billionaire could scare him. Andy Beal, ended up losing everything he had won plus some before he admitted himself defeated by the pros.

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18 comments on "Billionaire Andy Beal won over 14 million dollars"

 AvegZ12/08/2009 15:51:33 GMT
Don't mess with Phil Ivey!
 Davoodoo12/08/2009 15:53:47 GMT
Why doesnt it say who he won the 14 000 K from ?
Really shows that the only thing you need in poker is luck Sad (in the short term) Blink ... playing with 190 K $ blinds cant be healthy for your bankrollmanagement.

this would be something to watch instead of highstakes poker ...
 DaneMitic12/08/2009 15:58:04 GMT
Old story...
 zebra7312/08/2009 16:02:49 GMT
The fact is that Andy Beal is an exelent limit player, and probably most pro`s will have a tough time beating him in fact not many of the pros did.

He lost in the end, but have in mind that he was alone vs different pros all the time the pros could shift players when tired or running really bad.

So luck has nothing to whit it, and im pretty sure that Andy would have been a sucesfull "pro" if he needed to.
Pretty obvius he dosnt need to grind for money thoe.
 Fakiry12/08/2009 16:11:17 GMT
This guy has been a bit crazy doing so, but nothing like having a lot of money and go for a try to double or triple it against the pros to put some thrill in your boring billionaire life. Big Smile
 Phospate2212/08/2009 18:28:08 GMT
he can afford it so no wonder, crazy but true with money you could buy enything - winning. But respect it was a clever winning.
 poko66612/08/2009 21:38:37 GMT
where they played?
 konradkocur13/08/2009 02:24:50 GMT
las vegas, where else ? ^^
 Flangel13/08/2009 06:54:09 GMT
Ivey FTW
 GeneYuss13/08/2009 10:50:41 GMT
Ya, I heard about this. I wonder what the biggest pot was.
 SuperNoob13/08/2009 13:32:14 GMT
when you have crazy money like this, who needs bankroll management. he won 14 mil$ also, he got what he wanted- fun, so i don't think there is anything wrong in losing money for that if you can afford it.
 guille22xt13/08/2009 15:53:04 GMT
NO BANKROLL MANAGMENT HUH, dude, that sucks :S I cant stand losing a few buyins Tongue
 JunkyMonkey13/08/2009 23:16:27 GMT
"the big blind sometimes could be over 190,000 US dollars!"
thats just sick!
If you have billions of dollars I would'nt scare to play against pros either.
 TthreeO14/08/2009 14:40:25 GMT
Wish him good luck next time Tongue it won't happen again Tongue
 JKLB88814/08/2009 15:18:47 GMT
Dear Mr Beal next time you feel the urge to play poker PLEASE come find me. Lend me a few mill if you win you get it back if i win you get it back - well what you lent me anyway! Perfect.
 capinheiro14/08/2009 23:44:07 GMT
I wonder if he got that kind of money... working! Tongue
 batukas14/09/2009 12:39:40 GMT
loled at big blind of 190,000 ! ; ))) my god it's sick.. and yea if you have billion it's ok to lose some
 Btownd8714/09/2009 13:44:03 GMT
Shouldn't billionaires be donating money, instead of gambling it?
If I had that amount of money, i wouldn't be spending it on Phil Ivey.

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