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"The Annie Duke & Joan Rivers conflict"

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Posted on 18 August 2009 by "T".

In a celeb program called 'Celebrity Apprentice' a big conflict between Annie Duke and Joan Rivers started. Joan Rivers, who's a legendary comedian in USA, became so irritated at Duke that she after the show called her for a Nazi and Hitler.

Anyhow, both players made it all the way to the final, a final which Rivers won in the end.  But the win wasn't enough for the comedian. After the win she continued speaking bad about Duke and in an recent interview with Los Angeles Times, she said the following.

"I don't hate poker players. I hate one particular poker player. Annie Duke is worse than white trash"

Rivers continues...

"After the TV show I went up to Duke to tell her congratulations for making it to the final, she pointed her finger at me"

Annie Duke, denies everything and says that all this is a big lie.


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15 comments on ""The Annie Duke & Joan Rivers conflict""

 AvegZ18/08/2009 17:08:43 GMT
and what is the conflict about????
 Fakiry18/08/2009 17:23:01 GMT
Sure there should be a man in the middle of all that "pulling hair" stuff between them. That or money, but i would bet on the first. Portugal doesnt have a reality show like this, but sure would be great to have the chance to enter big enterprize administration.
 shokaku18/08/2009 17:52:46 GMT
One thing is for sure. Joan Rivers will not become a red pro at Full Tilt. Blink
 fochizza18/08/2009 18:19:29 GMT
Why are you even asking about the reason? They are women, sometimes they do collide for no apparent reason Blink.
 AvegZ18/08/2009 18:54:23 GMT
I could see no reason why in the article, so i asked?!??
 dlkiv18/08/2009 19:14:13 GMT
Posted by fochizza:
Why are you even asking about the reason? They are women, sometimes they do collide for no apparent reason Blink.


I do not ever collide with other women cause I avoid them Big Smile To tell you the truth I have never really had avything in commen with other women as IMO most are bitchy, overbearing and are a little to full of themselves. I also hate shopping sopa operas and bon bon's Big Smile

Give me Beer poker and a good game of pool anyday, throw in some UFC and some dunotra sytyle jokes and we got a party happening Blink
 capinheiro18/08/2009 23:18:09 GMT
Don't you guys just love a nice catfight? It doesn't metter why they are fighting for... i think that's just very funny to see girl/women trashing witch other! Big Smile
 Flangel18/08/2009 23:20:49 GMT
And never fight with Pigs.

We all get dirty but they like it.
 watoba19/08/2009 08:57:21 GMT
joan rivers is a dirty bitch GO ANNIE Blink
 rstezy19/08/2009 11:37:54 GMT
man, I watched the whole thing, joan rivers is a c*nt, annie was nice to her, but then got fed up and b*tched back. Annie actually should have won, she had raised by far the most money, but donald trump and joan rivers are friends
 mrnugger19/08/2009 14:59:21 GMT
does woman need a conflict ... i don't think so because they invent reasons to start a conflict ...
 B1gfoot19/08/2009 15:15:33 GMT
Iv not seen it yet, but have seen many clips and after show chats, they were just being themselves, Anni a loveable person with a great heart, and Joan a wrinkeled old bag who talks BS and twists it to suit, she shold not have won from what iv seen but contacts go a long way.
Iv never understood how she gets away with all the hatred filth she spews on stage, i love un PC banter but she says it with meaning.
Joean was only ever green with envy knowing Anni is more likable and the better compettitor.
 guille22xt19/08/2009 18:33:20 GMT
Poor duke haha, its not good that people talk trash about you :S it actually sucks haha
 jevo19/08/2009 19:04:48 GMT
Joan was exactly what Annie said she was, un-professional! She couldn't even control her mouth in the board room, perfect apprentice material, eh! Shouting over the top of people and having to be told to calm down, lol just what I would look for...

I'm not a massive fan of Anne but she deserved to win, Joan however should of had a visit from the men in white coats.

 GeneYuss20/08/2009 07:21:34 GMT
I heard Daniel Negreanu talk about this and he wants to go on the show lol. Than I'd watch the show Smile

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